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August 10th 2018

9th August  -  Semi-Final  (A-League) & Round 3  (B-League)  -   RESULTS

Well thats the A-League Semi Finals over for this year.   In the First Division it was good to see that Taranaki got a bit closer in the Open but in the end Waikato pulled ahead for the 14 - 0 win.  The second Semi Final was a bit closer with Manawatu Marauders 9 to Hutt Valley Hawkes 4.  The only bonus points in both finals was a junior, Liam McDonald with 100.6 - well done to Liam.

In the Second Division Eastern Force nearly did to Nelson the same as Waikato did to Taranaki , ending up at 13 - 1.  At least Nelson got a bonus point, yet again by a Junior shooting 100.7 - well done to Katherine Butt.  Also another shooter who shot in the Eastern Force Composite Squad, Stephanie McNair shot a teriffic 100.9 in her double, only just testing out for the possible 100.10. (Robbie and Ruth had both better pull up their socks with both Lachie and Stephanie both shooting great scores).

In the Semi Final of the Second Divison the scoring was a lot closer with Southland Centurians heading off Marlborough Suns by 8 - 5 so some good close shooting there.

So this leaves Waikato Thoroughbreds against Manawatu Marauders in the A Division and Eastern Force againts Southland Centurians in the B Divison.  In the relegation Match the Plainsmen will shoot against the winner of the B Division.


In the B League the Auckland Jaffas held the Manawatu Minnows to a close win of 6 - 4.  These scores were obtained without any bonus points by both teams.  The Juniors were very close to each other with only 7 points difference in their totals.

As per the Executive decision, all three teams will shoot in the final on the 30th of August .  All the best to all three teams for this night as this is the first final for the B League for this competition.

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2018 FINALS - 30th August

A-League Finals

First Division  

Waikato Thoroughbreds

    Manawatu Marauders (Host)

Second Division

Eastern Force
Southland Centurions (Host)


Promotion / Relegation 

The Plainsmen
Winner of 2nd Division (Host)


B-League Final

Manawatu Minnows
Mid Canterbury Titans
Auckland Jaffas