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Firearms Registry

May 16th 2023


As of 24 June 2023, New Zealand will have a new Firearms Registry. The Arms Amendment Regulations were published on Thursday 11 May and provide the details on how the Registry will work.

If you're a firearms licence holder, you’re required to provide information about your arms items from 24 June 2023. 

The Registry will help us make New Zealand safer by making it harder for firearms to fall into the hands of criminals, gangs, and terrorists.

It will also give licence holders more confidence when buying or selling firearms as the Registry will let you know if you're dealing with a current licence holder and if the firearm has been reported stolen. 

You must tell us about any arms items in your possession within 5 years.

There will be no charge for registering your arms items.

You have until 24 June 2028 to register your arms items. However, there are activating circumstances where you will need to provide information to the Registry within a shorter time frame. When one of these circumstances happen, we’ll let you know what you need to do. However, it’s up to you to keep your information up to date.

Go to www.firearmssafetyauthority.govt.nz/registry for more information.

Examples of circumstances where you will need to provide information to the Registry within a shorter time frame

  • Applying for a licence or endorsement
  • Notifying us of a change of circumstance, such as a change of address
  • Selling, hiring, purchasing or receiving an arms item
  • Importing, exporting or manufacturing an arms item
  • Theft, loss or destruction of an arms item
  • You are subject to any compliance or enforcement action under the Arms Act.

What needs to be registered

  • non-prohibited firearms (including Specially Dangerous Airguns) 
  • prohibited firearms 
  • pistols  
  • restricted weapons.  

Details needed to register your arms items

  • Type (rifle, shotgun, etc)
  • Make 
  • Model 
  • Action 
  • Calibre/gauge 
  • Identifying marking (serial number)

Register online from 24 June 2023

You can quickly and easily register an arms item on our website at any time from 24 June. Just go to www.firearmssafetyauthority.govt.nz and click on MyFirearms. Otherwise, our Registry and Services team will be available by phone to help during business hours.

For more information on Te Tari Pūreke | Firearms Safety Authority and any legislative or regulation changes that may affect you, go to www.firearmssafetyauthority.govt.nz


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