Secondary Schools Shooting

2019 TSNZ Challenge - Secondary Schools Postal Competition

Many thanks to Shooting Stuff who have again this year sponsored the TSNZ Challenge schools postal match.  Entries received by TSNZ and paid for by 31 May will again be eligible for sponsored ammunition, so make sure you get your entry in on time for this great opportunity.  Remember that shooters do not need to be named on the entry form, only on the results.

Entries close 15th August, with results due to TSNZ by 31st August.



Triple S Champs

This competition is run by Brooklyn Smallbore Rilfe Club, the contact person is Evan Little,  There are 4 rounds of shooting over Terms 2 and 3, with the first 3 being 10 shots and the last round being  20 shots.  Results are Individual, Graded and Teams.



2019 Inter-Secondary Schools Inter-Island Match is on 
28th - 29th September, in Wellington







British flag and map.jpg


Congratulations to the British Secondary Schools team who took out the 2018/19 match against our NZ Schools shooters, and not only that, posted the only 100 shot during the match. 

We look forward to meeting up again this year,  with our NZ scores for 2019/20 coming from the Inter-Secondary Schools Inter-Island Match in September.


Click here for British Schools vs NZ RESULTS


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2018 Inter-Secondary Schools Inter-Island Match, Rangiora, 29 - 30  September

16 teams from around NZ met to shoot shoulder-to-shoulder at the 2018 Inter-Secondary Schools Inter-Island match in Rangiora.  Many thanks to Ashley Association and their helpers for hosting such a well-run event, and to all the Managers, Coaches and parents who come along and support their shooters.  And a special thank you to the shooters who all behaved so well and showed outstanding sportsmanship.  We hope to see you all again next year in Wellington.



Individual ranking

Island teams were selected from this School Teams shoot, with the top 10 from each island going through, plus the next 2 as emergencies.


These shooters then shot a further 2 rounds for the North Island vs South Island match -   congratulations to the South for their resounding win.



Scores from the School team and Island team matches were then aggregated to select the 12 shooters for the 2018 New Zealand team.  For this match  the lowest two scores are discarded, putting the total from the other ten through to the postal match against the British Schools team.  We expect to receive scores from the British Schools in early 2019.

NZ TEAM Ranking


The shooters who were not in the NZ team get drawn into teams based on their School Team rankings, and these teams then shoot a Plate Match.



Team 1 _ Ashburton S.jpg
Gold - Ashburton College
Winners of Eddie Love Cup


Team 2 _ Feilding S.jpg
Silver - Feilding High School


Team 3 _ PNBHS S.jpg
Bronze - Palmerston North Boys HIgh School




School Teams 

GOLD and Eddie Love Cup - Ashburton College
SILVER - Feilding High School
BRONZE - Palmerston North Boys' High School

Individual - from 3 x 10 school teams match

GOLD - Shania Harrison-Lee, Ashburton College - 293.16
SILVER - Lanelle McArthur, Ashburton College - 293.11
BRONZE - David Reesby - Feilding High School - 293.10

Top Scores - from aggregate 3 x 10 School Team and 2 x 10 Island match

TOP GIRL and Win Family Trophy - Lanelle McArthur, Ashburton College - 492.22 (record score)

TOP BOY and Win Family Trophy - Shaun Jeffery, Palmerston North Boys' High School - 485.20

Island Match

Winning team and Greenhough Trophy - SOUTH ISLAND


Top Boy S.jpg
Top Boy, School & Island
Win Family Trophy
Shaun Jeffery
Palmerston North Boys High



Island Team _ North S.jpg
North Island Team




Island Team _ South S.jpg
South Island Team
Winners of Greenhough Trophy



Top Girl S.jpg
Top Girl, School & Island
Win Family Trophy
Lanelle McArthur
Ashburton College


Top 3 S.jpg
Top Three from Schools Match (l - r)
Lanelle McArthur (2nd), Shania Harrison-Lee (1st), 
David Reesby (3rd)
NZ Team S.jpg
2018 New Zealand Team


if_video_173123 _1_.png
Click above for pics of the action




2019 Inter-Secondary Schools Inter-Island Match
will be held in Wellington at the Royal Tiger range
28th - 29th September 2019




Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 TSNZ Challenge Secondary Schools Postal Shooting Competition:

Top School
Ashburton College

Top Girl
Lanelle McArthur

Top Boy
Lachie McNair

Top Teams
Girls - Ashburton College #1
Boys - Marlborough Boys College
Mixed - Rangiora High School
Rest - Awatapu College #1

Certificates and prize vouchers will be sent out the all the winners soon.

(Note that if any name spelling changes etc are received, updated results will be posted here)



Whitcoulls _ Postal _ Ashburton S.jpg
Ashburton College
Shania Harrison-Lee, Lanelle McArthur, Emma Smith
Winners of 2018 Whitcoulls Trophy for Top School
in TSNZ Challenge Postal Competition



In July the NZ Ministry of Education launched their new Guidelines for schools to develop or review a firearms policy. 

Many organisations contributed to this, including Target Shooting NZ, and it’s great to see a common-sense approach was taken.
This is certainly not a blanket ban of firearms in schools, and Boards of Trustees are able to develop their own school’s firearms policy
based upon their own individual needs. 

Click here for more information


Triple S Champs

This competition is run by Brooklyn Smallbore Rilfe Club, the contact person is Evan Little,  There are 4 rounds of shooting over Terms 2 and 3, with the first 3 being 10 shots and the last round being  20 shots.  Results are Individual, Graded and Teams.


NZ vs Great Britain Secondary Schools Postal Match

Congratulations to our NZ shooters on a win over the British Schools team – the results are from the 2017 Secondary Schools NZ Team match which we shot in October last year vs British Secondary Schools, a match which they shot early this year. 

The comment from the BSSRA co-ordinator was “Congratulations on an excellent win for New Zealand with some very strong shooting.”  So well done, and we look forward to another great match at the Inter-Island shoot in September this year.



 Target Shooting is a sport that requires concentration, patience and focus, and taking part in shooting can help Secondary School pupils gain these skills for life.  This is also a sport where a typically "non-sporty" student can become a New Zealand representative - something of which both they and their school can be justifiably proud.


TSNZ Challenge Postal Competition

Many students gain a good introduction to shooting through the Secondary School Postal Shoot which is held each year.  This postal event is open to every Secondary School in New Zealand.   Schools liaise with local TSNZ clubs who can provide equipment and coaching, so even schools with no staff who are involved in shooting themselves can take part.

Over 1,000 school pupils take part in this competition every year, gaining valuable practical knowledge of firearms safety and handling, and experiencing the thrill of target shooting as a sport.   Click on the RED TAB above-right for entry form and conditions -  TSNZ then provide labelled targets which are shot at your own range and scores returned by 31st August.

The TSNZ Challenge Secondary School competition provides many of our next generation of target shooters.

Inter Secondary School Shoulder to Shoulder Match - the "Nationals"

This match was contested for the first time in 2002. Such was its success that it is now an annual event competed alternately in the South Island at Blenheim or Christchurch and in the North Island at Wellington or Palmerston North. It is held generally in the first or middle weekend of the school holidays at the end of Term 3 and is be a full weekend event.  All Secondary schools are entitled to send one team of three, usually chosen from their 3 top shooters in the TSNZ Challenge Postal Match.

The pupils shoot an Inter School Match, then a North and South Island Team is selected and they compete against each other. From the top scores a New Zealand Team is selected which will shoot against an English team as a postal event.  This match identifies the top Schools shooters in NZ, and every school should be very proud of their students representing their country in this way.

Click on the BLACK TAB above-right for entry form and conditions.

Secondary School students are also able to enter other local and postal competitions such as the Triple S Postal, and local school competitions in various regions around NZ.

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Contact TSNZ at with your school's details
if you would like information on your local Smallbore Target Shooting Clubs