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Outdoor Postals 2018-19

April 15th 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018-19 Outdoor Postal Championships:

Note that the results have been amended on 16 April due to a Club sending in an incorrect result for one of their shooters.
Please take this as a reminder to both shooters and officials to ALWAYS check results before they are submitted. 

A Grade - Craig Cookson, Dunedin

B Grade - Chris Harrison, Southern Hawkes Bay

C Grade – Clare Bramley, Taranaki

D Grade – Peter Youren, Hawkes Bay

Veterans – David Baigent, Nelson

Combined Teams - Dunedin

And congratulations to our Top Ten scorers in the Individual Competition, each of whom will receive Marksman's Awards:

Chris Harrison, Craig Cookson, Rachel McLaren, Garry Rowlands, Gerald Corfield,
Kevin Bocock, Daivd Baigent, Ruth McNair, Kirsten Birrell, David Green.


Medals, datebars and shooter payouts will be sent to Outdoor Clubs soon.