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Teams of Ten - Postponed

March 22nd 2022

Taranaki have made the decision that the Teams for Ten 2022 will be POSTPONED to the 27th AUGUST 2022

Taranaki recognises this event as a pinnacle for many shooters and a meet which is seen as a great opportunity for shooters to represent their Association at a North Island wide event.  The social interaction that takes part at such a meet is also an integral part of growth and development within the sport.

The spread of Omicron continues – and affecting people of all ages in varying degrees.   Whilst  the modellers used by the Government believe  that Auckland region may have reached its peak, other regions have not and numbers continue to spread;  combined with the apparent “long tail” that Covid is displaying,  and the opening of borders, there is still a huge natural reservation regarding the inter action between regions at such a meet.   It is accepted that many of us will  get the virus, but like anything,  avoiding It is still the preferred option.

It is hoped that by this date, that delay of three/four months will hopefully see the spread flatten out and life return to a status of what will become the “new normal” but at least allowing events such as this to be held in its intended format without restriction