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North Island v Scotland

September 1st 2021

Many thanks to those who nominated this year and congratulations to those who have made either the Open or Junior team. Covid 19 permitting the match will be held on Sunday 26th September 2021.  Practice will be from 8.30am with the first squad starting at 9.30am.

Just to recap, the match for those who have not shot it before, it is 2x 20 shot match on the TSNZ targets.  There are unlimited sighters (you can't go back to the sighter diagram once you have fired your first counter) and unlimited time, but all the old hands will tell you to treat it like a normal 20 shot match.  There are  4 squads and we try to get the presentations and photos completed by lunchtime. This gives those who have travelled time to get back home.


Janet Hunt
North Island Secretary



Ryan Taylor
Martin Hunt
Janet Hunt
Grant Taylor
Neil Kinsey
Roy Herbison
David Fake
Helen Freiman
Tony Beaver
Ruth McNair
Robbie McNair
Dave Miller
Jeanette Kinsey
Jess Burgess-Smith
Patrick Power

Trevor Jupp
Owen Bennett

On Call:
Allison Archer
Colin Harper


Stephanie McNair
Briar Summerhays
Shaun Jeffery
Megan Brodie
Abby Pierce

Aedan Gillgren
Xavier Hintz

On Call:
Caley McNair