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2020 Membership Fees

April 1st 2020

Hello to our Associations, Clubs and Members,    

After the first week of lockdown, the TSNZ Executive hopes you are all safe, well, and coping with life within your bubble.  

We appreciate that the lockdown phase and the period after will have a major impact on normal life and everyone's finances and we thank you for your patience as we work through the issues confronting all of us. 

Having already cancelled many TSNZ events and recommending team shoots and Opens are also cancelled, many of you are wondering what is left of the indoor season and why you should pay any subscriptions, especially as many may be on reduced incomes. 

Like you, TSNZ has numerous expenses every month, including insurances and bank fees, as well as annual costs such as audits and the AGM. We are now actively working to minimise our costs going forward. 

TSNZ provides its members a range of services and functions beyond the many competitions throughout the year.  

First, TSNZ provides day to day management of the members, clubs and associations, indoor and outdoor competitions, ammunition and targets, public liability insurance, plus our Trading arm and the office (which currently remains open). 

Secondly, TSNZ provides control and support through our Constitution. In particular, guidance and training for Range inspections, Range Officer courses and competition rules. 

Thirdly, TSNZ provides our active Website, coaching courses and material for all members from the Junior Development Squad, our Club Instructors programme and shortly, our Level One Coaching programme. This programme is planned to be available as an online programme in the near future. 

We are also hopeful that after the current Level 4 lockdown period that we may be able to resume Club shooting. If that is the case, TSNZ will work on providing some form of postal competitions for members. 

Target shooting is also facing some significant challenges after COVID-19, namely the pending Arms Legislation Bill, which the 2019 AGM agreed to spend money to oppose. TSNZ has been an active voice for target shooters and Clubs and we need to continue this process, particularly as we lead up to an election. 

Consequently, for TSNZ to survive and remain financially viable, we need your support, now more than ever. 

Given the situation we now face, the Executive has unanimously agreed to offer a 25% discount on the 2020 TSNZ membership fees (not including Social membership), with the payment due date extended by a month to 31st May 2020. However, if you are able to pay the full fees, we would appreciate your support in this difficult time. 

Without your support this year there will be a significant impact on our financial position. With your support, the Executive believes we will make through to 2021. 

Please do renew your TSNZ membership online as soon as possible, and actively encourage other members to do the same! Our office is still open and is available to help our members, as necessary. 

Thank you. 

TSNZ Executive


2020 Membership fees - the detail:   

The 25% reduction in 2020 Membership fees results in the following:

          Full Member - $75
          1st Year Full Member - $45
          Junior Member - $45
          Veteran Member - $52.50
          Family Member - $52.50
          Restricted Member - $37.50
          Social Member - no change

Any shooter who has already paid fees that cover the 2020 Indoor season (including Outdoor and Air rifle shooters) can apply for the discount by contacting the TSNZ office.  Refunds of the 25% will be made into Members' bank accounts, so please provide a bank account number for this.

And of course any shooter who chooses to pay the usual undiscounted fee has the sincere thanks of TSNZ.

Due Date - Membership forms and fees are now due in by 31st May.

Club and Association Affiliation fees remain as normal.


CLICK HERE FOR A PRINT version of the Membership Form


Why become a Member of TSNZ?

For a small annual fee TSNZ Members receive the following benefits:

• Full support of TSNZ in all shooting matters;

• Eligibility to shoot in all TSNZ events eg NDC, Open Championships, National Indoor Champs,
Indoor/Outdoor/Air Rifle Postals;

• Eligibility to be selected and shoot for TSNZ and NZ representative teams;

• National awards and public recognition for shooting and administrative achievements;

• Use of TSNZ shooting ranges and facilities (some local charges may apply);

• Access to TSNZ Coaching events, funding and resources, some for free;

• Access to TSNZ Ammunition Agents NZ-wide for ammunition purchases with minimal freight costs;

• Cost benefits of bulk purchasing of ammunition;

• Member Log-in status on TSNZ website for Members-only resources;

• Free access to For Sale/To Buy website advertising placement;

• Ability to take part in feedback and surveys to help shape TSNZ’s future path;

• Ability to stand for office in TSNZ elections;

• Liability cover as offered by the NZSF/TSNZ Insurance Scheme.

Become a Full, Veteran, Junior or Family Member of TSNZ
to receive all these great benefits
and take your shooting to new heights.