2020 TSNZ Membership

Membership cost varies according to type. 

Note that as there is a reduction in shooting activities due to the Covid-19 crisis, a 25% discount has been offered on all 2020 Memberships apart from Social Membership.  Of course TSNZ will be extremely grateful to any Members who still wish to pay the full amount.


                            TSNZ Membership Types - Choose your option for payment in the drop-down box at the bottom of the page:

1.  Full Member - Any individual who does not qualify as a Junior, Family, Veteran, Restricted or Social Member. ($100 / $75)

2.  Full Member, First Year -  Any individual who does not qualify as a Junior, Family, Veteran, Restricted or Social Member, and who is applying to become a TSNZ Member of any type for the first time. ($60 / $45)

3.  Junior Member - Any individual who will be under the age of 21 on December 31st 2020. ($60 / $45)

4.  Family Member - Any individual related to, and residing in the same residence as a financial Full Member. ($70 / $52.50)

5.  Veteran Member -  Any individual 60 years of age or over on the 1st January 2020. ($70 / $52.50)

6.  Restricted Member -  Any individual who does not shoot more than a total of six times during a calendar year at a TSNZ Affiliated Club and who does not participate in any TSNZ sanctioned event or competition outside his/her nominated Club. ($50 / $45)

7.  Social Member - Any individual who does not shoot. ($30)


IMPORTANT - In addition to fee payment, a completed 2020 TSNZ Membership Form must be received and approved by the TSNZ Office before any membership can be confirmed. 

This can either be submitted online, or printed and posted in using the tabs below.


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OR   CLICK in the box below for a fillable PDF of the 2020 TSNZ Membership Form.
Download the form, fill it in, SAVE it with your name in the title, then email your saved version to TSNZ at,

OR  print, complete, and post it to PO Box 1347, Palmerston North 4440.


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