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North Island vs Scotland

September 14th 2020

Congratulations to the North Island shooters who have been selected to shoot in the match
against Scotland on 20th September.

If for any reason you will not be able to shoot, please let Janet Hunt know immediately so Emergency and On Call shooters can be arranged.


2020 North Island Junior Team

Nikita Cheesman
Steph McNair
Abby Pierce
Meggy Reesby
Briar Summerhays


Aidan Lynch
Samual Wilde

On Call

Nathan Allison
James Gray
David Reesby
Caley McNair
Patrick Fulton

2020 North Island Open Team

Meredith Ackrill
Owen Bennett
Jack Cavanagh
Paul Crimp
Helen Freiman
Jonothan Gill
Roy Herbison
Janet Hunt
Martin Hunt
Neil Kinsey
Robbie McNair
Ruth McNair
Dave Miller
David Thompson
Allison Archer


Alan Dickson
Brad Pierce

On Call

Patrick Power
David Green
Dave Edmonds
Paul Crimp
Steve White