TSNZ Indoor Postals





TSNZ Season's Aggregate and Inter-Association Postals are now complete for 2023.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners:


2023 Season's Aggregate Postals 

Master Grade - Roy Herbison - Tauranga

A Grade - Michael Sutherland - Clinton

B Grade - Max Kinsey - Bulls

C Grade - Zach Wood - Cambridge

D Grade - Joe Kuriger - Eltham

And CONGRATULATIONS to the TOP TEN shooters who will receive
Marksman's Badges / Datebars:

Roy Herbison, Allison Archer, Dave Fake, Neil Kinsey, Jeanette Kinsey, Michael Sutherland, John Booth, Madi Tourle, Colin Harper, Max Kinsey


CLICK HERE for 2023 Season's Aggregate POSTAL



Jonathan Gill, Mark Clapson, Gavin Riddle, Abby Pierce, James Cheeseman

Rudi Myburgh, Bruce Millard, Selena Wright, Steve Petterson, Jason Wakeling

B Grade - NELSON
Karl Newton, Holly Gibbons, Kristina Hornell, Meyah Greenhough, David Baigent

Darren Wood, Zach Wood, Elena Wood, Hendrik Greissel, Elizabeth McLeod

D Grade - NELSON
Kristen Reeve, Jan Newton, Samantha Reeve, Dylan Clark, Hollie Southward

Juniors - WAIKATO
Annabel Goodrich, Zach Wood, Zach Wylie, Blake Allison, Elena Wood

Janet Hunt, Jeanette Kinsey, Amy Hatcher, Fiona Mills, Kim Sharpe

Veterans - MANAWATU
 Janet Hunt, Jeanette Kinsey, Max Kinsey, Dave Edmonds, Kelvin Burt




The TSNZ Individual and Inter-Club Postals closed on 31st  July.

 CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners:

2023 INDIVIDUAL Postals 

Master Grade - Neil Kinsey - Wellington Central

A Grade - Cam Colson - Otago University

B Grade - Karl Newton - Richmond

C Grade - Blake Woolley - Hororata

D Grade - Oliver Faldo - Te Awamutu

Juniors - Sean Moriarty - Culverden-Waiau

Women - Allison Archer - Te Puke

Veterans - Dave Edmonds - Bulls





2023 INTER-CLUB Postals 

Open - WELLINGTON CENTRAL - Neil Kinsey, Ravi de Silva, Edwin Bode

A Grade - RICHMOND - Faron Holland, Mike Biggs, Karl Newton

B Grade - RICHMOND - Alan Gibbs, Kristina Hornell, Troy Newton

C Grade - RICHMOND - Troy Newton, Kristen Reeve, Sam Reeve

D Grade - RICHMOND - Kristen Reeve, Sam Reeve, Jan Newton

Combined - HORORATA - Regan Dalley, Nick Oakley, Blake Woolley

Juniors - CAMBRIDGE - Blake Allison, Annabel Goodrich, Zach Wood

Women - RANGIORA - Amelia Hughson, Samantha Riddle, Georgyna Orchard

Veterans - Bulls - Dave Edmonds, Max Kinsey, Jeanette Kinsey


Results - UPDATED 22/8/23


SEASONS AGGREGATE and INTER-ASSOCIATION results are due in by 31st August.
Please make sure they're sent in plenty of time so your shooters don't miss out.




The four TSNZ Postal matches are shown below.  Once entries are received and the fee paid, TSNZ will post out stickers to be put on the back of the targets before they are shot.  All targets must be checked and signed by an Official Club Witness (the Club will have listed these on their TSNZ Affiliation form). 

postal medals .jpg

Gold / Silver / Bronze Medals can be won in each section for the Individual and Season's Aggregate competitions, and Marksmen's badges/datebars for the top 10 in Seasons Aggregate, with Cups and Certificates going to Inter-Club and Inter-Association competitions.  ALL matches receive prize money, with the amount depending on the number of entries.


Individual Postals - Master,  A & B Grades shoot 3 x 20-shot matches,  C & D Grades, Women, Juniors, Veterans shoot 3 x 10-shot matches.

Entries close 10th July. Results are due to TSNZ by 31st July.   


Seasons Aggregate Postals - All Grades shoot 10 x 10 shot matches, with a maximum of 2 being shot in any one week over the season.

Entries close 27th July.  Results are due to TSNZ by 31st August. 


Inter-Club Postals - 3-person Club teams in Open, A & B Grades shoot 1 x 20-shot match each, and 3-person teams for C & D Grades, Women, Juniors, Veterans and Combined Teams (1 x A Grader or lower + 1 x B Grader or lower + 1 x C Grader or lower) all shoot 1 x 10-shot match each.

Entries close 10th July.  Results are due to TSNZ by 31st July.  


Inter-Association Postals - 5-person Association teams in Open, A & B Grades and Women shoot 1 x 20-shot match each, and 5-person teams for C & D Grades, Junior and Veterans shoot 2 x 10-shot matches each.

Entries close 10th August.  Results are due to TSNZ by 31st August.  



Matches for each team and type of Postal entered must be shot separately - only ONE sticker can be put on any one card.

All cards MUST be held by the Club or Association as they may be called in to TSNZ for a random check.  If the card can't be produced, that shooter's score will be disallowed.

Shooters can only compete only ONCE in any team section in any one match, but they can compete in any of the different sections they qualify for.  For example, a B Grade shooter can shoot in an Inter-Club B Grade team AND a Womens Team AND a Junior Team, but she can't shoot twice in any one of those sections by combining with other shooters to make up more teams. 

Shooters MUST shoot the match as stated, eg if it says 2 x 10-shot matches, DO NOT shoot 1 x 20-shot match.  Scores from any incorrect matches will be disallowed.

Shooters MUST be affiliated to TSNZ at the time of shooting.

Any late Results CANNOT be accepted, so make sure they are sent in with plenty of time to spare, especially if snail-mailed.