Drug-Free Sport 

WADA sets the international standards and provides lists of prohibited substances which are updated regularly.


On the Drug-Free Sport NZ website you can check medications, find out about the Rules and your rights as an athlete, discover what Testing involves through Virtual Reality, learn how to apply for Therapeutic Use Exemptions for those medications you may need to continue to take during sport, and find out the consequences of doping.


  • TARGET SHOOTING NZ  includes an Anti-Doping Policy in it's Constitution:

1.22 .1   Target Shooting New Zealand adopts Drug-Free Sport New Zealand's Anti-Doping Rules as agreed by NZSF.  The full Sports Anti-Doping Rules document is available by email or request from the TSNZ Office.


Drug testing for TSNZ Members - The Drug-Free Sport NZ policy is that any athlete can be tested at any time, both in and out of competition.  Focus tends to be on those athletes who are representing NZ in international competitions, which includes those matches held at the TSNZ Outdoor Nationals, however technically any Member can be tested.

 All TSNZ Members should make themselves aware of their rights and responsibilities around Drug-Free Sport.







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