Your Trainings Buddy

Training buddy air rifle/ air pistol is a training booklet with 44 exercises in three performance levels in a practical spiral block (15 x 8 cm) that fits into every shooting bag.

** It may say air rifle or air pistol but great for Prone and 3P as well!

Your training buddy includes not only our favorite exercises, but also numerous newly developed tasks that appeal to both the hobby shooter and the professional. Exercises in four categories (technique, performance, special & game) and three performance levels (from a level ring average of 10.0 to 60 shots) will help you to make your shooting training varied, goal-oriented and challenging.

What you get:

- 44 creative, challenging and varied exercises that are always at hand

- Four different categories (technology, performance, special & game) for a targeted training

- 3 motivating performance levels, suitable for advanced to professional

- Countless combination options for tailor-made training

- Exercises developed by professional athletes and sports scientists

- Icons that help you estimate training time and scope on each map

- Inspiration for coaches and athletes

- The perfect companion for air rifle and air pistol training

What you need:

-  Courage to face new challenges

- Openness to new forms of training

- Motivation to get the most out of you

- Fancy a change in training

- Creativity to customize exercises to suit you if necessary

What you learn:

- You learn to set new goals

- Identify your strengths and weaknesses

- Work specifically at your weak points and strengthen your strengths

- Bring structure to your training

- Goal-oriented training


This is the perfect complement for my training and also demands me enormously as a top shooter. Precisely because I often train alone, the training buddy is ideal, because the training remains interesting and exciting.

Martin Strempfl ÖSB National Squad Shooter

For me as a trainer and especially for our young athletes an ingenious tool to set new stimuli in every training and to be able to bring in new ideas.

Wolfram Waibel Jr. Sporting Director ÖSB / VSB Head Coach


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