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NDC Semi-Final Results

August 11th 2023


NDC Semi-Final RESULTS - 11 August


What a night!  There were 12 teams competing in semi finals across the 3 leagues.  There were 31x 100's shot, with oh so close 299's shot by Shania Harrison-Lee (299.23, who split her 100's so didn't gain a bonus point), Martin Hunt (299.20) and Chris Harrison (299.18) who gained bonus points for their teams.


The Finalists for this 2023 NDC season are:

A League Division 1 - Plainsmen vs Eastern Force

A League Division 2 - Wellington Tigers vs Canterbury Snipers

Promotion relegation match will be the winners of Division 2 vs Hutt Valley Hawkes.

B League - The Titans vs The Jaffas


A League, Division 1 - Although Martin Hunt may have top scored for the evening with his 299.20, and his Open team took 5 points, the Manawatu Marauders could not quite pull off the win, and The Plainsmen are through to the Final, due to their Composite and Junior teams pulling off excellent wins.  Also through to the final is Eastern Force, who also did not have it all their own way.  Chris Harrison pulled out a 299.18, but this was not enough to pull off a clean sweep over the Waikato Thoroughbreds, with the Composite and Junior teams leading the way to the finals for Eastern Force.  The Final will be an entertaining match between The Plainsmen and Eastern Force. The Promotion/Relegation match will be between the Hutt Valley Hawkes and the winner of the second division match in the final.

A League Div 1 RESULTS


A League, Division 2 -  A dramatic tie between the Nelson Gunz and the Wellington Tigers - a 7-7 draw.  Out with the rule book to determine who is through to the Final against the Canterbury Snipers, who had a comprehensive win over the Taranaki Tigers.  Rule 9.3 Tie breaking - In the event of a Points Tie in the Semi Finals, the Total Team Score will determine the winner.  I declare that the Wellington Tigers will host the Canterbury Snipers in the Final.  The winner of the Finals will face the Hutt Valley Hawkes in the Promotion/Relegation match.

A League Div 2 RESULTS


B League -  In their first year in this competition, the Auckland Jaffas had a comprehensive win over the other first timers, Ellesmere Swans. The Titans did not quite have it all their own way, with the Wanganui Warriors composite team taking 4 points. With just one point between their teams scores, the final will be an exciting match to watch between The Jaffas and The Titans.


NDC Co-ordinator
Alison Fursdon