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North Island v Scotland

September 4th 2023

Congratulations to those named in the North Island teams vs Scotland and a thank you to everyone who nominated. The match is to be held in Palmerston North at the MSRA range  on Sunday 24th September 2023. The range will be open for practice at 8.30am with the 1st squad at 9.30am.


Open Team

Ryan Taylor
Grant Taylor
Dave Fake
Martin Hunt
JJanet Hunt
Neil Kinsey
Jason Cameron
Jeanette Kinsey
Kerry Williams
Tony Beaver
Meredith Ackrill
Wayne Garlick
Roy Herbison
Tony Bayler
Ruth McNair

David Belworthy
Robbie McNair

On Call
Brittany Turner



Junior Team

James Gray
Isaac Junc
Bryn Blacklaws
Caley McNair
Alex Stephens

Gracie Williams
Joshua Hayes

On Call
Toby Gyde
Alex Sharpe

The match is 2x20 shot cards with unlimited sighters and unlimited time. There will be 4 squads with presentations and photos to follow. For those of you travelling, we are usually finished by 12.30pm

As this is the 50th anniversary of this event there will be something to nibble on with your cup of tea.


Janet Hunt
(NI Secretary)