Anschutz 1903 Junior


SPECIAL - $1,999.  These are the last 1903 JUNIOR's left.  Take it from Dannevirke Smallbore Rifle Club - these are FANTASTIC to set up young high school or even small adults to get them started.  

SPECIAL - $1,999 for a limited time.  South Island, make the most of TSNZ trading coming to A&F for free delivery.

Perfect for club rifles!! 

Suitable for both left and right handed shooters (note bolt only closes R/H)

Purchase sights separately.

IMPORTANT - Note that prices shown for all rifles, stocks and barrels are INDICATIVE ONLY due to rapidly changing freight and international currency costs during the Covid-19 crisis.

Before you order please contact TSNZ Trading for confirmation of pricing.




When purchasing rifles or barreled actions by Webshop, phone or mail, TSNZ Trading will send you a NZ Police Mail Order Sales form (shown here), which will be partially filled out with the firearm details and the sellers name (TSNZ).

You then complete the rest of the form with your details including your Firearms Licence number, the form must then be taken to a Police Station along with your Firearms Licence. The Police will process this form and send the completed form directly back to TSNZ. Once the completed form is received back from the Police, the firearm will be dispatched.


Buy Anschutz 1903 Junior in NZ.