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April 28th 2021


Membership forms and fees have been flowing in over the past few days literally by the hundreds, with everyone seeming to have the due date of 30th April in mind.  This can cause quite some difficulty in matching up forms with fees, so please check the lists below.


There are a lot of payments that have gone into the TSNZ account that seem to have no Membership Forms to go with them yet.  Surnames are:

 Hill, Mills, Salmon x 2, Clarke, Archer, Bergh, Carmichael, Ruiterman, Knight, Clifford, Ling.


There are also Membership Forms received that seem to have no payments to go with them yet.  Surnames are:

 Burt, Rankin.


If this is you, or your Club Members, please either send in forms / payments asap, or get in touch with the TSNZ Office if you think your forms / payments have been missed.


Note that North vs South Nominations are ONLY VALID if BOTH the form and fee have been received at the TSNZ Office by 30th April, so don't delay.