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North v South information

June 28th 2023

2023 North v South
Christchurch, 18-20 August 


Hosts Christchurch Target Shooting have now provided information for the 2023 North v South event, to be held at the Drayton Range in Bangor St.

There is a fairly major change to the usual in that the Veterans and Junior teams are timetabled to shoot on the Friday afternoon.

This has been done for two reasons:

Firstly, to address the valid concerns that have been raised in the last few years about shooters who compete across 3 island teams.  Rather than limit them to only nominate for 2 teams, this allows some of that shooting to be split up, so that they are not having such a big day on the Saturday, and so that they can give it their best across all teams.

Secondly, CTSA believe that this may encourage other Associations to put up their hand as hosts.  Cramming the full event into a single day requires a big range with many mounds that functions smoothly, there is no doubt about that.  Splitting it up not only allows for an easier couple of days but also allows for smaller ranges with fewer mounds to take it on.

There will be the opportunity following the event for everyone to provide feedback on the change.