Outdoor Nationals



2020 TSNZ Outdoor National Championships
23rd - 29th February, in Tokoroa, Waikato.


Some tips for the upcoming Outdoor Nationals

TRADING - contact Ruth BEFORE Saturday 22nd if you'd like something from TSNZ Trading brought along to Tokoroa for you.   
Ruth will be bringing some stock over but can't bring it all this trip, so get in touch if advance if you want something special.

HATS - the Tokoroa range faces into the sun in the afternoon squads,
so permission has been granted for those shooting in the Island Match at 3pm to wear hats with long peaks and flaps if they want to. 
These are the old-style ones that everyone used to wear before ISSF rules came into play. 
This is allowable as the Island Match is not a Designated Match, so if you think that you might be in the North Island or South Island teams,
go and dig out your old hat to bring along just in case.


AMMUNITION  -  if you want to buy any particular ammo at Tokoroa please contact Bruce Marchant BEFORE Saturday 22nd so he can be sure to bring it for you. 

SK PISTOL MATCH - TSNZ was kindly provided some SK Pistol Match to test, many thanks to Robbie and Val who performed the testing for us. 
At $220 per thousand it looks like this is going to be a great cost-effective option,
and we will have some for sale at the Nationals for those who want to give it a go.




Programme and Squadding details are now available for the 2020 Outdoor Nationals.
Shooters who have entered have been sent a copy by email too.

Check your details carefully, and please email Waikato Association at
waikatosmallbore@gmail.com if there is anything about your entry that needs amending.



Click here for BENCHREST RULES for 2020 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals (amended)

Click here for RANDLE TROPHY information for 2020 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals

TSNZ Members and other International shooters are invited to  join us in Tokoroa for the 2020 TSNZ Outdoor National Championships.
Events include 3P, 50m Prone and Benchrest.
Shooters compete in Grades, so even new outdoor shooters can have a go.

Island and NZ teams will be selected from the events during the week,
and this year we also hope to hold two dual range 50/100 yard events which will depend on entry numbers - the women's Randle Match and the open Dewar Match.

So come along to Waikato in February for a great week of shooting.


Click here for ENTRY FORM only - Excel version

 Entries close 31st January 2020










 2019 Outdoor Nationals
18th - 23rd February, Christchurch


Click here for 2019 Outdoor Nationals RESULTS



Congratulations to all the winners at the 2019 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals, and to those who have now represented NZ or their Island for the first time.
Many thanks to North Canterbury Association for hosting the event, and to all the volunteers who pulled together to make it all happen.


NZ New Reps.jpg
New NZ Reps
Gavin Riddle, Shane Kingston,
Shania Harrison-Lee


Island New Reps.jpg
New Inter-Island Reps
Peter Boerlage (S), Jim Dann (N), Gavin Riddle (N), Piper Benbow (S), Shania Harrison-Lee (S), Alastair Crosland (S)


NZ New Juniors.jpg
New Junior Reps
Shaun Jeffery, Aidan Lynch,
Shania Harrison-Lee


NZ New Women.jpg
New Womens Rep
Shania Harrison-Lee


Graded _ Vets.jpg
Graded Matches - Veterans
Grant Taylor (3rd), Jim Dann (1st),
Russell Henshaw (2nd)


Graded _ D.jpg
Graded Matches - D Grade
Rachel Olliver (2nd), Shaun Jeffery (1st),
Samantha Whitcombe (3rd)


Graded _ C.jpg
Graded Matches - C Grade 
Shane Kingston (2nd), Shania Harrison-Lee (1st), Meaghan Reesby (3rd)


Graded _ B.jpg
Graded Matches - B Grade
Russell Henshaw (2nd), Jim Dann (1st)
Jess Burgess-Smith (3rd) not present


Graded _ A.jpg
Graded Matches - A Grade
Andrew Sevelj (2nd), Denva Wren (3rd)
Helen Freiman (1st) not present


Russell Henshaw (3rd), Peter Robinson (1st)
Graeme Smith (2nd) not present


Bench and Prone.jpg
Benchrest & Prone Aggregate
Russell Henshaw (1st) receiving Dudley Jarman Memorial Trophy from Peter Robinson


Aggregate _ Junior.jpg
Aggregate - Junior
Shania Harrison-Lee


Aggregate _ D.jpg
Aggregate - D Grade
Shaun Jeffery


Aggregate _ C.jpg
Aggregate - C Grade
Shania Harrison-Lee


Aggregate _ B.jpg
Aggregate - B Grade
Jim Dann


Aggregate _ A.jpg
Aggregate - A Grade
Owen Bennett


Nats Women Junior 1st.jpg
National Champs -
Junior Women

Jess Burgess-Smith (1st)


Nats Women Junior.jpg
National Champs - Junior Women
Meaghan Reesby (3rd), Shania Harrison-Lee (2nd)


Nats Women 2nd.jpg
National Champs - Women
Jess Burgess-Smith (2nd)
Sally Johnston (1st) not present


Nats Women 3rd.jpg
National Champs - Women
Susannah Smith (3rd)


Nats Men Qual.jpg
National Champs - Men

David Wright (1st)



Nats Men Final.jpg
National Champs - Men - FINAL
Owen Bennett (2nd), Gavin Riddle (1st),
David Wright (3rd)



Nats Men Junior.jpg
National Champs - Junior Men
Shaun Jeffery (2nd), Lachie McNair (1st),
Aidan Lynch (3rd)



Island captains.jpg
Winning North Island Captain Owen Bennett receiving Inter-Island Tray from
South Island Captain Denva Wren



Island top score.jpg
Top Score Island Match
Owen Bennett - 610.8


Assn Teams _ Aus.jpg
Associaton Match - Top Score - Australia
Andrew Selvej, Susannah Smith,
Daniel Croatto


Assn Teams _ Manawatu.jpg
Association Match - Top Association
Martin Hunt, Meaghan Reesby, David Green


Aus vs NZ Aus team.jpg
NZ vs Australia Teams Match - Winners - Australia
David Wright (Manager), Andrew Sevelj, Maris Taylor, Daniel Croatto, David Clifton, Susannah Smith


3P Women.jpg
3P - Women
Kate Campbell (2nd), Jess Burgess-Smith (1st),
Denva Wren (3rd)


3P _ Men.jpg
3P - Men
Adrian Balck (2nd), Owen Bennett (1st),
Ian McFetridge (3rd)


3P Women Junior.jpg
3P - Junior Women
Kate Campbell (2nd), Jess Burgess-Smith (1st), Meaghan Reesby (3rd)


3P Men Junior.jpg
3P - Junior Men
Aidan Lynch (2nd), Shaun Jeffery (1st)



Aus vs NZ  teams.jpg
NZ vs Australia Teams - 2019 Inaugural Match
David Clifton (Aus), Martin Hunt (NZ), Maris Taylor (Aus), Gavin Riddle (NZ), Kirsten Birrell (NZ),
Susannah Smith (Aus), Helen Freiman (NZ), Andrew Sevelj (Aus), Owen Bennett (NZ), Daniel Croatto (Aus)