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Teams of Ten 2021

May 18th 2021

The 60th Anniversary North Island Teams of Ten event was held in Palmerston North on 15th May.  Many thanks to the Manawatu Association for running this event so well. 
All teams that enter are in the competition for the Rees Scroll, while those teams that ranked below #10 in the previous year’s Teams of Ten match also compete for the Jim Hart Trophy.


CONGRATULATONS to the 2021 winners at Teams of Ten:

 Rees Scroll - Manawatu 1

 Jim Hart Trophy – Hutt Valley 2


Top Five Shooters:

Ryan Taylor                          Horowhenua                        398.26
Brittany Turner                   Hutt Valley 1                        397.26
Meredith Ackrill                  Wellington 1                        396.25
Duncan Carmichael           Hutt Valley 1                        396.22
Jack Cavanagh                    Manawatu 1                        395.28


Top Scorers in each Team:

Manawatu 1                        Jack Cavanagh                    395.28
Waikato 1                             Roy Herbison                       395.21
Hutt Valley 1                        Brittany Turner                   397.26
Wellington 1                        Meredith Ackrill                  396.25
Horowhenua                        Ryan Taylor                          398.26
Taranaki                                Dave Fake                             394.22
Auckland                               Samantha Riddle                394.22
Manawatu 2                        Briar Summerhays              393.19
Southern Hawkes Bay       Stephanie McNair              393.19
Wanganui                             Peter Lissington                  392.20
Hutt Valley 2                        Daryl May                             390.17
Wellington 2                        Kelly Burdon                        390.19
Hawkes Bay                         Kirsten Birrell                      393.19
Wairarapa                            Ben Turner                           391.16
Waikato 2                             Neil Harris                            388.15



rees scroll 2.jpg
Rees Scroll 2021 - MANAWATU 1


jim hart 2.jpg
Jim Hart Trophy 2021 - HUTT VALLEY 2


The 2022 TEAMS OF TEN event will be hosted by Taranaki Association and held at the Okoia Range in Wanganui.