The TSNZ Air Rifle Nationals were held at the Parafed Auckland range on 8-10 March 2019.   
Many thanks to those who assisted during the event, and to our Air Rifle shooters for supporting the Nationals, which was held at a separate time to the TSNZ Outdoor Nationals for the first time.


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TSNZ Match - Women
Jess Riddle (2nd), Jess Burgess-Smith (1st), Meaghan Reesby (3rd)


TSNZ Match - Men
Owen Bennett (2nd), Adrian Black (1st), Shaun Jeffery (3rd)



National Champs Match - Women
Jess Burgess-Smith (2nd), Jess Riddle (1st), Kirsten Birrell (3rd)


National Champs Match - Men
Owen Bennett (2nd), Adrian Black (1st), Ian McFetridge (3rd)


National Champs Match - Open/IPC Prone
Neelam O'Neill (3rd), Michael Johnson (1st), Natalie Brunzel (3rd)


20190310_151009_resized 2.jpg
National Champs Match - Junior Men
Shaun Jeffery (1st)


Totara Rd and Awapuni Air Rifle Champs 2018 were held in Palmerston North on the weekend of  1-2 December. 
Well done to those shooters who achieved PBs, and to those who were entering for the first time.

Click here for Totara Rd / Awapuni Air Rifle Champs Results

Womens winners Totara Rd 2018.jpg
Totara Rd - WOMEN
Sarah Black (2nd), Jessica Riddle (1st),
Kate Campbell (3rd)


Mens winners Totara Rd 2018.jpg
Totara Rd - MEN
Adrian Black (2nd), Owen Bennett (1st),
Ian McFetridge (3rd)


Womens winners Awapuni Air 2018.jpg
Awapuni - WOMEN
Jess Burgess-Smith (2nd), Jessica Riddle (1st),
Sarah Reesby (3rd)


Mens winners Awapuni Air 2018.jpg
Awapuni - MEN
Adrian Black (2nd), Owen Bennett (1st),
Ian McFetridge (3rd)



Marlborough Air Rifle Champs 2018 saw a small number of shooters competing in Blenheim on 20th October.
A special mention of thanks must go to the Blacks who lent Jess an air cylinder to finish the qualification round when hers malfunctioned, and then lent an entire rifle in the Final, and to Jess for performing so well under the pressure.

Click here for Marlborough Air Rifle Champs Results

The Air Rifle Designated Match season kicked off with the Designated Air Rifle match in Auckland on the weekend of 6-7 October.  Great numbers attended the first designated match for the season at the Parafed Auckland Shooting Club range in Mt Eden, Auckland.  It was fantastic to see some shooters returning to back to the sport after a few years away.  A number of first and PB scores were achieved so a great start to the season.

Click here for Results for the weekend


Auckland Designated Match – 6th Oct 2018

Women’s Final

1st Jessica Riddle
2 nd Sarah Reesby
3 rd Jess Burgess-Smith

Men’s Final

1st Owen Bennett
2 nd Adrian Black
3 rd Lachie McNair

AiMt Eden Designated Match – 7th Oct 2018

Women’s Final

1st Jessica Riddle
2 nd Jess Burgess-Smith
3 rd Sarah Reesby

Men’s Final

1st Owen Bennett
2 nd Adrian Black
3 rd Ian McFetridge



A special thank you to all our helpers on the weekend:   Nick for playing technical control and range officer,  Julie for Jury duty, and Grant and Gavin for their help with calling the Finals.  A special thank you to Kate Slinn for the chocolate cake, and for letting Dayle come along and shoot.

Julie & Nick
Parafed Auckland

Mens Final 6th Oct.jpg
Mens Final 6th October
IPC 7th October
Ladies Final 7th Oct.jpg
Womens Final 7th October
Ladies Final 7th Oct.jpg
Womens Final 7th October


Congratulations to the 2018 Mens Air Rifle Postal winner Lachie McNair,
and 2018 Womens Air Rifle Postal winner Jess Riddle.


Lachie McNair
Jess Riddle


The 2018-19 TSNZ  Air Rifle Season is now under way.  

Note that the date for the Totara Rd and Awapuni matches held in Palmerston North have now been changed so as to avoid the NCEA exam period - new dates are 1-2 December.

AIR RIFLE NATIONALS will be held in Auckland on 9-10 March.

There IS an OCEANIA event planned for November 2019 in Sydney, so if you want to be on the ranking list for Air Rifle, make sure you get to as many Designated matches as possible.









TSNZ NATIONALS - AIR RIFLE EVENTS - Sunday 18th February 2018


Day 2 of the Nationals saw the TSNZ Air Rifle National Champions decided.

The men shot first, with Owen Bennett cementing his place as National Men’s Champion with a resounding win.  Grant Sharman, being the only IPC entry, was only able to shoot with the men as a training match; it would be great to see more entries in the IPC National event in the future.  Lachie McNair’s qualification score gained him the Junior Men’s title.

In the afternoon it was the turn of the women, and again this was a closely fought match, with the lead changing many times in the Final.  Jessica Riddle picked up the pace in the second half to come out as National Women’s Champion, and also won the Junior Women’s title with her Qualification score.

Many thanks to all the helpers at the Totara Rd range, and to the shooters who coped so well with the heat.  



18 Feb 9.jpg


18 Feb 7.jpg


18 Feb 1.jpg

18 Feb 4.jpg

18 feb 5.jpg

18 Feb 11.jpg


TSNZ NATIONALS - AIR RIFLE EVENTS - Saturday 17th February 2018


The 2018 TSNZ National Championships kicked off today with the 10m Air Rifle events held at the Totara Rd MSRA Range. 

The Women's match was hotly contested, with Jessica Riddle taking out the win only 0.3 points ahead of Chalm Davey.  The Men's match had only one entry so was shot as a training match, and in the Open Prone, Ross Mason won first place.  We look forward to seeing these shooters in action again tomorrow, at the National Champs matches.


17 Feb 1.jpg

17 feb 4.jpg

17 feb 6.jpg

17 feb 8.jpg




17 feb 2.jpg


17 feb 3.jpg

17 feb 3 a.jpg




17 feb 1a.jpg