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Air Rifle Results

September 20th 2022

Air Rifle


Marlborough Air Rifle Champs 2022

This event was held as a stand-alone event on 18-19 September this year, and was a move away from the usual Labour Weekend date when it  had previously been shot combined with the 50m outdoor matches.   It was great to see so many entries, and also so many new shooters and Juniors entering to have a go on the Sius electronic targets.

Congratulations to the GOLD MEDAL winners for each event:

Badge Match Men -  Adrian Black         
Badge Match Women - Jess Burgess-Smith

Championship Match Men - Adrian Black       
Championship Match Women - Jess Burgess-Smith




TSNZ 2022 Air Rifle Challenge

Results are out for the AUGUST match.

It's great to see some more keen Air Rifle shooters join in on the annual TSNZ Air Rifle Challenge competition.
Since there are sections for new shooters as well as Juniors, this is a great way to enter into the competition spirit 
in your own section and get some match experience.

  CLICK HERE for a PDF of the Results.

v2 air rifle challenge 2022 _ results _ august.jpg