Capapie NSG Capitex Jacket

*** Order going out 22nd November**

**The supplier has informed us they need to increase their prices on this model from 1st Dec**

The Capapie NSG jacket is the top model on offer and is performing well internationally.

The CAPITEX™material is perfectly blended with rubber and  is strong and stiff. Most importantly, this material gives a canvas type feeling to the shooter unlike plastic or rubberized materials. Shooters will get the benefit for years.  This material complies with the ISSF rules of thickness and produces a perfect reading on the stiffness gauge, even when new. Changes in weather do not affect the performance of this material. It is a wrinkle-free Bounce Back Material (BBM) that produces these consistent results - and even after intensive use, it will bounce back to the original condition after a few hours, thus giving a long-lasting feel and support to the shooter.

  • Anatomically cut leather button hole panel for perfect body fit at neck area.​
  • Soft, thin and sweat free fabric inside elbow area to take rifle holding hand close to body. 

    This is a MADE TO MEASURE item, and comes with lettering and a kit bag.

    Top Grip can be added to the shoulder for an additional $50 fee.





Click here for a CAPAPIE VIDEO on how to take measurements


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