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Website Logins

March 6th 2020

If you are having problems logging into our website to get into the MEMBERS section, the first thing you need to do is check your browser.  If you are using EDGE you will need to change to something else such as Internet Explorer or Chrome.  For some reason the website will not function properly using EDGE, and despite trying, there's no clear way to fix this.

If you are have done this and are still having problems, or if EDGE is not your issue, please contact Jackie at the TSNZ Office and you can get your password re-set : targetshootingnz@xtra.co.nz / 06 353 0609 / 022 313 0609


The 2020 indoor gradings showing on your Members login page are in the process of being updated, so please don't worry if it still shows your 2019 grade.  The best way to check grades, or to see if your 2020 membership has been updated, is to go to the MEMBERS / ADMINISTRATION page for the most current TSNZ Membership list.