Optical Cap Winner 10.10 ahg 9453

This new optical cap Winner 10.10 unites the requirements of modern sighting technique with the demands to precision optics for sports shooters.

-   Not allowed for ISSF competition

Advantages of optical cap WINNER 10.10

The view takes place in the optical centre of the lens, providing
an ideal optical image.

The lens is fixed at an exact angle of 90° to the sighting line 
(the holder is cut from one piece and can be adjusted in length)

Astigmatism correction: balance of the head pitch by simply turning 
the glass holder (scaling)

No changes in the accustomed view through the rear sight by the 
closed, compact system

During transport the Winner 10.10 may remain on the gun thanks 
to a sturdy mounting base

Shooters with optical correction are virtually equal to shooters with 

Possible correction of any form of ametropia: higher correction of 
glasses and astigmatism

Addition of filter or second glass possible with additional filter cap

Easy exchange of optical glasses for various shooting disciplines

Distance to the eye individually adjustable (nominal distance: 12-14 mm)

Item Number 9453 


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