Next Generation Rifle rest with stand

Tripod NEW GENERATION ahg 461

- All alu parts are lighter and milled in futuristic design
- Extremely light by use of fiberglass-composite-tubes, 
- Extremely sturdy through sophisticated foot geometry and extending lever locking system
- Quick setup and dismounting by folding legs and lever locking system
- Space-saving storage in supplied bag, approx. 63 cm long
- Tripod can be placed very close to the stand due to thought-out foot geometry

The foot geometry with a rest on the side of the middle tube offers a minimum
of body turn when resting the gun. The ammo rest is designed to hold small bore rounds boxes
on one side and – turned over – the round tins of air rifle pellets or the famous shaker box. 
The ammo rest is also equipped with various holes in order to keep tools, e.g. hex key etc. 
The tripod can be expanded up to a height of 190 cm and adjusted infinitely, by pushing 
the tubes together it is quickly ready for use in kneeling position.

Total weight 1,49 kg

Item Number 461 

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