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Covid-19 Statement Update

March 23rd 2020


TSNZ Executive - Covid-19 Statement 23/03/20 


Hello to our Associations, Clubs and members, 


Firstly, the TSNZ Executive hope you are all safe and well, despite the chaotic week we have all experienced. The country has gone from 6 COVID-19 cases last Monday to over 100 cases in a week. The Government has instituted new Alert levels and in one day, we will all be in personal isolation with many workplaces and schools closed for the next four weeks. 

With less than 600 ICU beds available across NZ, it is vitally important that we listen to and follow the Government instructions for the ultimate benefit of our communities. 

The real unknown for all of us is how long will it take us to recover and resume normal life. Some are hoping for a few weeks, others a few months while the likely scenario is for many months. 

Your Executive does not have a magic ball to advise us, so our best guess is that we will be affected for many months with no end date to the restrictions currently known. Our responsibility is firstly for the safety of our members, your families and our communities.

Events - Consequently, we need to confirm the status of all our competitions and events.

 The following TSNZ events are now cancelled for 2020:

  • North versus South Island match

  • Secondary Schools Nationals

  • Secondary Schools Postals

  • NDC – All rounds

  • Junior Development Squad – all Camps in 2020

  • Coaching Courses

  • TSNZ Team Postals


These events are currently on hold (including entries) but will be reviewed at a later date:

  • TSNZ Individuals Postals

  • National Indoor Championship


Non TSNZ events for 2020 include:

  • Teams of Ten - Postponed indefinitely

  • Andrew & Faulkner - Cancelled


Recommendations to Clubs and Associations

  • Alert level 4 requires that ALL ranges close and in-person meetings cease.

  • All Interclub matches should be cancelled this year

  • All Club Opens should be cancelled this year


TSNZ strongly recommends all team events for 2020 are cancelled to avoid putting pressure on team members to attend against their better judgement.

 As the situation is changing very rapidly, the Executive will continue to monitor the situation with the hope to resume some shooting when advised via the Alert level. We are meeting frequently online to ensure that we are able to respond as quickly as possible whenever the situation changes.


We will also be looking for possible programmes to keep everyone in the shooting loop. This may include some remote coaching programs, dry training guides, and possible postals matches when the alert level drops and ranges are able to open again.

 Our sport is not only at risk from Covid-19 and new legislation, our overall numbers have been dropping each year. With the pressure on clubs and shooting this year, we ALL need to work extremely hard to retain all of our current members and maintain contact with them, even if they are not attending club nights, etc. With all of this extra time now on your hands this season, the Executive would suggest that members really set their mind to thinking of and sharing ways in which clubs and associations can start to build membership. We should be planning to implement these ideas ready for next season. Please, share your ideas with our Executive Officer so we can help all clubs.


Always remember to practise personal safety and keep well. 



TSNZ Executive