Outdoor Nationals


Christchurch 18 - 25 February


Awards Ceremony, with presentations made by TSNZ President Steve O'Donnell


1 nz open reps all 2 red.jpg
New NZ Reps
Sue Bowen, Dave Westcott, Harry Newrick, Phoebe McKenzie, Caley McNair, Stella Henry,
James Gray, John Booth, Isabella Adams, Garry Milford
(abs - Jon Phillipps)


2 nz junior reps red.jpg
New NZ Junior Reps
Sean Moriarty, Caley McNair, Harry Newrick, Phoebe McKenzie,
Stella Henry, Reuben Henry


4 north island new reps red.jpg
Dave Westcott, Caley McNair, James Gray, Harry Newrick


4a south island rep phoebe mckenzie red.jpg
Phoebe McKenzie


4b south island rep garry milford red.jpg
Garry Milford


5 nvs south island win 2 red.jpg
Winning SOUTH ISLAND Captain Shania Harrison-Lee (R) receiving Inter-Island Tray from North Island Captain Owen Bennett (L)


6 nvs top score red.jpg
Island Team Top Score
Shania Harrison-Lee



8 randle team red.jpg
Randle Team


7 randle top score red.jpg
Randle Team Top Score
Shania Harrison-Lee  400 x 38


9 a grade badge red.jpg
Badge Match - A Grade
Grant Taylor (3rd) with COTS organiser Denva Wren

Not present - Ryan Taylor (1st), Jon Phiilipps (2nd) 


10 b grade badge 2 red.jpg
Badge Match - B Grade
James Gray (2nd), Robbie McNair (1st), Jim Dann (3rd)



11 c grade badge 2 red.jpg
Badge Match - C Grade
Isabella Adams (2nd), John Booth (1st) 

Not present - Robbie Gilchrist (3rd)


12 d grade badge red.jpg
Badge Match - D Grade
Jamie McKenzie (2nd), Dave Westcott (3rd), Harry Newrick (1st)


13 a grade 2x60 shania harrison_lee red.jpg
Graded Matches - A Grade
Shania Harrison-Lee (1st)
Not present - Ryan Taylor (2nd), Owen Bennett (3rd)


14 b grade 2x60 red.jpg
Graded Matches - B Grade
Jim Dann (2nd), Ryan Booth (1st), Ruth McNair (3rd)



15 c grade 2x60 john booth red.jpg
Graded Matches - C Grade
John Booth (1st)

Not present - Isabella Adams (2nd), Robbie Gilchrist (3rd)


16 d grade 2x60 red.jpg
Graded Matches - D Grade
Phoebe McKenzie (1st), Dave Westcott (2nd),
Shane Grant (3rd) 


17 veterans 2x60 2 red.jpg
Graded Matches - Veterans
Jim Dann (1st)

Not present - Grant Taylor (2nd), Robbie Gilchrist (3rd)


od 66 jnr 50m agg cup red.jpg
Stephanie McNair (not present)



19 a grade 3x60 shania red.jpg
Shania Harrison-Lee



20 b grade 3x60 ryan booth red.jpg
Ryan Booth



21 c grade 3x60 john booth red.jpg
John Booth


22 d grade 3x60 harry newrick red.jpg
Harry Newrick


23 benchrest collected by rhonda red.jpg
BENCHREST - 4 x 40
Russell Henshaw (1st) collected by Rhonda Booth

Not present - Graeme Smith (2nd), Tony Titheridge (3rd)


24 dudley jarman collected by rhonda for russell red.jpg
Russell Henshaw (1st) collected by Rhonda Booth



25 mens nat _missing taylors x2_ red.jpg
National Champs - MEN
Owen Bennett (3rd)

Not present - Ryan Taylor (1st), Grant Taylor (2nd)


26 junior mens red.jpg
National Champs - JUNIOR MEN
James Gray (2nd), Ryan Booth (1st),
Harry Newrick (3rd)



27 womensnats _ steph missing red.jpg
National Champs - WOMEN
Shania Harrison-Lee (1st), Denva Wren (3rd)

Not present - Stephanie McNair (2nd)


28 junior womens red.jpg
National Champs - JUNIOR WOMEN
Piper Benbow (2nd), Caley McNair (3rd)

Not present - Stephanie McNair (1st)


31 mens 3p owen bennett red.jpg
National Champs - 3 P - MEN
Owen Bennett (1st)

Not present - Adrian Black (2nd), Shaun Jeffery (3rd)


29 womens 3p cup red.jpg
National Champs - 3 P - WOMEN
Denva Wren (1st)

Not present - Helen Freiman (2nd), Piper Benbow (3rd)



nz issf medals.jpg

National Champs - 3 P - JUNIOR WOMEN

Not present - Stephanie McNair (1stt), Piper Benbow (2nd)



33 association open christchurch red.jpg
Association Team - OPEN
Christchurch #1
Denva Weren, Ryan Booth, John Booth



34 association graded _ canterbury clownfish red.jpg
Association Team - GRADED
Christchurch #2 (Canterbury Clownfish)
Sean Moriarty, Phoebe McKenzie, Charlotte McKenzie


Daily reports and results were added daily as they were sent from the event, with the most recent being added to the top.  Thanks to Shania for providing these.


DAY 6 - the final day of the 2023 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals saw the International Matches being shot in the morning.  The weather was very calm and resulted in some good scores. The second detail of Juniors however did have breezy conditions. 

The Association Teams match was very breezy, easily 20kph, which when added to the distraction tactics from teams and supporters, along with shooters having to be scoped by one of their team-mates, made this match the usual fun event.

Click on the links below for Results.

2023 International RESULTS

2023 Association Team RESULTS









DAY 5 -  Today the women had their Randle match where they shot 20 counting shots each at 50yards and 100yards.  There is not much we can say about this match to ensure we don’t give anything away to our overseas competitors who shoot in June, however I am very proud of the effort of the women this year.  We did get a brief moment of sunshine during the 50-yard portion before it returned to the characteristic grey and gloomy skyline.  

While this was happening the men had their Qualification Match with the now usual weather conditions, very cold 10 degrees and wind 15—20 kph with a dash of rain for good measure. There were more than a few frozen trigger fingers and a bit of shivering to deal with. The end result was Ryan Taylor taking top spot with a 621.9 and Grant Taylor in second with 617.7.

At 1pm the Inter-Island competition was shot under similar weather and the mighty South Island won with a score of 6071.5 against 6052.0 for the North. The South Island’s performance was greatly enhanced by the performance of the previous-North Island shooting duo of Helen and Jon now shooting for the South as they've moved to Marlborough.

In Bench Rest news,  today Russell Henshaw finished in top spot after a great score of 399.32 giving him the overall lead in the competition, ahead of Graeme Smith in second place by 9.20 points.

The International and Association Matches will be shot tomorrow, with the presentation dinner then rounding out a great week of competition here in Christchurch.

Click on the links below for Results.

2023 Men's Qualification RESULTS

2023 Inter-Island RESULTS

2023 Bench Rest FINAL RESULTS



1. proof of sunshine red.jpg


img_2601 red.jpg



img_2609 red.jpg



img_2616 red.jpg



img_2610 red.jpg


img_2619 red.jpg


img_2589 red.jpg


img_2592 red.jpg


img_2594 red.jpg


img_2597 red.jpg


img_2596 red.jpg


img_2605 red.jpg


img_2608 red.jpg


img_2625 red.jpg


img_2627 red.jpg


img_2595 red.jpg



DAY 4 -  The biggest success so far of the TSNZ Nationals happened this morning in the Womens National Champs - we finally had a squad without any overloads or crossfires.  Go the Women!  The Women’s squad however was breezy with the occasional calm patch, with wind ranging from 15-20 kph. This wind condition continued through out the day with peaks in the third men’s squad of 15-25 kph.

The Women’s National Championship was won by Shania Harrison-Lee with 620.2 (592), second place Stephanie McNair not too far behind with 618.3 (589), and third place went to Denva Wren with 608.8 (582).

The men shot their Elimination match today spead over two details, with top score being Ryan Taylor with 621.2 (593) in the first detail, and Ryan Booth in second place with 612.5 (583) followed closely by Jon Phillipps with 610.3 (584).  The top 10 men from each detail go forward to the Qualification Match tomorrow, when the Men's National Championship will be decided.

The Women's NZ Randle team finished off their day with a practice at 100 yards in the rain to get ready for their match tomorrow morning, where they will shoot a dual-distance match of 20 shots over each of 50yds and 100yds against UK and USA.  Congratulations to those women who have qualified for the Randle Team this year. 

Island Teams and NZ Teams to shoot the Wakefield, Slazenger, and Drew matches have also been decided after the matches today.  Congratulations to all those who made the 2023 teams, especially those for whom this might be their first time shooting for New Zealand.

The most loved part of today was a mixture of hot coffee from the coffee van on site, and the fire lit in the club rooms which kept everyone warm on a gloomy 10 degree day.

Click on the links below for Results.

2023 Womens National Championship RESULTS

2023 Mens Elimination Match RESULTS

2023 Bench Rest RESULTS


Click on the links below for Island and NZ Teams.

2023 Island Teams

2023 Slazenger / Wakefield Teams

2023 Junior Teams (amended)

2023 Womens and Randle Teams


img_2564 red.jpg


img_2570 red.jpg



img_2574 red.jpg



img_2556 red.jpg



img_2553 red.jpg


img_2576 red.jpg


img_2532 red.jpg


img_2533 red.jpg


img_2534 red.jpg


img_2518 red.jpg


img_2517 red.jpg


img_2521 red.jpg


img_2528 red.jpg


img_2509 red.jpg


img_2539 red.jpg




DAY 3 -   Squad 1 today was greeted with a cool southerly breeze, 14 degrees Celsius and 15-20kph winds.  There was a quick scramble to find a warm hat as many competitors realized the conditions would not improve. 

Ryan Booth and Jim Dann are to be congratulated for beating the conditions and posting good scores of 606.9 and 604.7 respectively.  These scores would later turn out to be the best across all competitors.

Squad 2 was A and C Grades and unfortunately the weather got quite a bit worse as the morning rolled on.  With steady rain and average wind speeds of 31kph, quite a number of shooters decided to move their mats back to the 51 meter mark to avoid the rain on the front sight.  With gusts up to 40kph this was not as effective as they wanted it to be.

The real test was who could avoid the gusts that were capable of pushing shots to the left into the 6 or 7 ring.  Making it even harder was a large number of range flags had become stuck or twisted to their flag poles leaving shooters without flags for small portions of the match.

The best way to visualize today’s conditions is noticing only 3 of 39 competitors made it into the 600’s, with Benchrest struggling with a tie for top score of 394.26 by Graeme Smith and Tony Titheridge.  I bet some of them regretted their choice to squad on today’s conditions.

Now if everyone reading this could please cross their fingers and toes… tomorrows weather may just improve for us yet.


Click on the links below for Results.

2023 Graded 2 RESULTS 


2023 Bench Rest RESULTS


img_2491 red.jpg


img_2477 red.jpg


img_2472 red.jpg


img_2458 red.jpg


img_2475 red.jpg


img_2469 red.jpg


img_2479 red.jpg


img_2459 red.jpg


img_2463 red.jpg


img_2448 red.jpg


img_2471 red.jpg


img_2480 red.jpg


img_2484 red.jpg


img_2483 red.jpg




DAY 2  -  It's official - Christchurch can produce conditions resulting in personal bests that rival the best conditions seen at the Mana 2021 Nationals.

The first squad of today had windless conditions for the first 40 minutes, flags barely twitching.  Benchrest shooters showed the way with their top 3 all gaining 399 out of a possible 400.   The Prone athletes couldn't quite match that, with Owen Bennett topscoring in whole scores with 593 (619.2 in Decimals) , and Ryan Taylor winning A Grade beating Owen with 623.9 in Decimals (592 whole score). 

Benchrest is a growing part of our sport with 12 participants this year and should be on everyone’s watch list.

The second squad had to deal with Christchurch's classic conditions of left to right wind that dies down for a short time and switches to the opposite direction. This was challenging for most, but a great introduction to the rest of Nationals week.

Squad 1 made life challenging for themselves, with several more cross fires (this will be reflected in some people’s results). Thankfully Squad 2 was not plagued by the same problem. Otherwise, the range ran smoothly thanks to the hard work of our many volunteers. 

Click on the links below for Results.

2023 Graded 1 RESULTS 

2023 Bench Rest RESULTS




DAY 1 of the 2023 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals in Christchurch saw the 3P and the Prone Badge Match being shot. 

It was a testing start with a few technical range difficulties, but these were overcome.   During shooting it seemed competitors were having their own difficulties finding their own targets, resulting in 3 crossfires!  More than a few competitors found today's weather conditions challenging, with 26 degree temperatures and strong left to right winds, strong enough to see horizontal flags. 

Thankfully our 3P shooters had a great morning with minimal wind conditions allowing them to pull off 150 strings, as well as 4 in a row 10s from Shaun in the standing Final.  Congratulations to Denva Wren for her victory in the Womens Final, and Owen Bennett for his in the Men's Final.

Click on the links below for Results.


2023 Badge Match RESULTS


day 1 prone.jpg


day 1 range.jpg


day 1 prone 2.jpg


day 1 3p 2.jpg


day 1 3p.jpg