Covid-19 - TSNZ Information


TSNZ Covid-19 Latest Guidance - 14 April 2022 

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Summary of changes:

  • Indoor Ranges - venue capacity limits have been removed


TSNZ Covid-19 Latest Guidance - 11 April 2022 

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VACCINATION PASSES – are no longer mandatory

  • From 5 April 2022 – Vaccination passports are no longer required for people involved in TSNZ competitions and meetings (North v South, Secondary School, Nationals 50m, Nationals Air Rifle, AGM and Exec meetings)
  • For other meetings and shoots, each venue can determine whether they will operate with or without Vaccination Certificates being a requirement. Operating with or without Vaccination certificates no longer impacts capacity limits.


Open Championships

Host of Opens can run their shoots as they see fit within the current guidelines.

Please include the following details on your posters so prospective entrants know what to expect when they arrive/compete.

  1. Vaccination Passes - Required or not
  2. Masks - Required or not (if required – in which locations within your venue)
  3. Distancing - Shooting shoulder to shoulder or not


TSNZ Covid-19 Latest Guidance - 25 March 2022


My Vaccine Pass
From 11.59pm Monday 4 April, My Vaccine Passes will no longer be required.

  • Until 4 April, where My Vaccine Passes are not used, the current restrictions remain — but after this time, the new capacity limits will apply to everyone.


A review of the settings by the Government will take place on 4 April. The removal of the My Vaccine Pass from the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF) will occur on the same date. After the Goverment's review we will be able to publish details of what restrictions (if any) there will be.


TSNZ Information, announcements, and advice relating to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis will be added to this page as they become available. 
The most recent items will be added to the top of this page.


TSNZ Range Safety Plan Template


TSNZ Covid-19 Latest Guidance - 13 December 2021



13 DECEMBER 2021

GATHERING – All shoots and meetings organised by TSNZ, TSNZ clubs and TSNZ associations are classified as Gatherings under the SportNZ guidelines.

A gathering is people who are intermingling in a group. It includes gatherings to undertake voluntary or not-for-profit sporting, recreational, social or cultural activities.


  • All people involved in TSNZ competitions and meetings (North v South, Secondary School, Nationals 50m, Nationals Air Rifle, AGM and Exec meetings) will require Vaccination Certificates to attend
  • For other meetings and shoots, each venue can determine whether they will operate with or without Vaccination Certificates being a requirement (the 6 December update below has more details on this)

TSNZ Covid-19 Guidance - 7 December 2021


The new SportNZ Covid  Traffic Light guideleines have been assessed and summarised HERE. This TSNZ summary is being reviewed by the Exec who are meeting on Thursday. At that stage it is hoped that a clear definition of an Event  and a Gathering will be available from SportNZ by then. Meanwhile - please use your best judgement as to whether a shoot at your range is an Event or a Gathering. 


Your decision as to whether a Vacination Certificate is a requirement to be at the shoot has a major impact on the Capacity limits and, for Events, on whether the Event can proceed. Each Club and/or Assn, needs to make this decision based on their specific situation. Some will have limited choice as your facility owner may make it a condition of use that all users of the facility must be vacinated. Clubs or Assns that own their own facilities will be able to make this decision themselves.  


TSNZ Covid -19 Level 2 Risk Assessment

 8 September 2021 - Executive Announcement  -  Delta 2 Update


The TSNZ Executive have again reviewed the TSNZ Covid Guidelines now that all of NZ apart from Auckland has moved into Alert Level Delta 2.

The most important consideration was that Government and Health officials clearly view Delta as far more contagious than previous strains, and the Government requirements of Level 2 have been strengthened as a result.


Based on this, the new TSNZ Covid Guidelines for Alert Level 2 recommend 2 metre spacing both indoors and outdoors, and mask wearing at all times when not shooting.

The other requirements shown under TSNZ Level 2 such as no sharing of gear, sanitising, and keeping attendance records remain in place.

Club shooting can take place under these conditions.


Please note this is subject to change should updated information be received from the Government, Sport NZ, or School Sport NZ.


Secondary Schools Inter-Island Match  -  
Eue to the ongoing uncertainty on Covid Alert Level status NZ-wide and the need to protect our younger members, this event has now been CANCELLED for 2021.



18 August 2021 - Announcement

Due to the Government's change in Covid-19 Alert Levels, effective midnight on 17th August,
it is no longer possible to hold the North vs South event in Christchurch on the planned weekend of 21-22 August.  

Therefore North vs South 2021 has been CANCELLED.

However as this year’s hosts are unable to hold the event on any alternate date, the Executive are considering the option of re-scheduling this for 15-17 October as a multi-venue event.  We invite feedback from those who would have been attending this weekend – please email the office with your comments.

Please contact Christchurch Target Shooting Association to arrange refund of your dinner tickets by replying to the Shooter Confirmation email, and don’t forget to cancel your accommodation in time for refunds.

The TSNZ Covid-19 Guidance has now been updated for 2021 - this latest version is attached above.   


Due dates for Season's Aggregate, Inter-Association, and Secondary School's Postals have been extended from 31 August to 30 September.

Air Rifle Challenge August match is extended to 30 September.

The possibility of holding the 2021 AGM via ZOOM is being investigated.


Please continue to manage Clubs and events within the TSNZ Guidelines where possible and follow all Government requirements
while NZ works its way through this new Covid-19 outbreak.



17 August 2020 - Announcement


The Executive met last night (16 August) to review the TSNZ Covid Guidance document now that the timing of Level 3 for Auckland and Level 2 for the rest of NZ to continue until 26th August has been advised by the Government.  This resulted in the following change, which is included in the 16 August version of the TSNZ Covid-19 Guidance (above):

Level 3 – no change to previous TSNZ Covid Guidance requirements.

Level 2 – existing school shooting programmes are now able to continue as long as there is no sharing of gear and the proper distancing, hygiene and contact tracing conditions are followed as per the Guidelines.  All other previous requirements remain.


Thank you to all those Clubs and Members who are continuing to be involved and to coach, train and compete in these difficult times.  The Executive will continue to review and update their advice as the Covid-19 situation in NZ progresses.



12 AUGUST 2020 - Announcement

With Auckland now in Covid Alert Level 3 and the rest of NZ in Level 2, the TSNZ Guidance above (dated 28 May) now re-applies.

The Executive will be meeting on Sunday to discuss further plans once the Government has given their updates on any future Level changes.

UPCOMING CHAMPS - as at 12 August:

The Auckland Open to be held in Howick on 15 August is postponed until further notice.
The Mid-Canterbury and Phoenix Champs on 15-16 August are going ahead as planned.
The Hawkes Bay and Hastings Champs on 15-16 August are going ahead as planned




Covid-19 Guidance update – Champs matches

29th May 2020


With a number of changes to Alert Level 2 operating from midday today (Friday 29th May), in particular the number for mass gatherings rising to 100, the TSNZ Executive have again updated the TSNZ Covid-19 Guidance:

TSNZ Covid-19 Guidance – 28 May 

TSNZ Level 2 Risk Management


The good news is that there is now the ability to run on-site Championship matches if Clubs and Associations so choose. 

There are still some conditions to be considered around numbers, distancing, hygiene and food supply, and the new TSNZ Level 2 Risk Management document (above) gives helpful information on these.

We’re now working through the process of finding out from all the match organisers what they’d like to do – run their match as usual, postpone to another date, run it as a postal/online match, or cancel.   As plans are confirmed the Season Calendar will be updated on our homepage, and another link to the information will be added to the TSNZ Covid-19 Announcements page for easy access.


So if you’re keen to get out and shoot some Champs matches, or to shoot some in a new postal format, keep an eye out for the CONFIRMED events.


AGM – the possibility of running the October AGM via a ZOOM link is currently being discussed.  Associations have been asked to send in their feedback on this, and Members can check out this information on the MEMBERS / AGM - 2020 page.


2020 Championship Matches
22nd May 2020


The 2020 Indoor Championship season has been severely impacted by the Covid-19 restrictions placed by the NZ Government on travel, gathering sizes and physical distancing.

Due to these restrictions it is not practical to hold any Championship matches until NZ enters Alert Level 1.

Proposed changes to the North Island and South Island Championship calendars (below) were shared with Clubs and Associations on 13th May,
with matches missed at the start of the season in April and May being transferred to the end of the season, in September, October and November. 
This was only a suggestion, and feedback was called for:

North Island Calendar - draft changes - now scrapped                  
 South Island Calendar - draft changes - now scrapped

The few comments that were received all suggested that extending the season into October/November is not practical,
giving some or all of the following reasons:

  • Clubs are re-starting at different times during Alert Level 2, with some deciding to not start at all until Alert Level 1
  • timing of changing to Alert Level 1 is unknown
  • the smaller ranges would have great difficulty managing required physical distancing, meaning very long days for organisers
  • the later matches clash with Outdoor shooting and other summer sports
  • it's too hot for indoor shooting by October/November
  • as scores no longer count towards Ranking for the North/South match, entry numbers could be very low
  • older members and those with health issues are in the at-risk group for Covid-19 so wouldn't attend 
  • indoor shooters wouldn't get their usual summer break and so may not be as enthusiastic to return to shooting in 2021

The Executive discussed this feedback at their ZOOM meeting on 21st May
and have agreed that the concerns given are valid and those proposed draft Calendar changes (above) will now be scrapped.


So what now, for 2020 Championships?

Organisers of the matches in the calendar for the future will be contacted and asked what they would prefer to do.  Options are:

Keep the date as planned and run as normal should Alert Level 1 be underway

Cancel for 2020

Postpone, and if so to what preferred date

Run the match as a postal/online version


Organisers of the matches that have already been missed will be contacted and asked what they would prefer to do.  Options are:

Remain cancelled for 2020

Reschedule, and if so to what preferred date

Run the match as a postal/online version.


From this information TSNZ will then be able to update the Website calendar with confirmed dates and events, and

changes will be advised as they are confirmed.



CHAMPIONSHIP Matches confirmed with DATE CHANGES  -  as at 26 May:

Hawkes Bay & Hastings Opens - were 30th & 31st May - now 15th & 16th AUGUST.

Cambridge Open - was 13th June - now 26th September


CHAMPIONSHIP Matches confirmed as POSTAL EVENTS - as at 22 May:

Wanganui Open - was 27th June

Shoot 3 x 10-shot cards on your home range
between 21st and 27th June. 
Entries close 20th June.
   Entry fee $15 for all grades. 
Results to by 3pm 27th June.

   WANGANUI OPEN 2020 - Notice

WANGANUI OPEN 2020 - Results Sheet 


Canterbury Champs - was 13th June

 Shoot 3 x 10-shot strings
between 20th and 26th July. 
Entries to by 13th July. 
Entry fee $20 per person. 
Results to by 5pm 27th July



CANTERBURY CHAMPS 2020 - Results Sheet


The question has been raised:  Can Juniors shoot under Alert Level 2?

The answer relates to the 1m distancing rule. 
ANYONE, Junior or not, who needs another person to be within 1m of them to set up, coach, or in any way shoot their rifle
is NOT able to return to shooting under the current (15th May) Level 2 restrictions.


ALERT LEVEL 2 - President's Announcement

May 13th 2020


Hi to all our Clubs, Associations, and Members,

In the current, rapidly changing COVID-19 environment, your Executive has been trying to keep up to date with all the changes and the implications for our Clubs and members.

I would like to thank all the Executive members who have assisted our Executive Officer to draft and revise the numerous documents we have prepared for you all, together with the time they spent in our many Zoom meetings.

Please accept that our efforts and interpretations of the COVID rules have been done with the best intentions to provide the correct information. When in doubt or we were unsure, we have erred on the side of caution.

The COVID-19 documents (links to these above) cover:

  • TSNZ COVID-19 Guidance – 13 May 2020
  • TSNZ COVID-19 Range Safety Plan – a template for Clubs/Associations
  • COVID-19 Contact tracing information
  • COVID-19 Contact tracing register

These documents are generally self-explanatory and are designed to assist the Clubs get ready for shooting again.

OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS - In addition, with the likelihood of moving to Level 1 in the not-too-distant future, we have reviewed the shooting calendar and the possibility of extending this year’s shooting programme.  We have attached two draft calendars for consideration - on these the Champs matches missed at the start of the season have been transferred in their same order to later in the year. This is still very much a work-in-progress, and we invite your feedback on this if your Champs match is one of those affected.  Please note that there is still the option of any Championship match remaining as cancelled if this is what the organisers prefer, or even to run the match as an “online by distance” version.

We also hope to extend and add to our Postal competitions, and will be providing more details in the near future. 

Remember that your subscriptions and fees are still vitally important to enable us to support you, so please keep them coming in.

I would also like to thank everyone for their support of TSNZ’s efforts to keep you all safe and shooting, as soon as possible.

Thanks again and safe shooting.

Steve O'Donnell
TSNZ President

ALERT LEVEL 2 - the detail:


Note that if you want to run an event in an “online by distance” version, the Executive would like to approve this in advance.  Date changes for Champs will also need to be coordinated through the TSNZ office, and of course the plan may change further depending on when the move to Alert Level 1 happens.

Scores for Grading – if the indoor season is extended to cover the match date changes, then the dates for scores to be included in the Shooters Performance Card for grading will also be extended.  More on this later.

CLUB GEAR – with there be no sharing of equipment at Alert Level 2, your Club may need more gloves or slings to cope.  TSNZ Trading has a great deal available during May – see the  COVID Special offer .


FUNDING – the Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund applications are now open, and Clubs and Associations can apply for up to $1,000 for fixed costs during April to June.  However, if the Association owns the Range and has larger fixed costs related to this, they may be able to apply for the next level up (up to $40,000) – if this is relates to your range, you can contact the TSNZ office to discuss this.

Applications need to be made through your closest Sport NZ Regional Trust – click here to find out which applies to you, then go to their website for further information:


If you have any questions about any of this information, please get in touch with the TSNZ Office.

Alert Level 2 changes

May 7th 2020


The "outline" for Alert Level 2 has been released by the Government today (7th May), with far more detail now available than when the TSNZ Covid-19 Guidance document was put together back in April. 

The TSNZ Executive are having their usual Executive Meeting, but via ZOOM, this Saturday (9th May), and reviewing the TSNZ Guidance based on the new Alert Level 2 information will be top of the list for discussion.

Everyone understands that our shooters and Clubs want to get back into action as soon as they can, and any changes to the Guidance will be announced next week as soon as they are available.

In the meantime, please make sure you continue to follow the Alert Level 3 procedures and stay safely in your bubbles.


Sport NZ funding available

May 7th 2020

Sport NZ have today announced a $25 million package to provide further short-term relief for the sport sector, and TSNZ Clubs and Associations will be able to apply for this.

Applications will open on Monday 11th May, and will be via your nearest Regional Sports Trust.

Clubs and Associations can apply for an immediate grant of up to $1,000 to cover their fixed costs for items such as rent, phone, power, and rates.  All costs need to relate to the period April-June.  Further information and the full press release follows:

sport nz.jpg


Click here for the Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund GUIDELINES


Click here for the Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund Factsheet


Click here for the Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund FAQs


Press Release

Sport NZ announces further $25 million short-term relief package

Primary focus on clubs and regional organisations

Sport NZ has created a $25 million package to provide further short-term relief for organisations at all levels of sport and active recreation. The funds have been made available through savings achieved from the reprioritisation of Sport NZ’s work programme in the wake of COVID-19, as well as the drawing down on cash reserves.  

Today’s announcement follows an initial package of support for Sport NZ and High Performance Sport NZ partners announced in early April. This provided financial certainty for National Sport and Recreation Organisations, Regional Sport Trusts others, with funding commitments totalling $70 million per annum. Partners were provided with flexibility on how these funds could be used to reflect the challenging circumstances resulting from COVID-19 through until 30 June 2021.

The second tranche of support announced today has a focus on providing relief for struggling local and regional sport and recreation organisations. This relief will be provided via a $15m Community Resilience Fund.

“Play, active recreation and sport have a key role in maintaining individual health and wellbeing, bringing our communities together and keeping these communities strong,” says Sport NZ CEO Peter Miskimmin. 

“It is vital that organisations at all levels of our sector remain viable and are there when play, active recreation and sport can fully resume, and we believe we have structured this relief package in a way that will maximise its benefit at all levels of the sector for the greatest possible good.”

“Clubs and regional organisations are the heartbeat of our sector but have been among the hardest hit by COVID-19, particularly through the loss of Class 4 gaming revenue and membership fees and they need support now more than ever,” says Peter Miskimmin.

The Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund opens on Monday 11 May and will be administered through New Zealand’s 14 regional sports trusts due to the strength of their networks deep into their local sport and recreation communities. Eligible organisations can apply for a maximum of $1,000 for clubs and $40,000 for regional bodies.

Also included in Sport NZ’s $25 million relief package are:

  • A partner support fund ($6 million) to help Sport NZ and HPSNZ investment partners maintain critical roles and business functions which are at risk due to COVID-19
  • An exceptional system support fund ($1 million) to protect key national organisations who are not normal recipients of Sport NZ investment
  • A physical activity fund ($3 million) to promote play, active recreation and sport opportunities to those who most need it (e.g. people who are less active, disabled or live in high deprivation areas)

Further details on these three funds will be announced over the coming weeks.

Sport NZ also continues to provide expert business capability support to its partners in areas such as finance, human resources and technology, as well as providing free employee wellbeing services and support in accessing the Government’s COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme.

More information on new $25 million short-term relief package and Sport NZ’s wider response to COVID-19 is available at


Media Contact:

Philip Clark
Group Media Manager, Sport NZ
T: 0278 385 710


Covid-19 Guidance

April 22nd 2020


TSNZ realises that these are trying times for our Associations and Clubs, and we thank you all for your commitment to keeping members safe. 

To assist in your Club activities and planning, TSNZ has developed the attached Covid-19 Guidance relating to changes in each Covid-19 Alert Level.   Please note that this document is subject to chance, particularly if the Government advice around each Alert Level changes, and the most recent document will always be available on the TSNZ website.

We also understand that you will be unable to complete the Club or Association Affiliation form as normal with members’ names or Club numbers as Clubs have not met yet, so please leave that part of the form blank when you send in your 2020 Affiliation form.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Jackie Lindsay
Executive Officer


Click here for a PDF of the TSNZ Covid-19 Guidance - 21 April 2020



Teams of Ten update

April 21st 2020


The Teams of Ten event will be be hosted by the Manawatu Association in 2021, with the 2020 event now being officially cancelled.

Thank you Taranaki  for your prompt response to Manawatu's request to host the 60th anniversary team shoot.
Taranaki will shift to hosting in 2022.Of course this all depends on the Covid 19 situation. 

Stay safe everyone

Kind regards

Janet Hunt
NISRA Secretary



2020 Membership Fees

April 1st 2020 


Hello to our Associations, Clubs and members,    

After the first week of lockdown, the TSNZ Executive hopes you are all safe, well, and coping with life within your bubble.  

We appreciate that the lockdown phase and the period after will have a major impact on normal life and everyone's finances and we thank you for your patience as we work through the issues confronting all of us. 

Having already cancelled many TSNZ events and recommending team shoots and Opens are also cancelled, many of you are wondering what is left of the indoor season and why you should pay any subscriptions, especially as many may be on reduced incomes. 

Like you, TSNZ has numerous expenses every month, including insurances and bank fees, as well as annual costs such as audits and the AGM. We are now actively working to minimise our costs going forward. 

TSNZ provides its members a range of services and functions beyond the many competitions throughout the year.  

First, TSNZ provides day to day management of the members, clubs and associations, indoor and outdoor competitions, ammunition and targets, public liability insurance, plus our Trading arm and the office (which currently remains open). 

Secondly, TSNZ provides control and support through our Constitution. In particular, guidance and training for Range inspections, Range Officer courses and competition rules. 

Thirdly, TSNZ provides our active Website, coaching courses and material for all members from the Junior Development Squad, our Club Instructors programme and shortly, our Level One Coaching programme. This programme is planned to be available as an online programme in the near future. 

We are also hopeful that after the current Level 4 lockdown period that we may be able to resume Club shooting. If that is the case, TSNZ will work on providing some form of postal competitions for members. 

Target shooting is also facing some significant challenges after COVID-19, namely the pending Arms Legislation Bill, which the 2019 AGM agreed to spend money to oppose. TSNZ has been an active voice for target shooters and Clubs and we need to continue this process, particularly as we lead up to an election. 

Consequently, for TSNZ to survive and remain financially viable, we need your support, now more than ever. 

Given the situation we now face, the Executive has unanimously agreed to offer a 25% discount on the 2020 TSNZ membership fees (not including Social membership), with the payment due date extended by a month to 31st May 2020. However, if you are able to pay the full fees, we would appreciate your support in this difficult time. 

Without your support this year there will be a significant impact on our financial position. With your support, the Executive believes we will make through to 2021. 

Please do renew your TSNZ membership online as soon as possible, and actively encourage other members to do the same! Our office is still open and is available to help our members, as necessary. 

Thank you. 

TSNZ Executive


2020 Membership fees - the detail:   


The 25% reduction in 2020 Membership fees results in the following:

          Full Member - $75
          1st Year Full Member - $45
          Junior Member - $45
          Veteran Member - $52.50
          Family Member - $52.50
          Restricted Member - $37.50
          Social Member - no change

Any shooter who has already paid fees that cover the 2020 Indoor season (including Outdoor and Air rifle shooters) can apply for the discount by contacting the TSNZ office.  Refunds of the 25% will be made into Members' bank accounts, so please provide a bank account number for this.

And of course any shooter who chooses to pay the usual undiscounted fee has the sincere thanks of TSNZ.

Due Date - Membership forms and fees are now due in by 31st May.

Club and Association Affiliation fees remain as normal.


CLICK HERE FOR A PRINT version of the Membership Form 



Why become a Member of TSNZ?

For a small annual fee TSNZ Members receive the following benefits:

• Full support of TSNZ in all shooting matters;

• Eligibility to shoot in all TSNZ events eg NDC, Open Championships, National Indoor Champs,
Indoor/Outdoor/Air Rifle Postals;

• Eligibility to be selected and shoot for TSNZ and NZ representative teams;

• National awards and public recognition for shooting and administrative achievements;

• Use of TSNZ shooting ranges and facilities (some local charges may apply);

• Access to TSNZ Coaching events, funding and resources, some for free;

• Access to TSNZ Ammunition Agents NZ-wide for ammunition purchases with minimal freight costs;

• Cost benefits of bulk purchasing of ammunition;

• Member Log-in status on TSNZ website for Members-only resources;

• Free access to For Sale/To Buy website advertising placement;

• Ability to take part in feedback and surveys to help shape TSNZ’s future path;

• Ability to stand for office in TSNZ elections;

• Liability cover as offered by the NZSF/TSNZ Insurance Scheme.

Become a Full, Veteran, Junior or Family Member of TSNZ
to receive all these great benefits
and take your shooting to new heights.



2020 Fees and Affiliations

March 26th 2020

The TSNZ Executive understands that a major issue for Members, Clubs and Associations will be what fees they will be expected to pay for the 2020 season. The Executive is currently looking at all aspects of this, and expects to have information available later next week.

Issues being taken into account are wide-ranging, and will include the reduced competition programme, the impact of Covid-19 closures on incomes, reductions in TSNZ expenditure being made wherever possible, and non-negotiable ongoing costs such as insurance, audit and bank fees.  The duration of the lock down will also need to be taken into account and may force decisions to be changed at a later date.

No doubt you will agree that it’s very important that TSNZ be in a position to continue to promote and support our sport once things return to normal, and so whatever is decided for 2020 must allow this to happen.  The Executive need some time to make the best decision, and will advise the outcome as soon as possible.


Covid-19 Statement Update

March 23rd 2020


Hello to our Associations, Clubs and members, 


Firstly, the TSNZ Executive hope you are all safe and well, despite the chaotic week we have all experienced. The country has gone from 6 COVID-19 cases last Monday to over 100 cases in a week. The Government has instituted new Alert levels and in one day, we will all be in personal isolation with many workplaces and schools closed for the next four weeks. 

With less than 600 ICU beds available across NZ, it is vitally important that we listen to and follow the Government instructions for the ultimate benefit of our communities. 

The real unknown for all of us is how long will it take us to recover and resume normal life. Some are hoping for a few weeks, others a few months while the likely scenario is for many months. 

Your Executive does not have a magic ball to advise us, so our best guess is that we will be affected for many months with no end date to the restrictions currently known. Our responsibility is firstly for the safety of our members, your families and our communities.

Events - Consequently, we need to confirm the status of all our competitions and events.

 The following TSNZ events are now cancelled for 2020:

  • North versus South Island match
  • Secondary Schools Nationals
  • Secondary Schools Postals
  • NDC – All rounds
  • Junior Development Squad – all Camps in 2020
  • Coaching Courses
  • TSNZ Team Postals


These events are currently on hold (including entries) but will be reviewed at a later date:

  • TSNZ Individuals Postals
  • National Indoor Championship


Non TSNZ events for 2020 include:

  • Teams of Ten - Postponed indefinitely
  • Andrew & Faulkner - Cancelled


Recommendations to Clubs and Associations

  • Alert level 4 requires that ALL ranges close and in-person meetings cease.
  • All Interclub matches should be cancelled this year
  • All Club Opens should be cancelled this year


TSNZ strongly recommends all team events for 2020 are cancelled to avoid putting pressure on team members to attend against their better judgement.

 As the situation is changing very rapidly, the Executive will continue to monitor the situation with the hope to resume some shooting when advised via the Alert level. We are meeting frequently online to ensure that we are able to respond as quickly as possible whenever the situation changes.


We will also be looking for possible programmes to keep everyone in the shooting loop. This may include some remote coaching programs, dry training guides, and possible postals matches when the alert level drops and ranges are able to open again.

 Our sport is not only at risk from Covid-19 and new legislation, our overall numbers have been dropping each year. With the pressure on clubs and shooting this year, we ALL need to work extremely hard to retain all of our current members and maintain contact with them, even if they are not attending club nights, etc. With all of this extra time now on your hands this season, the Executive would suggest that members really set their mind to thinking of and sharing ways in which clubs and associations can start to build membership. We should be planning to implement these ideas ready for next season. Please, share your ideas with our Executive Officer so we can help all clubs.


Always remember to practise personal safety and keep well. 



TSNZ Executive


South Island Coaching CANCELLED

March 21st 2020


Following the announcement today for all New Zealanders to limit domestic travel to help contain the Covid-19 crisis, the remaining two coaching sessions in Balclutha and Dunedin yet to be run by Jon Phillipps and Helen Freiman are now cancelled.

Sincere apologies to those who have yet to attend one of the two courses, and please be assured that coaching will resume in the future when possible.


Covid-19 update

March 20th 2020

The TSNZ Executive is currently monitoring the Covid-19 situation in this constantly changing environment.  We have scheduled an Executive meeting for Monday to discuss a number of issues and will release a detailed statement on Tuesday 24th regarding TSNZ events. 

Thanks for your patience and keep safe.

Best Regards,

Steve O'Donnell
TSNZ President

Andrew & Faulkner CANCELLED

March 20th 2020

Hi all

In a rapidly changing situation, and with the Government announcing yesterday (19 March) the ban on gatherings of more than 100 people indoors,  the Executive of South Island Target Shooting Association has decided to CANCEL this years Andrew and Faulkner in Ashburton in July 2020. 

Our plan for the hosting for next year's event is for it to still be with Mid Canterbury Association and with all other host venues sliding back one year, this will need to be confirmed by those host Associations at some stage soon.

South Island Indoor Champs – We need to have a think about this an see if we can sill hold this or not. This may need to be run a bit different than we have in the past eg run at more venues. We will keep you all informed.

South Island AGM – Again we need to have a think about this, we will keep you informed with this as well.

Please pass this information on to all of your membership.


Regan Cowe

South Island Target Shooting Association

Teams of Ten POSTPONED

March 19th 2020

Firstly apologies to those Associations who have not had time to discuss Teams of Ten.  In a rapidly changing situation, the Government announced today (19th March) the ban on gatherings of more than 100 people indoors. This has forced our decision to postpone the holding of ToT in May 2020.

However the majority of Associations have replied to me and were in agreement with postponing the Teams of Ten. 

The next step is to look at the possibility for either holding the ToT match later in 2020 or holding it over until May 2021.  This depends on the progression of the Covid-19 virus.

Thank you all for your comments. It is apparent that the TOT competition is highly regarded in the shooting calendar.


Janet Hunt

North Island Smallbore Rifle Association

JDS Camp cancelled

March 18th 2020


After discussion with the TSNZ office and in light of the Covid-19  situation, the decision has been made to cancel the April JDS camp.  This is unfortunate but is a necessary  step. 

We will wait and see how "things" progress and when it appears that normality is returning we will restart the JDS program.

The JDS apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you have booked flights please contact your airline to transfer flights to a later date.

Everyone take care and  we will catch up soon



Jon Phillipps 
JDS Coach

TSNZ Covid-19 Statement

March 16th 2020


The following is based on Ministry of Health (MoH) advice, which can be found at: 


As of the time of writing this release there were 8 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand and low risk of community transfer. MoH advice is that public events may still go ahead, on certain conditions. However, TSNZ is recommending that the hosts of all events that are scheduled from now until 1 May seriously consider postponing or cancelling their events, however, the final decision lies with the organising associations and clubs. For those that do continue to operate we recommend:


You need to:


  • Remind those who have been overseas or who have been in direct/close contact with others who have been overseas within the past 14 days to stay away.
  • Remind those who are exhibiting flu-like symptoms that they must stay away until 14 days after symptoms have stopped.
  • Ensure that it is easy for anyone attending to wash hands with soap and water and dry hands thoroughly, or use hand sanitiser.
  • Clean surfaces regularly.


Please also consider:


  • Leaving an empty mound between shooters.
  • Keeping records of all persons at the range at any time, including detail/squad cards, so that quick contact can be made with all affected people should a case occur.
  • The risk of sharing equipment (especially rifles).
  • Cleaning shared equipment between uses, if you allow sharing at all.
  • The most at-risk are those aged over 60, consider staying away if you are over this age.
  • You (clubs and associations) do not have to continue to run events if you do not wish to.


Major Events

We will be asking the North and South Island associations to consider their options for the Teams of Ten and Andrew & Faulkner matches, particularly as the situation is likely to change between now and the time of the event. The executive will be considering what options are available for the Inter-Island match (North/South) as the time draws nearer.


As stated above, the situation is very likely to change. We will post any updates on the TSNZ website and Facebook page as soon as they are available.



TSNZ Executive