Air Rifle



Manawatu Air Rifle Open Champs

 Saturday 27th January, Palmerston North

Entries close Sunday 21st January

Held in combination with the Manawatu Outdoor Champs / 3P event



Palmerston North 17th - 18th February

The 2018 TSNZ Air Rifle Nationals are being held in conjunction with the Outdoor Nationals in Palmerston North. 
Information and entry forms are combined with the Outdoor Nationals forms.

Note that the Women's Air matches will be shot under the new ISSF Rules coming into effect 1st January - 60 shots.





Totara Rd / Awapuni Air Rifle Champs
- 11-12 November 2017 - 

8 keen Air Rifle shooters attended the two Air Rifle Designated Matches held in Palmerston North.

The best part of the weekend was Owen Bennett shooting a Commonwealth Games MQS on both days and backing it up with two great finals.

Although numbers were down we expected that to happen, with the shoot being held shortly after the Oceania Shooting Championships.

In the Awapuni Championship the Women’s Final provided a cliff hanger when Helen Freiman was in the lead until the 23rd shot when Jess Burgess-Smith drew level with both shooters on 226.2.  The last shot saw Jess taking the Final by .1 from Helen.

Manawatu want to thank those Air Rifle Shooters that took part in this year’s shoot.


Man Air Women 2.jpg
Totara Rd Air Women's match


Women medals.jpg
Totara Rd Air
Sarah Reesby (2nd), Jess Burgess-Smith (1st), Meggy Reesby (3rd)


Women Day 2.jpg
Awapuni Air Women's match


Women medals day 2.jpg
Awapuni Air
Helen Freiman (2nd), Jess Burgess-Smith (1st) Sarah Reesby (2nd)


Men medals.jpg
Awapuni / Totara Rd Air
Lachie McNair (2nd)
Owen Bennett (1st)



Totara Rd Air  Men's match



AIR RIFLE AT OCEANIA / CSF in Brisbane - 31st October - 1st November 2017

1st November

Day 2 at the Oceania/CSF event saw the Women's Air Rifle Match.  Our 3 teams had some amazing competition in the match, with the top qualifier setting a Commonwealth record, and another Oceania record set in the Final of the Oceania match.  The NZ A-Team took out the Bronze Oceania medal, and it was good to see some shooters in the B/C teams who were very happy with their own performances.  The day was rounded out with PET for the Men's 50m and open training on the 50m range.




Women Air.jpg



Women final.jpg



Women medals.jpg



 31st October

The first day of competition at the Commonwealth Shooting Federation (CSF) / Oceania Shooting Federation (OSF) event saw the Men's Air Rifle competition.  Temperatures were not quite as bad as yesterday, but it was still a strain in the Air Rifle range to cope with the heat.  The Teams event Gold Medal was taken out by Australia, with their team setting an Oceania record and Dane Sampson setting an Oceania and World record score in his Final, and the NZ A-Team won the Bronze.

PET (Pre Event Training) for the Womens Air Rifle followed, with their competition to be held the next day.







Air rifle Men Final.jpg




Air rifle men podium.jpg



Air Women PET.jpg




Auckland Designated Air Rifle Matches
7 - 8 October 2017

Once again we ran the match at the Parafed Auckland Shooting Club fully electronic range in Mt Eden and it was great to have a good number of shooters attend.

We thank all the shooters that came from out of town to attend.  Many of the weekend’s shooters will be heading off to Brisbane in a few weeks to shoot at Oceania so it was great to see some good scores.

A special thank you to all our helpers on the weekend:  Grant S and Mike J from Parafed who helped run the range,   Dave Sheely for his help with the calling finals, and thank you for all his photos.

Julie & Nick

Parafed Auckland


Results for the weekend

Auckland Designated – 7th Oct 2017

Women’s Final

1st Chalm Davey

2nd Jessica Riddle

3rd Helen Freiman


Men’s Final

1st Owen Bennett

2nd Rod Hill

3rd Nick Dyde


Mt Eden Designated – 8th Oct 2017

Women’s Final

1st Chalm Davey

2nd Helen Freiman

3rd Jessica Riddle


Men’s Final

1st Owen Bennett

2nd John Ke

3rd Nick Dyde



Auckland Air 2017 SMALL.jpg


Chalm and Jess training SMALL.jpg




Owen SMALL.jpg


Wiko SMALL.jpg


YOG shooters SMALL.jpg
Youth Olympic Games Trialists


-  North Island Open Air Rifle Match  -
Palmerston North,  23rd September 2017



Air 8 Mens final.jpg


Air 2.jpg


Air 9.jpg


Air 14 Nick.jpg


Air 5.jpg


Air 12.jpg


Air 10.jpg


Air 16.jpg


Air 18.jpg


Air 17.jpg




2017 Air Rifle Postals RESULTS

Congratulations to the 2017 Mens Air Rifle Postal winner Lachie McNair,
and 2017 Womens Air Rifle Postal winner Jess Burgess-Smith.

This is the first time this competition has been shot since 2008, and while there were few entiries this year, it is hoped that all our keen air rifle shooters will make a point of competing in 2018.

Shooting Postal matches is a great way to compare your skill to others throughout NZ!



Lachie McNair.jpg
Lachie McNair
Jess Burgess-Smith



Announcing the return of the TSNZ Air Rifle Postal Competition.

With the increase in numbers of Air Rifle shooters lately, TSNZ has decided it is time to bring back the Postal Competition. This was last shot in 2008, when air rifle shooters were graded or handicapped on the basis of past competition scores. This time it is being kept simple - a Men's section with three 60-shot matches, and a Women's section with three 40-shot matches.  This can be shot at ANY range, on paper or electronic targets, as long as there is a witness who has measured out the proper 10 metre distance on any non-TSNZ range used.   So get in and have a go - could you be the first person in 9 years to get into the TSNZ Air Rifle record books?





Air Rifle Nationals & Manawatu Air Champs, 
27 - 30 January 2017, Palmerston North

The combined Manawatu Air and Air Rifle Nationals event held on 27-30 January in Palmerston North saw some excellent scores shot by our Air Rifle shooters.  The atmosphere was great with the ISSF-approved music playlist being used throughout, and the clapping during the Finals added to the tension for the shooters.  

It was good to see the entry numbers increasing in the Men's, Women's and Junior Women's sections; let's hope that the IPC and Junior Men's section entries can also increase in the same way in the future.

A number of Air Rifle Merit Award Badges were presented at the event, well done to those shooters who have scored in the next level up to receive their next badge.  Details of names and badges to come.

Congratulations to all the winners, and many thanks to the organisers and helpers during the weekend.




Bruce Marchant, Owen Bennett (1st), Rod Hill (2nd) - Air Nationals


Chalm Davey, 1st JUNIOR WOMEN - Air Nationals 


Helen Freiman (2nd), Bruce Marchant, Bronwyn Shields (1st) - Air Nationals


Manawatu Air Range




Women / Junior Women


Junior Womens FINAL





As Parafed Auckland were the host of two TSNZ Designated Matches this year, we discovered that there are lots of ISSF (upright shooters) out there and most wanted to enter our High Noon competition once they heard about it. There are also the JDS squad and several pistol clubs that have expressed interest.

So here it is.  I encourage you to all register and join the fun of the competition. Entries need to be in as soon as possible because the first round is at the end of January. However remember that out of the 11 rounds, only your top 8 scores are counted. This lets you miss up to 3 rounds, so if you're away on holiday in January, it doesn't matter.

A handicap system will be run as explained in the Rules and this is for ALL shooters, including IPC. It's a fun match, and as such allows for some guess work on your part and a chance to be a top shooter.

So, Happy Christmas and before too much time goes by, (in fact now) fill out the form and email it in.

Ronan Murphy is 2017 Competition Controller so the entries need to be sent to Ronan
nd cc'd to me (Robert Berger, Parafed Auckland):


2016 High Noon Winners:


2017 High Noon
Entry Form and Rules: