Outdoor Nationals



2021 TSNZ Outdoor National Championships
22nd - 27th February 2021, in Christchurch


The programme outline for the 2021 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals is now approved,
with matches running each day from the 3P Championship on Monday 22nd February
right through to the International Matches on Saturday 27th February.

CLICK HERE for the 2021 Outdoor Nationals Programme Outline

Further details and entry forms will be provided as they become available. 

Note that while all efforts are being made to held this event as planned, it is possible that Covid-19 requirements may mean changes are needed. 
If this does happen, as much notice as possible of any changes will be given.




2020 TSNZ Outdoor National Championships
23rd - 29th February, in Tokoroa, Waikato.









Congratulations to all the winners at the 2020 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals, and to those who have now represented NZ or their Island for the first time.
Many thanks to Waikato Association for hosting the event, and to all the volunteers who were there over the week to make it all happen. 
Special thanks goes to those who managed the extra 50yd and 100yd targets for the international Randle match.


nz new 1.jpg
New NZ Reps
Shaun Jeffery, Stephanie McNair,
Dean Fincham


nz new 2.jpg
New NZ Rep
Kevin Bocock


junior new.jpg
New NZ Junior Reps
Stephanie McNair, James Gray, David Reesby, Bayley Rowe,
Dom Henry, Piper Benbow


island new _north.jpg
New Island Reps - NORTH
Alan Dickson, Dean Fincham,
Stephanie McNair


island new _ south.jpg
New Island Rep - SOUTH
Dom Henry


island team 2.jpg
Winning NORTH ISLAND team Captain Martin Hunt receiving Inter-Island Tray from South Island Captain Shania Harrison-Lee


island top score.jpg
Island Team - Top Score
Helen Freiman


randle top score.jpg
Randle Team - Top Score
Jess Burgess-Smith




graded _ a.jpg
Graded Matches - A GRADE
David Wright (3rd), Shania Harrison-Lee (1st), Martin Hunt (2nd)


graded _ b.jpg
Graded Matches - B GRADE
Dean Fincham (3rd), Jim Dann (1st),
Jess Burgess-Smith (2nd)


graded _ c.jpg
Graded Matches - C GRADE
David Green (3rd), Shaun Jeffery (1st),
Sarah Reesby (3rd)


graded _ d.jpg
Graded Matches - D GRADE
Bayley Rowe (3rd)
Not present - Hendrik Griessel (2nd),
Rudolf Britz (1st)


agg _ vets.jpg
Graded Matches - VETERANS
Alan Dickson (3rd), Lindsay Arthur (1st),
Jim Dann (2nd)  


agg _ junior.jpg
Aggregate - JUNIOR
Shania Harrison-Lee



agg _ a.jpg
Aggregate - A GRADE
Martin Hunt


agg _ b.jpg
Aggregate - B GRADE
Jess Burgess-Smith


agg _ c.jpg
Aggregate - C GRADE
Shaun Jeffery





Aggregate - D GRADE

Not present - Rudolf Britz


Peter Robinson (2nd)
Not present - Greg Couper (3rd),
Graeme  Smith (1st)


bench _ prone.jpg
Benchrest & Prone Aggregate
Shania Harrison-Lee receiving the
Dudley Jarman Memorial Trophy from
TSNZ Liaison Bruce Marchant


men junior.jpg
National Champs - JUNIOR MEN
Aidan Lynch (3rd), Shaun Jeffery (1st),
Dom Henry (2nd)
men qual.jpg
National Champs - MEN
Top Qualifying Score

Martin Hunt


National Champs - MEN - FINAL
Martin Hunt (2nd), David Wright (1st),
Owen Bennett (3rd)


women junior.jpg
National Champs - JUNIOR WOMEN
Piper Benbow (3rd), Shania Harrison-Lee (1st), Stephanie McNair (2nd)


women 2.jpg
National Champs - WOMEN
Shania Harrison-Lee (3rd), Jess Burgess-Smith (1st), Denva Wren (2nd)


team open.jpg
Association Team - OPEN
Manawatu Marauders
Helen Freiman, Jim Dann, Martin Hunt


team 2.jpg
Association Team - GRADED
Followers of King Julian
Meaghan Reesby, Shaun Jeffery,
Jess Burgess-Smith


The final day of the 2020 Outdoor Nationals at Tokoroa started seriously and ended in hilarity.  The first two matches of the day saw the International teams shooting for Slazenger, Wakefield and Drew scores – this was the serious part.  Some new NZ Record scores were shot by our Juniors, with Stephanie McNair top-scoring with a 623.0 in the Slazenger/Wakefield, and Shania Harrison-Lee with a new whole score record of 597 in the Drew match - well done to you both.



The day then descended into chaos (as is usual at this point in the Nationals) with the Association Teams match being accompanied by loud music and dancing, distractions from team-mates and onlookers (including Janet the Bubble Fairy), various penalties for missing gear and other infractions, and the one shooting last (renamed King Julian) being totally bombarded with noise and his fruit-crown.  This event is great fun for all, and the shooters did incredibly well to manage the scores that they did.  The results are on the pre-penalty scores, so as to make the event fair for all.

Congratulations to Manawatu Marauders who topped the Open section, and The Followers of King Julian (also from Manawatu) who won the Graded section.



PHOTOS – the team photos that were taken at the presentation dinner can be ordered and paid for through the TSNZ Office.  Cost is $15 each for A4 laminated photos, plus $5 postage (you can combine a number of photos into this). 

Order forms will be available soon.  So you can figure out what you want to order, teams and shooter numbers are:

Slazenger (22) / Wakefield (10) / North Island (11) / South Island (11) / Women (5) / Randle (12) / Junior Drew (10) / Drew Men (3) / Drew Women (3) / Juniors vs Australia (3)

Other informal photos taken by Jackie during the week will be available soon too.


Many thanks to Waikato and all their workers for hosting a great event. 
The crowd that camped at the range had a fantastic social time along with their shooting, and probably had even forgotten the first 2 days of torrential rain by the end. 
Bruce Marchant has now done his last stint as TSNZ Liaison Officer, and is thanked sincerely for all the work he has put into that over the years.

See you all in CHRISTCHURCH in 2021.

Day 6 and only one day to go at the 2020 Outdoor Nationals in Tokoroa.  The womens International Randle Match was the first on the programme today, with the 12 shooters facing calm conditions – that is, after the fog lifted.  This is the first time NZ has fielded a Randle team since 1984, and all the shooters, coaches and supporters thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  This was a real learning curve for many, as NZ shooters don’t often get to shoot the 50 yard and 100 yard distances.  Many thanks to the ground team who wrangled the target frames and backing boards.  Scores will be forwarded to the USA later this year and are being kept tightly under wraps until then.



day 6 _ 2.jpg


day 6 _ 9.jpg


day 6 _ 7.jpg



day 6 _10.jpg


day 6 _ 6.jpg


day 6 _ 5.jpg



The Men’s National Championship Qualification match started soon after that.  Conditions were light but fickle, and some good scores resulted.  The top 8 shooters progressed to the Final, which was won by our Australian visitor David Wright, only 1.5 ahead of our local lad, Martin Hunt. 



day 6 _ 3.jpg


day 6 _ 4.jpg


day 6 _ 1.jpg



The day finished with the North Island vs South Island Match, with 11 shooters from each Island shooting shoulder-to-shoulder.  By now the wind had picked up, along with the ever-present mirage.  The heckling from one Island to the other was quite entertaining, and taken in great spirits.  With the match being at 3pm shooters were almost in the sun and temperatures were well over 30 degrees.  Congratulations to the North Island for their win.



The final day of the Nationals tomorrow will be International matches, starting with the Slazenger/Wakefield match, followed by Juniors shooting in the Drew event.  The last shoot will be the Inter-Association match where anything goes – shooters coach and scope for each other and sledging is encouraged.


Dinner and presentations are at the Sizzling Bull in Tokoroa – team photos start at 5.30 so be there in good time wearing your No 1s.    Dinner is at 7pm.


Day 5 at the 2020 Outdoor Nationals in Tokoroa and the day started with the Womens Championship match being swarmed by mozzies and people (including Range staff and Drug-Free Sport NZ testers) leaping for the bug spray.  Conditions continued to be tricky with massive mirage to contend with. 

Congratulations to the winner of the 2020 Women’s National Championship match – Jess Burgess-Smith.



The next two matches were Elimination matches for the Men’s National Championship match.   Mirage again made it challenging, with the fickleness of the flags only adding to the fun.

Due to the uneven squad numbers 11 shooters went through from the first squad and 9 from the second squad, giving the 20 shooters who will take part in the Qualification match tomorrow.

Benchrest shooters finished up their competition today, and results are now final.  It was great to see some new people having a go at Benchrest, and we hope to see this more and more when the new TSNZ Benchrest Guidelines are finalised.



The day finished up with the Randle Team practice.  The 12 women shooters sighted in at 50yds and 100yds for the match to be held tomorrow.  There was plenty of advice being given loudly and enthusiastically, but the women managed to get their rifles sorted out in spite of that.  Congratulations to the Randle Team members:  Shania Harrison-Lee, Kirsten Birrell, Helen Freiman, Denva Wren, Jess Burgess-Smith, Janet Hunt, Stephanie McNair, Jackie Lindsay, Meaghan Reesby, Ruth McNair, Sarah Reesby and Piper Benbow.  The two non-shooting members are Taresa Morris as Captain and Allison Archer as Coach.  This is the first time TSNZ has had a Randle Team since 1984. 

Island and International teams are now set, with the rankings from the two Graded matches plus the Women’s Championship match or Men’s Elimination matches aggregates being used for these teams.  The Island match is being shot tomorrow afternoon, and the International matches will be on Saturday.

Congratulations to all our Island and NZ Representative shooters!




Day 4 in Tokoroa was HOT HOT HOT.  Swirly breezes, shifting mirage, sun and heat – the joys of outdoor shooting.  The second part of the Graded Match was shot today, with the C and D Graders going first at 9.30, followed by A Graders at 11.30 and then B Graders at 1.30.   While the conditions may not have looked difficult, there were a lot of quick decisions to be made to get the match finished in time, and some found it a challenge.  No doubt every Squad thought the others had it easier than they did.


Congratulations to the top scorers for the day:

A Grade – Shania Harrison-Lee
B Grade – Dean Fincham
C Grade – Shaun Jeffery
D Grade – Bayley Rowe


The results from the two days of Graded Matches are combined for the Graded Aggregate competition.  Congratulations to the Graded Aggregate winners for 2020:

A Grade – Shania Harrison-Lee
B Grade – Jim Dann
C Grade – Shaun Jeffery
D Grade – Rudolf Britz



Benchrest continued with their third day of competition today.  The benchrest shooters also found the conditions tricky, with very small changes in the wind and mirage making for big changes in sighting through their scopes.  They still have one further day to go tomorrow until final results will be out.



And sorry, no new photos today - it was just too hot to get the camera out!

Day 3 of the 2020 Outdoor Nationals in Tokoroa and the Waikato heat really kicked in, after a slightly chilly start.  Squad 1 of the day probably got the worst of the breezes, but the mirage picked up as the day wore on, and many of the shooters in the last squad came off the mound looking totally wrung out.

This was the first day of the Graded competition, which will be completed with Graded 2 being shot tomorrow (Wednesday).  For the first day the A Graders shot first, followed by B Graders, then C and D Graders combined.  For the second part of this aggregate match tomorrow the shooting order and mounds will all be switched around, to make it as fair as possible for all.

These were big squads, with 21 shooters in the B and C/D matches, so a huge WELL DONE to the markers who got final results out within 50 minutes of the end of each squad - the three DISAG electronic marking machines running all together were practically smoking.


Congratulations to the top scorers of the first Graded match day:

A Grade – Helen Freiman
B Grade – Stephanie McNair
C Grade – David Green
D Grade – Rudolf Britz



day 3 _ 4.jpg


day 3 _ 8.jpg


day 3 _ 7.jpg


day 3 _ 6.jpg


day 3 _ 5.jpg


day 3 _ 12.jpg


day 3 _ 13.jpg


day 3 _ 3.jpg


day 3 _ 14.jpg


The Benchrest competition was into its second day today, with more shooters arriving to compete.  While some have now finished their 3 matches, others have even to start, so more scores will be added over the next two days.




day 3 _ 11.jpg


day 3 _ 10.jpg


day 3 _ 9.jpg


day 3 _ 17.jpg


day 3 _ 16.jpg


day 3 _ 18.jpg


The 2020 Outdoor Nationals continued into Day 2 with the Marathon event of shooting – the 3P.  This involves 40 shots kneeling, 40 shots prone, and 40 shots standing, all taking a total of 3 ¼ hours.  Those who make it through to the Final then have another 15 shots in each position to shoot before the final winner is known.  With the match start at 9.30am conditions were cool and breezy and didn’t really heat up until after midday.  With 4 shooters in each of the Men’s and Women’s events, all 8 progressed to the Final.  

Congratulations to Owen Bennett for taking out Gold in the Men’s Match, and Meaghan Reesby for Gold in the Women’s Match.



day 2 _ 5.jpg


day 2 _ 7.jpg


day 2 _ 10.jpg


day 2 _ 9.jpg


day 2 _13.jpg


day 2 _ 11.jpg



The Benchrest competition also started on Day 2, with the first 4 shooters braving the blustery conditions.  The extra wind flags allowed in this event make the range very busy and quite different to the prone range.  Marking was helped along by the ingenious digital microscope system Graeme Smith brought along to the match.  Benchrest shooters have three 25-shot matches to shoot over 4 days, so it will be three more days before the final results are known.



day 2 _ 4.jpg


day 2 _ 3.jpg


day 2 _ 2.jpg


day 2 _ 1.jpg


Day 1 of the 2020 Outdoor Nationals in Tokoroa started with 3P practice.  Our eight 3P shooters seemed to make the most of the great conditions, conditions which sadly were not to last out the day.

The Badge Match came next, with Squad One having to deal with some strong breezes. The new bright orange flags were a challenge for some, with the swivels making them spin merrily in the sunshine.  Squad Two had lots of mirage followed by a torrential downpour!  Well done to those two shooters who had to be moved due to wet targets not rolling through, and to the target-markers who manned the hairdriers (including Martin’s) so they could be marked.

Congratulations to the top scores in the Grades:

A Grade – Martin Hunt
B Grade – Stephanie McNair
C Grade – Aidan Lynch
D Grade – Rudolf Britz



day 1 _ 1.jpg


day 1 _ 3.jpg


day 1 _ 2.jpg


day 1 _ 4.jpg


day 1 _ 5.jpg


day 1 _ 6.jpg




Some tips for the upcoming Outdoor Nationals

TRADING - contact Ruth BEFORE Saturday 22nd if you'd like something from TSNZ Trading brought along to Tokoroa for you.   
Ruth will be bringing some stock over but can't bring it all this trip, so get in touch if advance if you want something special.

HATS - the Tokoroa range faces into the sun in the afternoon squads,
so permission has been granted for those shooting in the Island Match at 3pm to wear hats with long peaks and flaps if they want to. 
These are the old-style ones that everyone used to wear before ISSF rules came into play. 
This is allowable as the Island Match is not a Designated Match, so if you think that you might be in the North Island or South Island teams,
go and dig out your old hat to bring along just in case.


AMMUNITION  -  if you want to buy any particular ammo at Tokoroa please contact Bruce Marchant BEFORE Saturday 22nd so he can be sure to bring it for you. 

SK PISTOL MATCH - TSNZ was kindly provided some SK Pistol Match to test, many thanks to Robbie and Val who performed the testing for us. 
At $220 per thousand it looks like this is going to be a great cost-effective option,
and we will have some for sale at the Nationals for those who want to give it a go.




Programme and Squadding details are now available for the 2020 Outdoor Nationals.
Shooters who have entered have been sent a copy by email too.

Check your details carefully, and please email Waikato Association at
waikatosmallbore@gmail.com if there is anything about your entry that needs amending.



Click here for BENCHREST RULES for 2020 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals (amended)

Click here for RANDLE TROPHY information for 2020 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals

TSNZ Members and other International shooters are invited to  join us in Tokoroa for the 2020 TSNZ Outdoor National Championships.
Events include 3P, 50m Prone and Benchrest.
Shooters compete in Grades, so even new outdoor shooters can have a go.

Island and NZ teams will be selected from the events during the week,
and this year we also hope to hold two dual range 50/100 yard events which will depend on entry numbers - the women's Randle Match and the open Dewar Match.

So come along to Waikato in February for a great week of shooting.


Click here for ENTRY FORM only - Excel version

 Entries close 31st January 2020