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TSNZ Executive Officer Announcement

July 22nd 2022


Executive Officer announcement - 22 July 2022


Last year Evan Little was appointed as our new Executive Officer to replace the long-serving Jackie Lindsay on her retirement.  It was recognised that any replacement would find it difficult to replace Jackie.  While Evan has all the skills necessary for the role and a vision of how to improve  and simplify the work, over time, he has found that the combination of learning the
role and keeping up with the workload difficult.  Combined with the significant website issues we have experienced this year and a dose of COVID-19, Evan has acknowledged that he needs assistance to keep on  track and has also indicated that he would like to relinquish the administration duties,  moving forward.

The Executive has addressed this issue by appointing Jackie Lindsay as our  temporary Executive Officer until the end of October 2022, until we can find a  replacement person to fill the role. Jackie will assume all the normal Executive  Officer duties, and from Wednesday 27th July can be contacted normally via TSNZ’s  usual email and phone.  The Executive would like to thank Jackie for her selfless offer to help TSNZ over the  next few months.

We will be advertising the Executive Officer position, shortly.

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Steve O’Donnell
Hon. President
Target Shooting NZ Inc.