Secondary Schools Shooting


Secondary School shooting in 2017 

Our 2 major TSNZ competitions are being held again in 2017 for school shooters - the TSNZ Challenge Postal Match and the Inter-Secondary Schools Inter-Island Match.  

We are now able to again offer free ammunition for TSNZ Challenge Postal entries received before 31st May, and we sincerely thank Shooting Stuff NZ for the new sponsorship that makes this possible.  So get your teams together, and get your entries in quickly.  Remember there is no need to specify shooter names on the entry form, so don't wait to see who is shooting the best before entering.

The Inter-Island Match (Secondary School "Nationals") is being held in Palmerston North this year, in the last weekend of September, and we look forward to seeing the top shooters there.


This year for the first time TSNZ are asking all school shooters to register with TSNZ, whether they are TSNZ members or not.  This is so we can better support our Clubs who help out with student shooters, can access funding options, and can provide info to school shooters on how to continue in the sport after they leave school.  So please be sure to use the School Shooters Registration Form.








2016 Inter-Secondary Schools Inter-Island Match, Blenheim 1-2 October

Congratulations to:

Top Boy - Julian Craib
Top Girl - Lanelle Millar-McArthur

t Marks 9.jpg


Congratulations to the 2016 Secondary Schools NZ TEAM:

Julian Craib, Lanelle Millar-McArthur, Wiko du Toit, Jessica Burgess-Smith, Summer O'Dwyer, Oscar Robinson, Olivia Guyton, Brogan Baldwin, Sarah Reesby, Cody Callaghan, Scott Green, Jessica Riddle.

t Marks 10.jpg


Congratulations to the NORTH ISLAND, with a win over the South Island by 11 points.

t Marks 5.jpg


t Marks 6.jpg


Congratulations to the Top School Teams:
First - Bethlehem College 

Samantha Riddle, Jessica Riddle, Julian Craib

t Marks 1.jpg

Second - Wellington College
Oscar Robinson, Amalamo Simi, Wiko du Toit

(all of whom are FIRST YEAR SHOOTERS!)

t Marks 2.jpg

Third - Kings High
Nic Brosnahan, Cody Callaghan, Danny Latta

t Marks 3.jpg


Top 3 Indiviuals
(L-R)  Olivia Guyton (3rd), Lanelle Millar-McArthur (1st), Julian Craib (2nd)

1 Top 3.jpg

All Results:




TSNZ Challenge Postals 2016

Congratulations to our 2016 Winners!


(Results updated 21 Sept)


Please check your school's scores and names, and be sure to let TSNZ know if there are any amendments needed.




 Target Shooting is a sport that requires concentration, patience and focus, and taking part in shooting can help Secondary School pupils gain these skills for life.  This is also a sport where a typically "non-sporty" student can become a New Zealand representative - something of which both they and their school can be justifiably proud.


TSNZ Challenge Postal Competition

Many students gain a good introduction to shooting through the Secondary School Postal Shoot which is held each year; this postal event is open to every Secondary School in New Zealand.   Schools liaise with local TSNZ clubs who can provide equipment and coaching, so even schools with no staff who are involved in shooting themselves can take part.

Approximately 900 school pupils take part in this competition every year, gaining valuable practical knowledge of firearms safety and handling, and experiencing the thrill of target shooting as a sport.   The closing date for entries is July 31st, TSNZ then provide labelled targets which must be shot and scores returned by 31st August.

The TSNZ Challenge Secondary School competition provides many of our next generation of target shooters.



Inter Secondary School Shoulder to Shoulder Match - the "Nationals"

This match was contested for the first time in 2002. Such was its success that it is now an annual event competed alternately in the South Island at Blenheim or Christchurch and in the North Island at Wellington or Palmerston North. It is held generally in the first or middle weekend of the school holidays at the end of Term 3 and is be a full weekend event.  All Secondary schools are entitled to send one team of three, usually chosen from their 3 top shooters in the TSNZ Challenge Postal Match.

The pupils shoot an Inter School Match, then a North and South Island Team is selected and they compete against each other. From the top scores a New Zealand Team is selected which will shoot against an English team as a postal event.  This match identifies the top Schools shooters in NZ, and every school should be very proud of their students representing their country in this way.

Secondary School students are also able to enter other local and postal competitions:

  • the "Triple S" competition which is run by Brooklyn Smallbore Rifle Club.  Shooters compete as teams and individuals, and shoot four monthly matches between June and September.



  • the Intercollegiate Championship teams event held at Masterton on 10th September 2016

Contact TSNZ at with your school details
if you would like information on your local Smallbore Target Shooting Club