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2020 Fees and Affiliations

March 26th 2020

The TSNZ Executive understands that a major issue for Members, Clubs and Associations will be what fees they will be expected to pay for the 2020 season. The Executive is currently looking at all aspects of this, and expects to have information available later next week.

Issues being taken into account are wide-ranging, and will include the reduced competition programme, the impact of Covid-19 closures on incomes, reductions in TSNZ expenditure being made wherever possible, and non-negotiable ongoing costs such as insurance, audit and bank fees.  The duration of the lock down will also need to be taken into account and may force decisions to be changed at a later date.

No doubt you will agree that it’s very important that TSNZ be in a position to continue to promote and support our sport once things return to normal, and so whatever is decided for 2020 must allow this to happen.  The Executive need some time to make the best decision, and will advise the outcome as soon as possible.