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Outdoor Nationals

February 18th 2020


Some tips for the upcoming Outdoor Nationals

TRADING - contact Ruth BEFORE Saturday 22nd if you'd like something from TSNZ Trading brought along to Tokoroa for you.   
Ruth will be bringing some stock over but can't bring it all this trip, so get in touch if advance if you want something special.


HATS - the Tokoroa range faces into the sun in the afternoon squads,
so permission has been granted for those shooting in the Island Match at 3pm to wear hats with long peaks and flaps if they want to. 
These are the old-style ones that everyone used to wear before ISSF rules came into play. 
This is allowable as the Island Match is not a Designated Match, so if you think that you might be in the North Island or South Island teams,
go and dig out your old hat to bring along just in case.


AMMUNITION  -  if you want to buy any particular ammo at Tokoroa please contact Bruce Marchant BEFORE Saturday 22nd so he can be sure to bring it for you. 


SK PISTOL MATCH - TSNZ was kindly provided some SK Pistol Match to test, many thanks to Robbie and Val who performed the testing for us. 
At $220 per thousand it looks like this is going to be a great cost-effective option,
and we will have some for sale at the Nationals for those who want to give it a go.