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Outdoor Nationals

February 28th 2020

Day 6 and only one day to go at the 2020 Outdoor Nationals in Tokoroa.  The womens International Randle Match was the first on the programme today, with the 12 shooters facing calm conditions – that is, after the fog lifted.  This is the first time NZ has fielded a Randle team since 1984, and all the shooters, coaches and supporters thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  This was a real learning curve for many, as NZ shooters don’t often get to shoot the 50 yard and 100 yard distances.  Many thanks to the ground team who wrangled the target frames and backing boards.  Scores will be forwarded to the USA later this year and are being kept tightly under wraps until then.



day 6 _ 2.jpg


day 6 _ 9.jpg


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day 6 _ 5.jpg



The Men’s National Championship Qualification match started soon after that.  Conditions were light but fickle, and some good scores resulted.  The top 8 shooters progressed to the Final, which was won by our Australian visitor David Wright, only 1.5 ahead of our local lad, Martin Hunt. 



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day 6 _ 4.jpg


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The day finished with the North Island vs South Island Match, with 11 shooters from each Island shooting shoulder-to-shoulder.  By now the wind had picked up, along with the ever-present mirage.  The heckling from one Island to the other was quite entertaining, and taken in great spirits.  With the match being at 3pm shooters were almost in the sun and temperatures were well over 30 degrees.  Congratulations to the North Island for their win.



The final day of the Nationals tomorrow will be International matches, starting with the Slazenger/Wakefield match, followed by Juniors shooting in the Drew event.  The last shoot will be the Inter-Association match where anything goes – shooters coach and scope for each other and sledging is encouraged.







Dinner and presentations are at the Sizzling Bull in Tokoroa – team photos start at 5.30 so be there in good time wearing your No 1s.    Dinner is at 7pm.