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Championship Matches

May 22nd 2020


The 2020 Indoor Championship season has been severely impacted by the Covid-19 restrictions placed by the NZ Government on travel, gathering sizes and physical distancing.


Due to these restrictions it is not practical to hold any Championship matches until NZ enters Alert Level 1.


Proposed changes to the North Island and South Island Championship calendars (below) were shared with Clubs and Associations on 13th May,
with matches missed at the start of the season in April and May being transferred to the end of the season, in September, October and November. 
This was only a suggestion, and feedback was called for:

North Island Calendar - draft changes - now scrapped                  
South Island Calendar - draft changes - now scrapped

The few comments that were received all suggested that extending the season into October/November is not practical, giving some or all of the following reasons:

  • Clubs are re-starting at different times during Alert Level 2, with some deciding to not start at all until Alert Level 1
  • timing of changing to Alert Level 1 is unknown
  • the smaller ranges would have great difficulty managing required physical distancing, meaning very long days for organisers
  • the later matches clash with Outdoor shooting and other summer sports
  • it's too hot for indoor shooting by October/November
  • as scores no longer count towards Ranking for the North/South match, entry numbers could be very low
  • older members and those with health issues are in the at-risk group for Covid-19 so wouldn't attend 
  • indoor shooters wouldn't get their usual summer break and so may not be as enthusiastic to return to shooting in 2021

The Executive discussed this feedback at their ZOOM meeting on 21st May
and have agreed that the concerns given are valid and those proposed draft Calendar changes (above) will now be scrapped.



So what now, for 2020 Championships?

Organisers of the matches in the calendar for the future will be contacted and asked what they would prefer to do.  Options are:

Keep the date as planned and run as normal should Alert Level 1 be underway

Cancel for 2020

Postpone, and if so to what preferred date

Run the match as a postal/online version


Organisers of the matches that have already been missed will be contacted and asked what they would prefer to do.  Options are:

Remain cancelled for 2020

Reschedule, and if so to what preferred date

Run the match as a postal/online version.


From this information TSNZ will then be able to update the Website calendar with confirmed dates and events, and

changes will be advised as they are confirmed.


CHAMPIONSHIP Matches confirmed with DATE CHANGES  -  as at 22 May:

Hawkes Bay & Hastings Opens - were 30th & 31st May - now 15th & 16th AUGUST


CHAMPIONSHIP Matches confirmed as POSTAL EVENTS - as at 22 May:


Wanganui Open - was 20th June

Shoot 3 x 10-shot cards on your home range
between 21st and 27th June. 
Entries close 20th June.
  Entry fee $15 for all grades. 
Results to paul.turner@tsw.net.nz by 3pm 27th June.

   WANGANUI OPEN 2020 - Notice

WANGANUI OPEN 2020 - Results Sheet 


Canterbury Champs - was 13th June

 Shoot 3 x 10-shot strings
between 20th and 26th July. 
Entries to ctsa.secretary1@gmail.com by 13th July. 
Entry fee $20 per person. 
Results to ctsa.secretary1@gmail.com by 5pm 27th July



CANTERBURY CHAMPS 2020 - Results Sheet