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NDC 2019

August 12th 2019



NDC 2019 - Semi-Final RESULTS

In the A League Divison One, Manawatu Marauders come out on top of Hutt Valley Hawks with a good 14 - 1 Win.   A 200.15 was shot by Jack Cavanagh for a good bonus point for the Manawatu Team.   Also Mia Welsh-Duffin collected a bonus point of 100.6 in the Juniors squad for Hutt Valley Hawks.   The Waikato Thoroughbreds also had a good 13 - 0 Win over Eastern Force.

In the A League Division Two The Plainsmen also had a good 13 - 0 win over Southland Centurions.  In the Nelson Gunz vs Marlborough Suns challenge things were a lot closer with Nelson overcoming Marlborough 9 -5.  Nelson Junior Katherine Butt gained a bonus point in the Junior Squad with a 100.5. 

Well done to all the teams in the Semi Finals, but now it comes down to the Final Divison 1 Waikato Thoroughbreds V Manawatu Marauders and in Divison 2 Plainsmen V Nelson Gunz.


The B League Semi-Final was shot with all three teams competing.  The Titans and Jaffas had a really close competition with the Titans ahead by 2 points in the Open Squad and also ahead by 1 point in the Graded Squad.  This was real close shooting and as these two teams are in the Final, it should be a very interesting competition.


Good luck to all the teams shooting in the FINAL on 29th August.

Doug, NDC Co-ordinator




2019  FINALS - 29th  August

A-League  1st  Division Final  

   Waikato Thoroughbreds  vs
Manawatu Marauders  (Host)

A-League  2nd Division Final  

The Plainsmen  vs
Nelson Gunz  (Host)


A-League Promotion / Relegation 

Taranaki Hardcore
Winner of 2nd Division (Host)


B-League Final

The Titans vs
Auckland Jaffas (Host)