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August 13th 2021

NDC Semi-Final  12th August 

A-League - While the Total Team scores may not show it, in Division One this was a hard-fought Semifinal, with only 4 - 5 points between some of the teams, and only inners separating others. The Waikato / Manawatu match came down to a point difference of only 1, the closest result in quite some time.  There were a lot of BONUS points earned in Division One this round - WELL DONE to Helen Freiman and Martin Hunt (both Manawatu) and Pratik Tailor (Wellington) for their 200s, and to Juniors Aedan Gillgren and Abby Pierce (Waikato) and Briar Summerhays (Manawatu) for their 100s.  Abby even doubled up for TWO 100s - fantastic shooting Abby.

Divison 2 scores weren't quite as close, with Taranaki Tigers and The Plainsmen taking clear leads over their opponents. No Bonuses earned in Division 2 this round either, but some good shooting nevertheless.

 So this leaves Welllington Tigers (Hosts) against Waikato Thoroughbreds in the A-League Division One Final, and the Divison Two Final is Taranaki Tigers (Hosts) against The Plainsmen.

In the Promotion / Relegation match Nelson Gunz will go up against the winners of the Division Two Final.

The B-League Semi-Final saw The Titans and Otago Blue and Gold both overpower the Hutt  Valley Wasps, to end up only one Team Point apart. With Hutt Valley also having their A-League  team to fill, it must have been a tough job being the Hutt Valley Selector this season!  No Bonus points earned in the Semi-Final, but the top scores were all very close, so well
done to those shooters.

The B-League Final will see The Titans (Hosts) against Otago Blue and Gold, and based on this week's shoot, it's still anybody's match!