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NDC 2020

March 6th 2020

2020 NDC


Entry forms for the 2020 NDC competition were emailed out to Association Secretaries along with other Association Pack items on 6th March. 
Entries are due back in by 31st March.


(Note - Rules amended 10.3.20 to show a correct B-League Handicap example)


NDC Rule changes for 2020

Following feedback received from Associations who took part in the B-League competition in 2019 there have been some changes made, and  the B-League competition is now much more similar to the A-League but with smaller team sizes.   This should balance out the competition for those Associations who have fewer lower grade shooters.

There is also now a requirement to send in a timestamped photo of team names with results - this needs to be taken BEFORE shooting, so that it is clear that shooters and their teams have been named in advance of shooting.

All changes are highlighted in yellow in the 2020 NDC RULES and ENTRY FORM above.




Dates for 2020 NDC Matches:

Round 1 - 23rd April
Round 2 - 14th May
Round 3 - 4th June
Round 4 - 25th June
Round 5 - 16th July
Semi-Finals - 6th August
Finals & Relegation/Promotion - 27th August