Outdoor Nationals



Christchurch 18 - 25 February

Details of Programme to be finalised and will be added when available




Day 8


TSNZ Biathlon - Results

Association Team - Results

NZ Juniors - Results

NZ Women - Results

Slazenger, Wakefield and Drew - Results

2022 tsnz biathlon.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals _ assn teams result.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals _ juniors and women results v2.jpg


2022 outdoor nationals _ slazenger result.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals _ wakefield and drew results.jpg






Day 8

Saturday's Squadding details

2022 nz team squadding.jpg


Day 7

Prone - Men Qualification and Finals - Results

North Island vs South Island - Results


2022 mens qualification.jpg


2022 mens final.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals _ inter_island match.jpg


Day 6

A BIG day today with multiple RESULTS and TEAMS announced:


Prone - Women and Men Championships - Results

North Island and South Island Teams announced

NZ Wakefield and Slazenger Teams announced

NZ Women and Junior Teams accounced

Men and Women Drew Teams announced

2022 outdoor nationals womens championship.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals mens championship.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals _ north island team.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals _ south island team.jpg


2022 outdoor nationals _ wakefield and slazenger teams.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals _ nz women team.jpg



2022 outdoor nationals _ nz junior team updated.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals _ womens drew team.jpg


2022 outdoor nationals _ mens drew team.jpg


Day 5

Prone - Graded 2 and Aggregate Results

and Benchrest - Day 2 and Aggregate Result


Prone - Graded Aggregate

2022 outdoor nationals graded aggregate_page_1.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals graded aggregate_page_2.jpg


Prone - Graded 2


2022 outdoor nationals graded 2 result_page_1.jpg

2022 outdoor nationals graded 2 result_page_2.jpg




2022 outdoor nationals benchrest results.jpg


Day 2 

Nationals -  3P



2022 outdoor nationals 3p results_men.jpg


2022 outdoor nationals 3p results_women.jpg


Day 1 

Mana 3P


mana 3p.jpg




2022 TSNZ Outdoor National Championships
19 - 26 
February 2022

Allen Range, Dante Rd, Trentham



2022 outdoor nationals match results.jpg



2022 TSNZ Outdoor National Championships
19 - 26 
February 2022

Allen Range, Dante Rd, Trentham


ENTRIES CLOSE 4 FEB (Late entries will incur a late fee)


CLICK HERE for Pre-Event Information for Competitors, Range Officers and Helpers


CLICK HERE for 2022 Outdoor Nationals ENTRY FORM


Please get your entries in to the Target Shooting Hutt Valley by 4th February 2022 - entries after that date will incur a late fee.

Note that while all efforts are being made to held this event as planned, it is possible that Covid-19 requirements may mean changes are needed. 
If this does happen, as much notice as possible of any changes will be given.





2021 TSNZ Outdoor National Championships
22nd - 27th February 2021, in Christchurch



Congratulations to our NZ Team shooters for a clean sweep of wins against Australia in the Slazenger, Womens and Junior matches for 2021.

Australia have just shot their matches at their TRA Nationals over Easter weekend, while ours were shot at our February Nationals.

CLICK HERE for International team Results


If you want bigger file sizes for any of these photos, or would like us to look for more photos of a particular shooter, please just contact the TSNZ office.



Awards Ceremony at the Hornby Club, Christchurch, with presentations made by TSNZ President Steve O'Donnell:



new nz reps _ small.jpg
New NZ Reps
Jason Henry, Jolie Thompson, Dom Henry



new nz juniors _ small.jpg
New NZ Junior Reps
Abby Pierce, Sam Whitcombe, Charlotte McKenzie, Clio Britz, Ryan Booth



new nz women _ small.jpg
New NZ Womens Rep
Stephanie McNair



new island reps _ small.jpg
Jason Henry (S), Ryan Booth (S), Ian McFetridge (N),
Charlotte McKenzie (S)




island shield _ small.jpg
Winning NORTH ISLAND Captain Helen Freiman (R) receiving Inter-Island Tray from South Island Captain Shania Harrison-Lee (L)



janet goodwill _ small.jpg
Island Team - Top Score
Janet Hunt





randle top score denva _ small.jpg
Randle Team - Top Score
Denva Wren


randle team _ randle.jpg



a grade _ small.jpg
Badge Match - A Grade
Grant Taylor (2nd), Martin Hunt (3rd)

Not present - Ryan Taylor (1st)


b grade _ small.jpg
Badge Match - B Grade
Allison Archer (3rd),  Dave Thompson (1st), 
Robbie McNair (2nd)



c grade 1 _ small.jpg
Badge Match - C Grade
Steve O'Donnell (2nd), Jolie Thompson (1st),
Ross Lomas (3rd)



badge d grade _ small.jpg
Badge Match - D Grade
Ryan Booth (1st), presented by Ray & Denva (COTS)
Not present - John Coe (2nd), Clio Britz (3rd)



aggregate a grade _ small.jpg
Graded Matches - A GRADE
Helen Freiman (2nd), Shania Harrison-Lee (1st)
Not Present - Ryan Taylor (2nd)


aggregate b grade _ small.jpg
Graded Matches - B GRADE
Dean Fincham (3rd), Ruth McNair (2nd)
Not Present - Katherine Butt (1st)


aggregate c grade _ small.jpg
Graded Matches - C GRADE
Jason Henry (3rd), Russell Henshaw (1st),
Jolie Thompson (2nd)


aggregate d grade _ small.jpg
Graded Matches - D GRADE
Clio Britz (2nd), Ryan Booth (1st)
Not present - John Coe (3rd)


aggregate vets _2_ _ small.jpg
Graded Matches - VETERANS
Russell Henshaw ( 3rd), Grant Taylor (1st),
Ross Mason (2nd)


junior champ _ small.jpg
Aggregate - JUNIOR
Shania Harrison-Lee



3x60 a grade _ small.jpg
Aggregate - A GRADE
Ryan Taylor - not present


3x60 b grade _ small.jpg
Aggregate - B GRADE
Dean Fincham


3x60 c grade _ small.jpg
Aggregate - C GRADE
Russell Henshaw


3x60 d grade _ small.jpg
Aggregate - D GRADE
Ryan Booth


benchrest 4 x 40 _ small.jpg
BENCHREST - 4 x 40
Russell Henshaw (1st)
Not present - Graeme Smith (2nd), Tony Titheridge (3rd)


benchrest prone dudley _ small.jpg
Benchrest & Prone Aggregate
Russell Henshaw (1st)


national champs men _ small.jpg
National Champs - MEN
Dave Thompson (1st), Dean Fincham (3rd)
Not present - Ryan Taylor (2nd)


national champs junior men _ small.jpg
National Champs - JUNIOR MEN
James Gray (2nd), Dom Henry (1st),
Ryan Booth (3rd)


national champs women 2 _ small.jpg
National Champs - WOMEN
Helen Freiman (2nd), Shania Harrison-Lee (1st),
Denva Wren (3rd)



national champs junior women _ small.jpg
National Champs - JUNIOR WOMEN
Sam Whitcombe (3rd), Shania Harrison-Lee (1st),
Stephanie McNair (2nd)


3p women 1 _ small.jpg
National Champs - 3 P - WOMEN
Jess Burgess-Smith (3rd), Helen Freiman (1st),
Denva Wren (end)


3p jnr women _ small.jpg
National Champs - 3 P - JUNIOR WOMEN
Piper Benbow (2nd), Stephanie McNair (1st)


3p men _ small.jpg
National Champs - 3 P MEN
Ian McFetridge (2nd), Owen Bennett (1st),
Shaun Jeffery (3rd)



assoc team _ open _ small.jpg
Manawatu - 1st
Martin Hunt, Helen Freiman, Jess Burgess-Smith



assoc team open 2nd _ small.jpg
North Island Juniors - 2nd
Stephanie McNair, Shaun Jeffery, Abby Pierce



assoc team _ graded 1 _ small.jpg
Waikato - 1st
Dave Thompson, Jolie Thompson, Owen Bennett




Scroll down for daily reports from the Outdoor Nationals - Day 1 (22 Feb) is at the bottom, Day 6 (27 Feb) is at the top.



Day 6  (27th Feb), the final day of the 2021 Outdoor Nationals in Christchurch again hit us with drizzle and still conditions.  While we enjoyed the still (unusual for Christchurch), the low light that came along with the drizzle made sighting hard for some.  The day started with the Slazenger team shooting, all 22 of them at one time.  The 10 Wakefield members were also part of this group, and the scores from these matches will be shared with our opponents in Australia (for the Slazenger) and the UK (Wakefield) for them to shoot their scores during their upcoming outdoor season (hopefully, Covid allowing). 

The 7 Juniors who were not in these teams but were part of the Junior Drew teams against the UK came next, and this was followed by the Association Team shoot.  This one is always a bit of fun, with the 3 members scoping each other and plenty of banter involved.

The event was topped off by the Awards Ceremony and Dinner at the Hornby Club.  Congratulations to all those who won or were placed in their events – there’s nothing quite like going home with a medal or a trophy to make a shooter want to come back again!


Many thanks to Canterbury Outdoor Target Shooting members whose hard work made the 2021 Outdoor Nationals possible, and to all the other shooters who pitched in with anything from marking to scoping to target changing when asked.


We look forward to seeing everyone again at the 2022 Outdoor Nationals in Trentham (north of Wellington).





Photos of the Awards Ceremony to come.


day 6 slaz.jpg

day 6 range.jpg

day 6 kneeling.jpg

day 6 jnr.jpg

day 6 assn teams 3.jpg

day 6 assn 1.jpg

Day 5 (26th Feb) gave us the one version of the weather we had been missing so far.  It rained. OK, it only drizzled, but it was still wet. The Randle Trophy shoot was a real team effort, and a huge thank you goes to the range builders, the targets hangers, the shot spotters and the NZDA range officers.  The Women’s team has again posted an outstanding score, helped by the still conditions, with Denva Wren taking out the top spot with 400.34.  The total is being kept under wraps for now as our overseas opponents from USA and UK will shoot later in the year.

The Mens Qualification match was being shot at the same time as the Randle, with light conditions switching both ways that had more effect than expected.  Ryan had another great shoot with 625.4.  The Final also had some great shooting – congratulations to new shooter Dave Thompson who took out the 24 shot elimination final by 0.3 points ahead of Ryan.  Dean Fincham also had an outstanding final, coming in third.



The day finished up for the Prone shooters with the North vs South match.  Congratulations to the North Island for their win by 44.2 points.  Top scorer was Janet Hunt with 617.0.



The Benchrest shooters also finished up their competition today, with Russell Henshaw winning the event with an outstanding score of 1587.117 from a possible 1600.160.  It was great to see so many competitors in the Benchrest competition this year.



The last day of the Nationals tomorrow will see the Slazenger, Wakefield and Drew matches being shot, along with the Association Teams match.  We finish up with photos, dinner and presentations in the evening.


day 5 randle 2.jpg

day 5 randle.jpg

day 5 randle.jpg

day 5 randle 7.jpg

day randle nzda.jpg

day 5 randle 10.jpg

day 5 randle 8.jpg

day 5 island.jpg

day 5 island 2.jpg

day 5 bench.jpg

Day 4  (25th Feb) at the Outdoor Nationals and the temperature dropped down to more normal levels.  The wind was still with us though and continued to be challenging for many.  The Womens Championship Match was shot first today,  congratulations to Shania for another winning performance.


The day continued with the Men’s two Elimination Matches.  The top ten scorers from each of these matches progress onto the Men’s Qualification match tomorrow morning.


During the afternoon the women who qualified for the Randle team made their way to the NZDA range to sight in for the 50 yard and 100 yard distances that they will be shooting tomorrow - thanks to all those who helped out with that interesting exercise.

With the Graded and Championship matches now complete, team selection for the Island, Slazenger, Wakefield and Drew teams is now possible.  Don’t forget to check if you’ve made a team, and to be there to shoot if you have.




The Benchrest scores continue to astound the prone shooters - how on earth can anyone score 399.29 in those conditions?  Fantastic shooting by Russell Henshaw on Day 3 of the benchrest competition.



day 4 ian.jpg

day 4 shooters.jpg

day 4 2.jpg

day 4 .jpg



Day 3 (24th Feb).  OK, perhaps yesterday saying we would have no more dust storms was tempting fate.  The wind really got up again today, the crazy flags and dust flying over the range resulted in some pretty traumatised shooters, and we hit 35 degrees by going home time around 3pm.  There was still some fantastic shooting, with Ryan and Shania again showing us all how it should be done.



With today being the second of the two Graded Matches, we now also have the Graded Aggregate scores available.  Island and National team selections are based on this plus the National Champs match scores which will be shot tomorrow.


The Benchrest shooters also suffered in the wind today.  Back from an enforced break, Craig O’Brien started the day with 100.9 and 100.6 – what a great way to return to the sport!




day 3 sue ross.jpg

day 3 sam.jpg

day 3 rudolf.jpg

day 3 ray.jpg

day 3 flags.jpg

day 3 murray.jpg

day 3 dom.jpg

day 3 fions.jpg

day 3 _ craig.jpg


Day 2  (23rd Feb) started off cold and calm, and by the time the 3rd squad had shot it was hot (32 degrees) and windy, with the added challenge of dust storms blowing over the range from the Pistol building site next door.  We're happy to hear that the trucks will now be staying away for the rest of the week, so hopefully there'll be no repeats of this.

The first part of the Graded Match was shot today, along with the start of the Benchrest competition.  There was also some hard work going on behind the scenes over on the NZDA range to set up targets for the Women’s Randle Match – many thanks to Martin, Robbie, and Murphy for taking this on.





day 2 _ janet.jpg

day 2 _ 2 shooters.jpg

day 2 _ alistair.jpg

day 2 _ dave.jpg

day 2 _ targets.jpg


day 2 _ benchrest 2.jpg


day 2 _ benchrest 1.jpg

day 2 _ dust.jpg

day 2 _ nzda.jpg

Day 1 (22nd Feb)  of the 2021 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals hosted by Canterbury Outdoor Target Shooting Club in Christchurch has started well - the weather was kind, the programme ran to time, and there were lots of willing helpers during the day.

The 3P match was first up, with Owen Bennett setting a cracking pace to score 1150 in the Qualification round – only 6 points shy of the National record that has stood since 2006 (David Grummitt, set at the Ardmore Nationals).  He followed up by winning the Men's Final, ahead of Ian and Shaun.  Jess Burgess-Smith topped the Qualification in the Women’s 3P, with Helen Freiman taking out the Final.



day 1 owen.jpg

day 1 helen.jpg

day 1 alison.jpg

Prone shooters had their first match today, with the Badge Match squads running either side of the 3P Final.  Conditions were good with a consistent north-easterly and just a bit of mirage.  Grade winners were Ryan Taylor in A Grade, David Thompson in B Grade, Jolie Thompson in C Grade and Ryan Booth in D Grade.



day 1 abby.jpg

day 1 markers.jpg

day 1 .jpg






Update 18 February 2021

Wasn't that great news last night that Auckland moves to Alert Level 2, and the rest of the country to Alert Level 1!

We can now revert back to our planning and running of the TSNZ Nationals under much more 'normal' conditions.  When you are here next week, you will still see several standard COVID controls in place, QR code/contact tracing, sanitiser etc, but thankfully the physical distancing, daily health check etc are now not required to be fully implemented.

Just in case we have the Alert Level change at all whilst we are together, we will have additional controls 'at the ready' in case we need to deploy them.

We still request that you do not travel or attend if you are unwell with any COVID or flu like symptoms. Stay home and contact Healthline for advice. 


I know many of you are keen to see the mound draw for the week, please find this attached.  If you find any obvious issues - like 'I'm not squadded, but entered the event...' OR 'my grade is wrong'... please let me know so that we can make any amendments.  

The final mound draws will be posted on the wall at the range during the week - which will incorporate any mound shuffles due to equipment breakdowns; if we have missed any athletes or have late entries.

For the bench rest shooters, you are able to 'self-squad' and this will be done at the range, the squad sheets will be available from Monday for you to do this near the bench rest mounds.

Safe travels everyone, and see you next week (or some as soon as Sunday).


COTS President


Update 15 February 2021

Canterbury Outdoor Target Shooting Club are able to still run the 2021 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals safely whilst the area operates at Alert Level 2.  There will be sufficient controls in place to create a safe event.  There may need to be additional information that goes to the competitors, but we will wait to see what the updates are over the coming days.  If there is the need to ament  any events and/or mound draws, competitors will be advised.

Entrants can be confident that they can still travel from all Alert Level 2 locations to compete.  For those in Alert Level 3 locations, their further specific restrictions must apply.

It is now extremely important that if any one has any COVID like symptoms, that they remain at home, self isolate and contact Healthline.  


Denva Wren

Any and all updates will be placed on the TSNZ website as soon as they are available.





Please get your entries in to the Canterbury Outdoor Target Shooting Club by 5th February 2021 - entries after that date will incur a late fee.

Note that while all efforts are being made to held this event as planned, it is possible that Covid-19 requirements may mean changes are needed. 
If this does happen, as much notice as possible of any changes will be given.