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NDC Semi-Final

August 15th 2022

Congratulations to the six teams who made it through the NDC Semi-Finals on Thursday last week.

Full results can be found on the INDOOR / NDC page.


NDC FINALS Draw for 1st September:

A League, Division 1
 The Eastern Force  v Waikato Thoroughbreds (Host)

A League, Division 2
Taranaki Tigers  v Marlborough Suns (Host)

B League
The Titans v  Auckland Jaffas (Host)


The PROMOTION / RELEGATION match in the A League (1st September)
will be a three-way match this year between Wellington Tigers and Canterbury Snipers from Division One
and the Winner of the Division Two Final between Marlborough Suns and Taranaki Tigers.

Only the ONE winner of the three teams will be in Division One next year, with the other two being in Division Two.
This is so the teams can be evened out to 6 in each Division, meaning fewer byes and double-headers,
and all shooters having the same number of matches to go towards Individual awards.