Outdoor Nationals



TSNZ Outdoor National Championships 2018
Manawatu, 17th - 24th February



There have been some great changes for 2018:

  • The matches that were previously named as ISSF matches are now NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP matches.
  • Benchrest competition is run over 2 x 60 shot matches - you can shoot these on any of the 4 available Benchrest days.
  • There is an Open Prone Air Rifle match - anyone can have a go at this match, shooting seated with elbows on a table.
  • A new award will be presented for the Aggregate of 50m Prone Graded plus Benchrest matches - so have a go at Benchrest even if you've never tried it before.
  • Conditions for the Slazenger match against Australia are being reviewed right now (to be confirmed soon) so that diopters can be used in ALL matches.  Clothing and equipment rules are already relaxed - our shooters will be able to compete right to the top level using INDOOR equipment.


Entries are due in by 31st January. 
Come along for a great week of shooting.



Programme has been revised 7 December - 

IPC Standing match day has been changed




Air girls.jpg







2017 Outdoor Nationals - CHRISTCHURCH


The 2017 TSNZ Outdoor Nationals  in Christchurch saw a change in programme for the first time, to a shortened version of the usual timetable.  This was in response to shooter feedback after the 2016 Nationals, and was a move towards increasing shooter participation.  

TSNZ would like to thank all the Members who took part in the online survey following these shortened 2017 Outdoor Nationals.  Results of this were used by the Executive to help shape the future of TSNZ Outdoor Nationals with Remits at the 2017 AGM. 




FINAL DAY at the 2017 Outdoor Nationals in Christchurch saw one shoot, the NZ Teams match.  There was only one squad needed, so the slightly later start of 9am was appreciated by many.  The wind was still a bit tricky, but at least the drizzle held off until after the match.  There were some solid scores posted, but we won't know how we've done in the International matches (Slazenger, Wakefield and Women's) until the overseas shooters complete their shooting later in the year.  (Note that Slazenger results have now been correctly sorted into shooter selection order rather than score order).  Keep an eye on the NEWS for those results when they're available.  There were 4 lucky shooters tagged for testing by Drug-Free Sport NZ after the match, and our thanks go to NZDA for the use of their excellent clubrooms for this.

The Nationals finished up with the usual team photographs and presentations, and a great lunch at the Macleans Island Golf Club.  A special presentation of a Gold Merit Award was also made to Elizabeth Taylor. 

Many thanks to everyone who made the Nationals possible, and who helped out in so many ways.  

The shortened programme was new this year, and TSNZ wants your feedback on it.  We want to hear from those who attended, but also from those who didn't, so we can find out why people didn't come.  There will be a feedback form on the website by the end of the week so everyone can have their (hopefully constructive) say.

The venue for the 2018 Outdoor Nationals is not confirmed yet -  Manawatu have shown some interest, but as they hosted last year and also ran this year's Air Rifle Nationals, no doubt they'd be pleased if there are others in the North Island who would like to give it a go.  Get in touch with the office if your Association is keen.






2 Nth vs Sth.jpg

South Island Captain Denva Wren presenting Inter-Island Tray to winning North Island Captain Martin Hunt

3 New Slazenger reps.jpg

New New Zealand Reps
Adrianne Sherwin & Sam Vincent

4 New Womens Reps.jpg

New Womens NZ Reps
Jess Burgess-Smith & Kirsten Birrell

5 Top Score.jpg
Top Score Island Match
Denva Wren (618.7)



6 Vets.jpg
Graded Matches - Vets
Grant Taylor (1st), Russell Henshaw (2nd),
Ray McCaw (3rd - not in photo)


7 D Grade.jpg
Graded Matches - D Grade
Eddie Love (3rd), John Chauval (1st)
Dawn Ackers-Chauval (3rd)


8 C Grade _ no Ray.jpg
Graded Matches - C Grade
Kirsten Birrell (1st), Ross Lomas (3rd),
Ray McCaw (2nd - not in photo)


9 B Grade.jpg
Graded Matches - B Grade
Roddy Williamson (2nd), Jess Burgess-Smith (1st), Sam Vincent (3rd)


10 A Grade.jpg
Graded Matches - A Grade
Denva Wren (2nd), Daniel Keis (1st),
Grant Taylor (3rd)


11 Benchrest _ no Ray.png
Peter Robinson (2nd), Russell Henshaw (3rd)
Ray McCaw (1st - not in photo)


12 Junior Aggregate.jpg
Junior Aggregate
Jess Burgess-Smith



13 D Grade Aggregate _ Copy.jpg
D Grade Aggregate
John Chauval



14 C Grade Aggregate.jpg
C Grade Aggregate
Kirsten Birrell



15 B Grade Aggregate.jpg
B Grade Aggregate
Jess Burgess-Smith



16 A Grade Aggregate.jpg
A Grade Aggregate
Denva Wren


17 Assn Team Open.jpg
Top Association Team
Manawatu #1


18 Assn Team Graded.jpg
Top Graded Association Team
Southern Hawkes Bay


19 Merit Award.jpg
Gold Merit Award
Elizabeth Taylor



DAY 4 - Mens ISSF Qualification and Final, and Inter-Island matches.  It was another HOT day in Canterbury, and the day started with conditions for the Mens' ISSF match being near ideal - gentle or no wind.  Congratulations to Ryan Taylor for shooting a Commonwealth Games qualifying score of 624.7 and coming up with top score in that match.

The 8 shooters in the Final coped well with more breeze and the enthusiastic clapping of the audience in the last few shots.  Scores were very close, and the lead changed a number of times. Well done to Rory McLeod for taking out the Gold Medal, Martin Hunt for the Silver, and Ryan Taylor the Bronze.  Unfortunately Rory had to run to catch a plane before the medal presentation, so the medal will have to follow him soon.

The Inter-Island match started with the usual good-natured jibes then everyone got down to business in a tricky breeze with mirage added in for difficulty.  The North Islanders took out the win, with top scores being Janet Hunt from the North and Denva Wren from the South. (Note that the results have now been amended to have the Emergency scores in the correct place).

The Benchrest competition is almost over, only a few more scores needed to be finished up tomorrow.  Scores to date (Saturday 25 Feb) are below.







Mens ISSF FInal
Martin Hunt (Silver), Bruce Marchant (TSNZ), Ryan Taylor (Bronze)
Rory McLeod - GOLD - not present



Day 3 at the Outdoor Nationals started with the Women and Juniors ISSF match.  Some great scores were shot in this match, with 4 shooters gaining Commonwealth Games qualifying scores - congratulations to Sally Johnston, Jenna Mackenzie, Denva Wren, and Janet Hunt for those.  In the Womens Match Sally won Gold, Jenna Silver and Denva Bronze, also congratulations to Jess Burgess-Smith for winning the Junior Match.

Next up were the Men in their ISSF Elimination Match.  There were 30 men entered, and so for the first time in a few years this match was needed to cut the field to 20 for the ISSF Qualification Match.  The top 10 from each squad of 15 went through, and well done to Martin Hunt for his Commonwealth Games qualifying score.

Lastly the fun part of the day - the Association Teams match.  8 teams of 3 toughed it out, and with them having to shoot 20 shots each without scopes by relying on wind coaches from their other team members, it certainly was entertaining. There were more people waiting for these scores than any other so far!







DAY 2 -  For the first time in years there were two 60-shot Graded matches shot in the same day at the Outdoor Nationals, and it seems most people coped pretty well.  The first squad started at 8am, and the last one finished at 6.30pm so it was a long day, with the mirage in the second set of graded matches adding to the challenge.  The Benchrest competition continues each day, with shooters having to post a total of 4 scores.

It's great to see so many shooters coming in to the marking room to help out - although perhaps it was more the attraction of the "machines" rather than the marking itself.  Seeing your match come up in "shotview" as its marked is absolutely fascinating.

Congratulations to our Graded Match winners:

Graded Match 1 - A Grade, Daniel Keis;  B Grade, Roddy Williamson; C Grade, Kirsten Birrell; D Grade, Eddie Love.

Graded Match 2 - A Grade, Helen Freiman;  B Grade, Sam Vincent; C Grade, Kirsten Birrell; D Grade, John Chauval.


And the winners of the AGGREGATE for both Graded 1 and 2 are:

A Grade, Daniel Keis;  B Grade, Jess Burgess-Smith;  C Grade, Kirsten Birrell; D Grade, John Chauval.













DAY 1  -  The first morning of the 2017 Outdoor Nationals saw the 3P shooters kick off the event.  There were good numbers entered, and they certainly had the better part of the day, weather-wise - until the last part of the Mens' match that is, when that hot Canterbury wind came barrelling in.  Congratulations to Jenna and Owen, winners of the Women's and Men's events, both of whom shot a Commonwealth Games MQS.

In the afternoon there were 2 squads for the 30-shot Badge match. Conditions were not easy, and there were many times when the flags were heading to all points of the compass at the one time.  There were a couple of cross-fires which just goes to show how much shooters were concentrating on the flags!  Well done to the winners in each Grade -  A - Denva Wren;  B - Steve O'Donnell;  C - Ray McCaw;  D - John Chauval.  









Outdoor Nationals NEWS  

For the first time, shooters can qualify for BOTH Slazenger and Wakefield International Matches without having to have clothing ISSF-compliant.

Rifles/mats and Match conditions are still under ISSF Rules, but for the first time there's now no need for jacket or glove testing.  Clothing is under TSNZ Indoor Rules conditions.

Also as from 1.1.17 all Outdoor Shooters will be able to use a single corrective lens attached to the rear sight.

All shooters now have the chance to get into North Island/South Island teams under TSNZ Indoor Rules, and New Zealand Teams with clothing under Indoor Rules and rifle/gear under ISSF Rules.  

And with the Nationals being run over a shorter time span in 2017, you'll need fewer days to compete all the events. 

So if you're an Outdoor shooter come along, support the Nationals, and who knows, you may end up earning a Silver Fern!



Outdoor Nationals Teams

North Island vs South Island - Top 10 + 1 reserve from each Island

Against Australia:  

Slazenger - Top 20 + 2

Women - Top 5

Juniors - Top 3

Against Great Britain, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia:

Wakefield - Top 10

Drew - Top 3 Junior Men, Top 3 Junior Women,
Top 10 Juniors Mixed 
(Note - Drew Teams must be completely ISSF-compliant)





2016 Outdoor Nationals - Palmerston North
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