About Target Shooting New Zealand

Smallbore Target Rifle Shooting is a sport which can be enjoyed by male and female, young and old, able bodied and those with disabilities, people with good eyesight or those who wear glasses, in fact people from all walks of life.



TARGET SHOOTING NZ Inc manages and promotes the sport of smallbore (0.22 calibre) and air rifle (0.177 calibre) target shooting in NZ. 

We have around 1,000 members and assist our 120+ Clubs around NZ with administration, training, safety, publicity, and membership initiatives.  TSNZ runs local, NZ-wide, and International competitions and events, including those specifically for Secondary School students. 

Our events currently include 20yd and 25yd Indoor Prone, 50m Outdoor Prone, 50m Outdoor 3 Position (kneeling, standing and prone), Indoor and Outdoor Benchrest, and 10m Air Rifle for both able bodied and disabled shooters.   There are separate events for boys/men and girls/women as well as Open combined events. 

By being part of a TSNZ Club shooters learn firearms safety and become part of a well-regulated and safe environment, and groups such as businesses, Scouts/Guides and schools can also benefit from this by taking part in organised group introductory sessions.


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Shooter Pathways with TSNZ

Smallbore shooters in New Zealand range from social Club shooters to a few highly competitive international elite shooters.  If you want to simply be a social shooter that's great, and you are very welcome to enjoy our sport at that level.  However, if you want a challenge, look at the Shooters Pathway.

For a new person starting our sport, it is important to know that there is a pathway to becoming an elite shooter. All shooters start on this pathway and progress to a level that they are comfortable achieving and which relates to the effort they are prepared to make.  The speed of progress along the pathway is very variable. Some developing shooters may progress rapidly and become advanced shooters in just a few years, while others may take longer, with a year or  more in each grade.

Progression is often a factor of coaching. TSNZ has a range of coaches to cater for shooters wanting to develop and move to the next level on the pathway. The first step is to find a local coach. The more you work with your coach the faster you will progress.    In addition to a Shooters pathway, there is a Coaches pathway for those who want to give back to the sport by sharing their knowledge. Examples of coaches may be  shooters who  have plateaued and want a change, or those who have ‘retired’ from the top level of competition. 

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TSNZ Trading 


TSNZ Trading stocks a wide range of target shooting clothing and equipment.  If items are not in stock, they can be ordered in for you.

You can purchase via our online SHOP   (CLICK HERE)  
or if you have any queries you can contact our Trading Officer  -  Ruth McNair  -  at targetshootingnztrading@gmail.com / 027 666 2811


TSNZ Ammunition


Smallbore ammuntion, air rifle pellets and a range of targets can be purchased via TSNZ.

This can be via your Club or directly through TSNZ Trading or the TSNZ Office.

TSNZ has Ammunition Agents in the following places where Members with current Firearms Licences can pick up their ammuniton and targets, meaning no Mail-Order issues:

Auckland, Tauranga, Hawera, Wanganui, Waipukurau, Palmerston North, Levin, Wellington,
Blenheim, Nelson, Hawarden, Ashburton, Christchurch, Timaru, Oamaru, Dunedin and Invercargill.

Freight costs for deliveries outside our Agent network or for rapid supply may be charged.

You can get contact details for your closest TSNZ Ammunition Agent from your Club or the TSNZ Office.