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Outdoor Nationals

February 26th 2020

Day 4 in Tokoroa was HOT HOT HOT.  Swirly breezes, shifting mirage, sun and heat – the joys of outdoor shooting.  The second part of the Graded Match was shot today, with the C and D Graders going first at 9.30, followed by A Graders at 11.30 and then B Graders at 1.30.   While the conditions may not have looked difficult, there were a lot of quick decisions to be made to get the match finished in time, and some found it a challenge.  No doubt every Squad thought the others had it easier than they did.


Congratulations to the top scorers for the day:

A Grade – Shania Harrison-Lee
B Grade – Dean Fincham
C Grade – Shaun Jeffery
D Grade – Bayley Rowe


The results from the two days of Graded Matches are combined for the Graded Aggregate competition.  Congratulations to the Graded Aggregate winners for 2020:

A Grade – Shania Harrison-Lee
B Grade – Jim Dann
C Grade – Shaun Jeffery
D Grade – Rudolf Britz



Benchrest continued with their third day of competition today.  The benchrest shooters also found the conditions tricky, with very small changes in the wind and mirage making for big changes in sighting through their scopes.  They still have one further day to go tomorrow until final results will be out.



And sorry, no new photos today - it was just too hot to get the camera out!