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Indoor Postal Results

September 25th 2019

Indoor Postal Results are now completed, and results for the Season's Aggregate and Inter-Association Postals can be found below.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and special thanks to the Club and Association Secretaries who have to coordinate all the shooters and get scores in on time.

Apologies for these results being a little later than usual this year, this was due to the difficulty of getting targets into the TSNZ office for the usual random checks. 
Next year all shooters please make sure you leave your Postal targets with the Secretaries - do not take them home.

 2019 Season's Aggregate Postal Winners:

Master Grade – Roy Herbison

A Grade – Robbie McNair

B Grade – Shaun Jeffery

C Grade – Abby Pierce

D Grade – Antoine Pol-Simon

 2019 Inter-Association Postal Winners:

Open - Auckland

A Grade - Manawatu

B Grade - Waikato

C Grade - Manawatu

D Grade - Waikato

Juniors - Manawatu

Women - Waikato

Veterans - Manawatu

CONGRATULATIONS  to the Top Ten Scorers from the Season's Aggregate competition,
these will receive Marksmans Badges / Datebars:

Roy Herbison – 991.66

Chris Harrison – 990.65

Doug Gibson – 988.63

Kirsten Birrell – 988.60

Neil Kinsey – 986.59

Peter McCallum – 985.52

Robbie McNair – 984.52

Samantha Riddle – 983.55

Gordon Wright – 983.49

Shaun Jeffery – 982.54

Medals and datebars will be sent out to Associations and Clubs soon, and  all Prize money will be paid out to Associations and Clubs
so this can be distributed to the shooters.