Teams of Ten

The Teams of Ten (North Island) and Andrew & Faulkner (South Island) matches are the Islands' premier Indoor Associaton matches.  Venues vary each year and teams are selected by each Association, with the Teams of Ten match being shot annually in May, and the Andrew & Faulkner in July.  The winning North Island and South Island Association teams then compete against each other for the Candyman Cup later in the year.  (For Andrew & Faulkner information, go to the  INDOOR/ANDREW & FAULKNER page)


The 2019 Teams of Ten match was hosted by Wairarapa Association
in Masterton, on 11th May.


CONGRATULATONS to the 2019 winners at Teams of Ten:

 Rees Scroll - Manawatu 1

 Jim Hart Trophy - Wanganui

Top Five Shooters:

Chris Harrison     Southern Hawkes Bay                   397.27
Ryan Taylor         Horowhenua                                    397.25
Neil Kinsey          Wellington                                         397.25
Bex Gibbs            Wellington                                         396.26
Kelly Burdon      Wellington                                         396.18

Top Scorers in each Association:

Manawatu 1                       Janet Hunt                          395.26
  Waikato 1                            Roy Herbison                     396.18  
Taranaki                               Jason Cameron                 393.18
Hutt Valley 1                      Brittany Turner                 394.27
Wellington                          Neil Kinsey                          397.25
Southern Hawkes Bay      Chris Harrison                    397.27
Wanganui                            Tony Bayler                        392.19
Horowhenua                     Ryan Taylor                         397.25
Auckland                             Jonathan Gill                      392.21
Manawatu 2                       David Green                       391.17
Waikato 2                            Samuel Wilde                     391.19
Wairarapa                           Paul Crimp                          393.20
Hutt Valley 2                      Kevin Small                         387.17
Hawkes Bay                        Kirsten Birrell                     392.17

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The 2018 Candyman Cup winners are Manawatu.

The Candyman Cup was donated in 1981 by Doug Linkhorn, proprietor of “Empire Confectionery”, for competition
between the winners of the North Island’s “Rees Scroll” at Teams of Ten, and the “South Island’s “Andrew & Faulkner Shield” shoots.

The 2018 match was shot between Manawatu and Marlbourough, with Manawatu taking the win by 39 points.  


Teams of Ten 2018 was shot at the newly upgraded Bartley Range in Te Puke on 12th May. 


Well done to Waikato Association for running the event so well despite the last minute changes having to be made for the venue, and to Te Puke Club for being able to provide the mound space needed with the superfast upgrade to two levels.  

Congratulations to Manawatu whose Team 1 won the Rees Scroll, and Team 2 won the Jim Hart Memorial Trophy.  The Jim Hart result was particularly tense, with only one point being the decider in the end.

Teams of Ten 2019 is to be held at Masterton, and we look forward to another thrilling competiton there next year.


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2018 TOT _ Manawatu 1  Rees Scroll.jpg
Manawatu 1 - Rees Scroll 2018


2018 TOT _ Ryan Taylor top score.jpg
Ryan Taylor - Top Score 2018


2018 TOT _ Manawatu 2 Jim Hart.jpg
Manawatu 2 - Jim Hart Memorial Trophy 2018





Teams of Ten 2018 - latest updates









Teams of Ten 2018
is being hosted by Waikato Association on 12th May 2018
at the Te Puke Range, cnr Jellicoe St & Atuaroa Ave, Te Puke
(20 yd range)

Teams of Ten 2018 Update - 24 March 2018

Following a recent setback to the advanced stages of planning for the event this year, we are pleased to be able to advise that planning is back on track.

Regrettably, Bay Venues, the venue managers for the temporary range that was planned for Bay Park Arena, advised 2 weeks ago that they had ‘repurposed their venue’ and had cancelled our booking with immediate effect, despite almost a year of arrangements and planning.

Following a few urgent meetings, the Te Puke Club have stepped up to the plate and are expediting their second level of mounds so that the event can be hosted in Te Puke. The range will be a 20 yard range and will cater for all teams being able to shoot in each detail, so there should be no impact on timing for the day. Contrary to some early plans to host the competition between two ranges, all shooting will be done at the Te Puke Range.

The dinner venue remains as planned (Tauranga Citizens Club, 170 Thirteenth Ave, Tauranga) and should be close to the accommodation that most will have already booked. The Te Puke Range is easily located on the corner of Jellicoe Street and Atuaroa Avenue in Te Puke and is only 15 minutes drive from Bay Park in Tauranga. Whilst we appreciate that this change in venue at this late stage is not ideal, the WSRA remain determined to deliver a great event and look forward to seeing you all in May.

Gavin Riddle (ToT 2018 Organiser)


TEAMS of TEN - North Island

Each North Island Assocation selects their 10 team members plus an emergency - this may be by shooting specific trials, using ranking lists, or whatever method suits them.  The team members are ranked 1 - 10 and the match is shot in ranked order, with all the No 10 shooters competing shoulder to shoulder first, then the No 9s etc, up to the top-ranked No 1 shooters.  Each shooter will shoot two 20 shot matches in this order, and with so many shooters competing these matches may be hours apart.   A rolling total of team scores is kept, and the pressure and excitement builds as the teams can easily see how many points they need to catch up or to stay in front - this is part of the unique challenge of this type of match!

The top 10 Teams from the previous year shoot in Division 1 and all the rest are in the Division 2.  Both Divisons compete for the Rees Scroll, but only the Division 2 teams compete for the Jim Hart Trophy.  At the end of the event the top ten teams will shoot in Division 1 for the following year.

The event is hosted by different Associations each year, and may be held either in a regular range if there is one large enough available, or in a temporary range such as a hall.  Wherever they are held there is ample time for socialising, checking out each others' gear, and making purchases at the trade stalls.  Presentations at a dinner (with shooters dressed in their best) concludes the event.



The 2017 Candyman Cup winners are Waikato.

The Candyman Cup was donated in 1981 by Doug Linkhorn, proprietor of “Empire Confectionery”, for competition
between the winners of the North Island’s “Rees Scroll” at Teams of Ten, and the “South Island’s “Andrew & Faulkner Shield” shoots.

The 2017 match was shot between Waikato and East Otago, with Waikato coming out ahead by 19 points.  

Congratulations to East Otago's Peter McCallum and Hamish Soper for their 200s.



Congratulations to 2017 Teams of Ten Winners!


This year's event was held in the PGG Wrightson Woolstore at Pandora in Napier. The area for the Woolstore (7.5 acres) was such that everything was under the one roof. The weather was coolish due to a rare southerly. We had had 20 degrees up to Friday and back to that again on Sunday.

The Rees Scroll was won this year by Waikato 1 with 3891.173. The Jim Hart Trophy was won by Hutt Valley 2 with 3828.127.

The top shot of the day was Roy Herbison with 400.25.

There were 23 100’s shot during the day. This included two 100.9’s. Two 200’s were shot, both by Roy Herbison
TSHB thanks those who assisted throughout the day and especially those who came from throughout the North Island to assist. The food was great too and the quality of the donated raffle prizes meant that the raffles were well supported.



Rees Scroll_edited.jpg
2017 Rees Scroll Winners - Waikato 1


2017 Jim Hart Winners - Hutt Valley 2



2016 Rees Scroll Winners - Manawatu