Outdoor Nationals




2019 Outdoor Nationals
18th - 23rd February, Christchurch


Target Shooting NZ Members and International shooters are invited to compete at the 2019 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals.
Entry forms and information can be found below.

Please return entries by 31st January to NCMRA, c/ Sarah Black, 50 Culverden Road, Culverden 7392
or email to sarahandrinablack@gmail.com



Note that 3P, 50m Prone and Benchrest events will take place at the Outdoor Nationals
while 10m Air Rifle events will be at the Air Rifle Nationals in Auckland on 12-13 March.


 2018 Outdoor Nationals
17th - 24th February, Palmerston North


24 feb 8.jpg
New NZ Reps
David Baigent, Rachel McLaren, Sarah Reesby,
Meaghan Reesby, Lachie McNair, Jim Dann, Alan Gibbs,
Ian McFetridge


24 feb 5.jpg
New Inter-Island Reps
Alan Gibbs, Rachel McLaren, Malcolm Garland, Shane Grant,
Kate Campbell, Sarah Reesby


24 feb 9.jpg
New Junior NZ Reps
Sarah Reesby, Kate Campbell,
Meaghan Reesby, Lachie McNair


24 feb 6.jpg
Winning North Island Captain Martin Hunt receiving Inter-Island Tray from
South Island Captain Denva Wren



24 feb 10.jpg
Graded Matches - Veterans
Jim Dann (2nd), Grant Taylor (1st),
David Baigent (3rd)



24 feb 11.jpg
Graded Matches - D Grade
Lachie McNair (2nd), Meaghan Reesby (1st),
Fred de Burgh (3rd) 



24 feb 12.jpg
Graded Matches - C Grade
Jim Dann (2nd), Taresa Morris (1st),
Murray Reeves (3rd)



24 feb 13.jpg
Graded Matches - B Grade
Sarah Reesby (2nd), Kirsten Birrell (1st),
David Green (3rd)



24 feb 14.jpg
Graded Matches - A Grade
Helen Freiman (3rd - not in pic), Martin Hunt (1st), Ryan Taylor (2nd) 



24 feb 15.jpg
Martin Hunt (1st), Carmen Porfida (2nd)



24 feb 16.jpg
Benchrest / Prone Aggregate
Martin Hunt receiving new Dudley Jarman Memorial Trophy from Peter Robinson



24 feb 17.jpg
Junior Aggregate
Sarah Reesby


24 feb 18.jpg
D Grade Aggregate
Lachie McNair


24 feb 19.jpg
C Grade Aggregate
Taresa Morris



24 feb 20.jpg
B Grade Aggregate
Kirsten Birrell



24 feb 21.jpg
A Grade Aggregate
Ryan Taylor




24 feb 7.jpg
Top Score Island Match
Denva Wren - 624.9



24 feb 24.jpg
Association Teams - OPEN
Martin Hunt, Sarah Reesby, David Green



24 feb 23.jpg
Association Teams - GRADED
Southern Hawkes Bay
Kirsten Birrell, Robbie McNair, Taresa Morris






Saturday 24th February


Day 8 of the TSNZ National Championships was a day of extremes. 

First up was the serious business of the International Matches – Wakefield, Slazenger, Drew, Women’s and Junior Teams all shot for their respective postal matches.  There were some outstanding scores posted – well done to Martin Hunt had the top score for the day of 625.4, and to Sarah Reesby in the Drew Junior Team who shot a 593 (whole score as is required by this UK match;  the decimal score was 618.1).   Results of these postal competitions will shared when they are available later in 2018.

The final match of the day (and of the Nationals) was the fun Association Teams shoot, which required a team of 3, with each shooter taking a turn at coaching/scoping for another shooter.  With the total time being 1 hour 15 minutes including all sighters and change-overs there was no time to waste, and the crowd enjoyed loudly upping the pressure and barracking all the teams.   Congratulations to Manawatu who won the Open section, and Southern Hawkes Bay who won the Graded match.

The presentation dinner and team photos held at the Awapuni Racecourse was a perfect way to finish off the week. 


Thank you to Manawatu Association for such a well-run Nationals,
and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year
when North Canterbury host the event in Christchurch. 



24 feb 1 a.jpg



24 feb 1 b.jpg


24 feb 1 c.jpg

24 feb 2.jpg



24 feb 3.jpg



24 feb 1 e.jpg


24 feb 1 d.jpg



Friday 23rd February


The penultimate day of the TSNZ National Championships finally dawned fine and clear

The Men’s Qualification match kicked off the day, with the 20 qualifiers from yesterday’s Elimination match shooting for a place among the top eight who would go forward to the Final.   Well done to the finalists: Owen Bennett, David Green, Martin Hunt, Ryan Taylor, Alan Gibbs, Grant Taylor, Robbie McNair and Ian McFetridge, and to the eventual medalists: Ryan Taylor (Bronze), Grant Taylor (Silver) and Martin Hunt (Gold).  Lachie McNair also took out the Gold medal for the Junior Men’s match with his Qualification score of 599.5.

The Inter-Island match followed, with the North Island totalling 6712.3 to win over the South Island’s  6501.4, despite friendly rivalry involving Crunchie bars and a “shared” shot, and another fantastic shoot from the South’s Denva Wren, who top-scored with a PB of 624.9.

The final day tomorrow has an earlier start – the Slazenger/Wakefield/Drew match will have shooters called to the line at 9.15am, with the match starting at 9.45am.  The Association teams match is also a little earlier, starting at 1pm.

Team photos will be at the Awapuni Racecourse from 6.00pm, so please don’t be late. 




23 feb 1.jpg


23 feb 2.jpg


23 feb 4.jpg


23 feb 5.jpg



23 feb 8.jpg


23 feb 7.jpg



Thursday 22nd February


The day started off with the Women’s National Championship match, with the women having to cope with a change in conditions from rain to boiling mirage. Congratulations to the 3 medal winners  Denva Wren (Gold), Helen Freiman (Silver) and Jackie Lindsay (Bronze); and to the 3 Junior Women’s medal winners Sarah Reesby (Gold), Meaghan Reesby (Silver) and Kate Campbell (Bronze).

The two Men’s Elimination matches followed, with the top 10 shooters from each match progressing to the Men’s Qualification Match to be held tomorrow (Friday).   Well done to Ryan Taylor who topped the Elimination matches with 621.4. 

The Benchrest competition was completed today too, with Martin Hunt scoring an amazing 599.44 (as did Carmen Porfida in the first round) to take out the Benchrest title, as well as the new combined Prone/Benchrest award, the Dudley Jarman Memorial Trophy.

North Island and South Island teams, and NZ Women’s, Wakefield and Slazenger Teams have now been selected, and it’s great to see that for the first time in years there are also enough Junior shooters for a Junior Drew team.  The Inter-Island match is tomorrow afternoon, and the NZ teams shoot a postal match on Saturday.  This is followed by the Association Teams event, and finally our presentation dinner.

Squadding for the Mens Qualification Match, the Inter-Island Match and the NZ Matches can all be found here, or at the Range.

PS – thanks to Denva and Robbie for bringing in Murphy for us to meet, he seems to be enjoying that medal!




22 feb 1.jpg


22 feb 3.jpg


22 feb 2.jpg


22 feb 5.jpg


22 feb 6.jpg


22 feb 8.jpg


22 feb 4.jpg


Wednesday 21st February


OK, lesson learnt – do NOT mention the weather during the Nationals! 

It was four seasons in one day today, with shooters having to contend with sun, rain, and those good old Manawatu squirrely winds.  It was definitely a challenge, but still some coped remarkably well. 

Well done to the day’s Graded 2 winners – Martin Hunt (A), Kirsten Birrell (B), Taresa Morris (C) and Meaghan Reesby (D).  These four are also the top scores in the Graded 1 and 2 Aggregate, so clearly coping with the wind today was the key factor.

With only one shooter still to complete their shooting in the Dudley Jarman Memorial Trophy match, which combines Prone Graded 1 and 2 with two Benchrest shoots, the scores are seriously tight.  The top 2 places are only separated by inners, and places 3 and 4 are only 1 point apart.  Incredible really, considering the match is out of a possible 2,400 points.

Thursday sees the Women’s National Champs match first up, then the two Men’s Elimination Matches, with the last Benchrest squad to close up the day.  These prone matches are the last set of scores to be added to the Island and NZ Teams selection.


21 FEB 2.jpg


21 FEB 1.jpg

21 FEB 5.jpg


Tuesday 20th February


Day 4 at the TSNZ National Championships - the cyclone luckily didn’t make itself felt, and despite what was threatened in earlier weather forecasts both Prone squads had light winds, as did the two Benchrest squads at the end of the day. 

The Graded 1 match was up first – well done to the top shooters in each Grade: Ryan Taylor (A), Rachel McLaren (B), Taresa Morris (C), and Lachie McNair (D).  Tomorrow the squad timing swaps around for the Graded 2 match, with the B and D Graders shooting first, and the A and C Graders second.   The Aggregate scores from both these 2 matches will give us the Graded winners.

The South Islanders were the main Benchrest shooters today, and all have now completed their first Benchrest match.  Hopefully the weather will continue to hold good for everyone tomorrow!




With the first round of Graded Matches now complete, preliminary ranking of shooters is looking very interesting.  The Island and NZ teams selection is from the Aggregate of Graded 1, Graded 2 and the Nationals Champs matches, so there's still a long way to go yet. 






20 feb 8.jpg


20 feb 9.jpg

20 feb 7.jpg



20 Feb 1.jpg



20 Feb 5.jpg



20 Feb 4.jpg


20 feb 8.jpg


Monday 19th February


Day 3 was the first outdoor day, with the 3P National Championship plus the first Benchrest match being held. 

The weather was still fairly kind, but it was clear that the wind was starting to pick up by the end of the day.  

Well done to Owen Bennett who won his second National Men’s Championship, coming out top in the Men’s 3P.  For those not in the know, the “3P” relates to shooting in the 3 positions of kneeling, prone and standing, 40 shots of each – this is a truly testing match, taking up to 3 ¼ hours.

 The Women’s 3P (now also over 120 shots, increased from the old 60 shot match at the start of this year) was won by Sally Johnston.  The Junior Women’s 3P was taken out by Meaghan Reesby, and it was great to see all 3 Women’s Junior shooters in their JDS jackets at the presentation. 

Carmen Porfida laid down the challenge in her first Benchrest match, scoring an outstanding 599.44.







19 Feb 1.jpg



19 Feb 9.jpg


Sunday 18th February


Day 2 of the Nationals saw the TSNZ Air Rifle National Champions decided.

The men shot first, with Owen Bennett cementing his place as National Men’s Champion with a resounding win.  Grant Sharman, being the only IPC entry, was only able to shoot with the men as a training match; it would be great to see more entries in the IPC National event in the future.  Lachie McNair’s qualification score gained him the Junior Men’s title.

In the afternoon it was the turn of the women, and again this was a closely fought match, with the lead changing many times in the Final.  Jessica Riddle picked up the pace in the second half to come out as National Women’s Champion, and also won the Junior Women’s title with her Qualification score.

Many thanks to all the helpers at the Totara Rd range, and to the shooters who coped so well with the heat.  We now move on to the Turitea Rd range tomorrow, with the first outdoor event being the 3P on Monday and Prone matches starting on Tuesday.



18 Feb 9.jpg


18 Feb 7.jpg


18 Feb 1.jpg

18 Feb 4.jpg

18 feb 5.jpg

18 Feb 11.jpg


Saturday 17th February


The 2018 TSNZ National Championships kicked off today with the 10m Air Rifle events held at the Totara Rd MSRA Range. 

The Women's match was hotly contested, with Jessica Riddle taking out the win only 0.3 points ahead of Chalm Davey.  The Men's match had only one entry so was shot as a training match, and in the Open Prone, Ross Mason won first place.  We look forward to seeing these shooters in action again tomorrow, at the National Champs matches.


17 Feb 1.jpg

17 feb 4.jpg

17 feb 6.jpg

17 feb 8.jpg




17 feb 2.jpg


17 feb 3.jpg

17 feb 3 a.jpg




17 feb 1a.jpg


2018 National Championships Event Information



There have been some great changes for 2018:

  • The matches that were previously named as ISSF matches are now NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP matches.
  • Benchrest competition is run over 2 x 60 shot matches - you can shoot these on any of the 4 available Benchrest days.
  • There is an Open Prone Air Rifle match - anyone can have a go at this match, shooting seated with elbows on a table.
  • A new award will be presented for the Aggregate of 50m Prone Graded plus Benchrest matches - so have a go at Benchrest even if you've never tried it before.
  • Conditions for the Slazenger match against Australia have now been confirmed -  diopters can be used in ALL matches (except the Junior DREW matches).  Clothing and equipment rules are already relaxed - our shooters will be able to compete right to the top level using INDOOR equipment (except the Junior DREW matches).
  • Womens 3P and Air matches will be held according to new ISSF Rules coming into effect 1st January - both will now have the same number of shots as the Men's matches.


Entries are due in by 31st January. 
Come along for a great week of shooting.



Revised 22nd December (V3)- 

Programme and cost for Women's 3P has been updated for new ISSF Rules in effect 1st January





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