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Nicole McKee (ACT) announced as Associate Minister of Justice, Firearms

With the Coalition Agreement between National, NZ First, and ACT being announced today, ACT have presented their list of their policies...

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TSNZ President and Deputy-President

Positions confirmed

The TSNZ AGM held on 28th October 2023 concluded with the position of TSNZ President remaining vacant, with no nominations having...

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Air Rifle Matches - date change

Awapuni & Totara Rd Air

This is to advise of a change to the two planned Designated Air Rifle matches on the TSNZ Calendar for 2 and 3 December 2023. Unfortunately,...

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About Target Shooting

"Smallbore Target Rifle Shooting is a sport which is enjoyed by male and female, young and old, able bodied and people with disabilities, people with good eyesight or those who have the need to wear glasses, in fact people from all walks of life."

You can be as competitive as you like; or just come along for the sociality.  There is no obligation to enter competitions but if you do, then competitions are graded so you are competing against shooters of the same ability as yourself.

Smallbore rifle shooting is an “Equal Opportunity” sport.  Men and women compete on equal terms.

Age is no restriction on shooting.  Provided you are big enough to hold the rifle then you can participate.  We have members of school age right through to those well past retirement age.

All new members are given a good grounding in firearms safety and the safe handling of rifles and all shooting is supervised by range officers.

The rifles used are .22 calibre single shot target rifles.  Sporting rifles using magazines are not permitted.  All clubs have rifles, jackets and other equipment for use by members who do not have their own.Smallbore rifle shooting is shot all year round – Indoor in the winter and outdoor in summer. 

Indoor shooting is generally shot at 25 yards with the normal course of fire being either 10 or 20 shots plus sighting shots. Outdoor shooting is shot over a distance of 50 metres using the same rifle as indoor.  The normal course of fire is 30 or 60 shots plus sighting shots.

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