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July 23rd 2021

NDC Round 5,  22nd July


This proved a difficult round for many teams what with the awful weather on the night, and shooters pulling out in advance meaning some teams having to re-draw several times before shooting even started. There were also two issues after teams had started meaning that Emergencies had to be pulled in - this is what Emergencies are for, however it highlighted that there is actually no mention in the Rules (NDC or Indoor) on when and how Emergencies can be called up to shoot. This will be looked at in the usual post-NDC review.

A-LEAGUE -  In Division 1 there were some great points totals from Waikato Thoroughbreds and Eastern Force in this round with them gaining 13 points each, although it took a double-header from Eastern Force to earn their total. Manawatu were close behind on 11.  Congratulatons to those with 200s in this round - Jack Cavanagh and Janet Hunt from Manawatu in their doubles, and Stephanie McNair (Eastern Force) with her two 100s in the Junior section.

DIVISION 1 Semi-Final is Waikato Thoroughbreds (HOST) vs Manawatu Marauders, and Wellington Tigers (HOST) vs Hutt Valley Hawks. 

Division 2 saw The Plainsmen earn top points (15) in this round, which was enough to pull them ahead of Taranaki Tigers. With only 2 points between places 3 and 4, it's was a close race at that level too.  Congratulations to Katrina Quigley for her 200, and to Martyn Quigley for the only 100 in the Juniors for this round.

DIVISION 2 Semi-Final is Southland Centurions (HOST) vs The Plainsmen, and Marlborough Suns (HOST) vs Taranaki Tigers.


B-LEAGUE - Well done to Otago Blue & Gold in this round, earning the most points in total. Titans and Otago B&G filled the Top Scores placings too, which had the top 4 only separated by count-back and inners.  Both the Titans and Otago Blue & Gold continue to dominate over the Hutt Valley Wasps, although this is not surprising considering Hutt Valley are also fielding a team in the A League, while the others only have B-League teams to fill.  Congratulations to Dave Thomson (Titans) with 100.08 in the first part of his double, and Peter McCallum
(Otago Blue & Gold) also with 100.08 in his single card - these were the only 100s shot in this round.

B-LEAGUE Semi-Final -  The Titans, Otago Blue & Gold and Hutt Valley Wasps all compete with points starting from zero, and the top 2 teams going into the Final. 


Many thanks to all teams who have competed in the 2021 NDC and good luck to the Semi-Final shooters.