Postal Competitions


2017 Indoor Postals

The early round of Indoor Postal shooting is now done for 2017, with Individual and Inter-Club shooting closing on 31st July.   Results for these sections can be found below.

The next round of Season’s Aggregate and Inter-Association shooting closes on 31st August, so look out for the final results then. 
Medals and prize money will be going out for all sections after that final date.


Individual Indoor Postals - 2017 Winners

Master Grade – Roy Herbison

A Grade – Gavin Riddle

B Grade – Samantha Riddle

C Grade – Jim Dann

D Grade – Rick Black

Juniors – Rachelle Voigt

Women – Allison Archer

Veterans – Gavin Coffin

Inter-Club Indoor Postals - 2017 Winners

Open – Te Puke # 1

A Grade – Tauranga

B Grade – RR & G # 2

C Grade – Rongotea

D Grade – Rongotea

Combined – Wallingford

Juniors – Rongotea

Women – Rongotea

Veterans – Te Puke


Announcing the return of the TSNZ Air Rifle Postal Competition.

With the increase in numbers of Air Rifle shooters lately, TSNZ has decided it is time to bring back the Postal Competition. This was last shot in 2008, when air rifle shooters were graded or handicapped on the basis of past competition scores. This time it is being kept simple - a Men's section with three 60-shot matches, and a Women's section with three 40-shot matches.  This can be shot at ANY range, on paper or electronic targets, as long as there is a witness who has measured out the proper 10 metre distance on any non-TSNZ range used.   So get in and have a go - could you be the first person in 9 years to get into the TSNZ Air Rifle record books?




Congratulations to 2016 Inter-Association winners:

Manawatu Association in the Open, Junior, Women and Vets sections

Nelson Association in A, C and D Grade

Waikato Association in B Grade

Congratulations to 2016 Seasons Aggregate winners:

Allison Archer (Te Puke) – Master

Conan Griffin (Amberley) – A

Kacey McCabe-Shaw (Cambridge) – B

Jessica Riddle (Tauranga) – C

David Reesby (Rongotea) – D

Doug Gibson (Oaonui) – Veterans


Prize money, medals, certificates and datebars will be coming out for all the Postal competitions soon.


Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks especially to those tireless Club and Association Secretaries who wrangled the cards out of the shooters in time for their scores to count. 

(Seasons Aggregate Results amended 16.9)



Target Shooters are very lucky in that they can compete both within NZ and worldwide without leaving their home ranges.  This is done with POSTAL competitions.

TSNZ runs a number of Postal competitions each year, and shooters can shoot these as individuals, or in Club or Association teams.  In all competitons shooters may enter in their Grade, or as Women, Junior or Veteran shooters.

Entries are usually handled by Club and Association Secretaries.  Once entered and paid for, the TSNZ Office sends out Postal stickers which are attached to the back of the targets before being shot.  The results are then sent back to the TSNZ Office before the closing date to be collated and publicised.

Postal Competition winners receive prize money plus trophies, datebars and badges,
and of course NZ-wide bragging rights for yet another year.

Competitions include:

Individual - Master, A & B Grades shoot three 20-shot matches, and C & D Grades and Women, Juniors & Veterans shoot three 10-shot matches.

Individual Season's Aggregate -  all Grades complete ten 10-shot cards over the course of the season.

Inter-Club - Teams of 3 complete one twenty-shot match for Master, A & B Grades, and two ten-shot matches for C, D & Combined Grades and Women, Juniors and Veterans.

Inter-Association - Teams of 5 complete the same range of matches as Inter-Club.