The Titipounamu competition is an annual "postal" style event run by Target Shooting Auckland, with Association teams shooting at their home ranges and the scores being combined.   Teams are of eight A Grade or lower shooters, who each shoot one 10 and one 20 shot card.   The trophy, a carved spear, is presented at the annual TSNZ Annual General Meeting. 

The name "Titipounamu"  very appropriately comes from the Maori word for the Rifleman bird.


2020 Titipounamu Competition

Welcome to the Titipounamu Competition for 2020.  It's not been the start to the year we had all envisioned, however lets get shooting.

Recapping on last year’s event, a staggering 14 Association teams competed for the trophy from both the North (10) and South (4) Islands. That is 3 better than 2019. Welcome Horowhenua and Malvern MRC, first time shooters or have been absent for a long, long time.

The last 15 winners have been Horowhenua 2005, Waikato 2006, East Otago 2007, Waikato 2008 & 9, East Otago 2010, Taranaki 2011, East Otago 2012, Hutt Valley 2013, East Otago 2014, Waikato 2015 & 2016, Mid Canterbury 2017, Waikato 2018 and Taranaki 2019.

The competition is open to all Associations within New Zealand, with teams of 8 shooters each shooting 1 x 10 and 1 x 20.  Results are due in by 31st August.

Click here for 2020 Titipounamu Information

Click here for the Titipounamu Results sheet


Congratulations to 2019 Titipounamu winners TARANAKI

Thanks again to all the Associations that competed in this year's Titipounamu competition.  A few Associations didn't compete this year, hopefully they will return next year.  Welcome to two first timers, Malvern MRC and Horowhenua.
Congratulations to the winners, Taranaki. A very solid performance averaging 294.875 points per shooter.
Previous years scores for all the teams make interesting reading. I've bold texted the winning score for each year as a goal for next year.
The trophy (spear) will be presented again at this years TSNZ Conference in Christchurch. Last years winners, Waikato, please ensure it is engraved and transported to Conference.
Hoping you all have had an enjoyable 2019 season with more highs than lows, and will be back for what is looking like an interesting year in 2020.


Rob Dixon
Target Shooting Auckland