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Outdoor Nationals

February 24th 2020

The 2020 Outdoor Nationals continued into Day 2 with the Marathon event of shooting – the 3P.  This involves 40 shots kneeling, 40 shots prone, and 40 shots standing, all taking a total of 3 ¼ hours.  Those who make it through to the Final then have another 15 shots in each position to shoot before the final winner is known.  With the match start at 9.30am conditions were cool and breezy and didn’t really heat up until after midday.  With 4 shooters in each of the Men’s and Women’s events, all 8 progressed to the Final.  

Congratulations to Owen Bennett for taking out Gold in the Men’s Match, and Meaghan Reesby for Gold in the Women’s Match.



day 2 _ 5.jpg


day 2 _ 7.jpg


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day 2 _ 11.jpg



The Benchrest competition also started on Day 2, with the first 4 shooters braving the blustery conditions.  The extra wind flags allowed in this event make the range very busy and quite different to the prone range.  Marking was helped along by the ingenious digital microscope system Graeme Smith brought along to the match.  Benchrest shooters have three 25-shot matches to shoot over 4 days, so it will be three more days before the final results are known.



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