New ! - TSNZ Chatroom 

We've been asked for this, and here it is - you can now chat to other logged in TSNZ members around New Zealand. 

Click on the Chatwing logo to register with Chatwing to get started.  You will receive an email which needs to be verified, and when that's done you come back to this TSNZ page to start chatting by entering your message in the "Enter something" section at the bottom of the box below.  Click on the "smiley face" icon to the left of your name - this will take you to a page where you can edit your profile to use your own name rather than your email - you can even add in a picture if you want to.  You'll need to log in again to see the updated profile you have created.  And if you have any feedback you'd like to give TSNZ on this new feature, be sure to let us know.




Chat etiquette - please:

  • use your own name
  • keep the conversation clean
  • flag any objectionable posts 
  • email the TSNZ Office if you feel you need to report any misuse of this new feature.

Anything posted in this Chatroom remains there - anyone can scroll back to look at past conversations - so please keep that in mind as you join in.