NDC - National District Championships 


7th June  -  Round 3   - RESULTS

Amended results are now attached below. 

I made an error for the Southland Centurions Junior Score, and have now rectified it on this result sheet.   Also I missed inserting John Shepherd's score of 298.17 being 3rd in the Top 5 of Division 2. I had him marked as 3rd on the Southland score sheet where I mark placings in red before I insert the names on the result sheet, but I missed John's name when doing so. My apologies John.


Division One this week can be seen as a bit one sided as 3 teams got a kick up the backside by getting a score of 0 each, this includes our team Taranaki.  How do you even try to catch an oppostion, (Manawatu Marauders) when there are 9/100's shot in the open team? This includes a 200 each from Wade Mace and Jamie Bonis. Great scores. The team also cleaned all 3 sections and ended up with a total of 4994.260. Can only congratulate them and get them swabbed next time!

The Plainsmen had a double header against Canterbury Snipers and Hutt Valley Hawkes and still came away with no points. The other 0 was Wellington Tigers against Waikato Thoroughbreds.

In Division 2 Eastern Force had a good win against Marlborough Suns with the great help from Kirsten Birrell shooting a 300.18. Very well done.

The results from Wanganui Warriors/Otago Blue and Gold, and Southland Centurions/Nelson Gunz were very close with only 10 points separating both matches.

Keep up the good shooting everybody as there are only 2 more rounds in the round robin before the semi's.  Also the B League start there rounds next NDC night. All the best to them

Doug Gibson.


17th May  -  Round 2   - RESULTS

In Division One of this round there was some good scoring by some teams, as the total points show Manawatu Marauders sneaking away at the top with another three teams hanging around in the second place areas.  Jamie Bonis's 200.11 and Sam Gooding's 200.10 are helping to keep the bonus points to good use.  Also Waikato Junior Samantha Riddle with 100.8 and 100.7 gaining bonus points also.

Division Two are into real close scoring as Southland Centurions beat Eastern Force by only one point.  The bonus points in this challenge did not help this time as Southland's junior Jordan Erskine's 100.6 matched the bonus point from Eastern Force with Fabian Sinclair's 100.6 also.

Marlborough's Regan Cowe shot well with 100.10 on his first card of the double.

Keep up the good scores as we look forward to Round 3.




26th April  -  Round 1   - RESULTS

Welcome to the first round of NDC for 2018. Some good scoring to start the season with Wellington Tigers off to a good start in Division One. One 200.12 was shot by Trevor Smith from Waikato.
Also Waikato Junior Samantha Riddle with her first 100.10 and Monique Sheffield with a close 99.9, another Junior from Canterbury, Sam Allison, with a 99.6.  Congratulations to these shooters
In Divison Two Eastern Force has really kicked off the season with a maximum of 13 points but no bonuses. When you see the top scores for this Divison they just about take all the positions
All the best for the rest of the season.




NDC 2018

Only the A-League teams shoot on this date and in the first three rounds.  As there are only 3 teams entered in the B-League for 2018, their first match will be on 28th June so that both Leagues shoot their Finals on the same night.

Good luck to everyone for the 2018 NDC competition.



NDC A_League _1_.png     NDC B_League _1_.png




Announcing the NEW 2018 NDC competition!

So what’s new in 2018?

  • A whole new B-League for new shooters and/or Associations who may not be able to field the usual NDC teams.

  • Earlier start time – shoot from 3.30pm on the stated days.

  • Juniors who shoot in ANY team now qualify for the Top Junior trophy, not just the Junior team.

  • New shooters still on the REST can participate.

  • Satellite ranges can be listed on the entry form..

  • FULL RESULTS from all matches, including all individual scores, will be posted on the TSNZ website – what a great way to celebrate your shooters’ achievements!

Get involved in this great annual National District Championship competition.

See how YOUR shooters stack up against the rest of the country!







Congratulations to 2017 NDC Winners

Division One - Manawatu Marauders

Division Two - Wellington Tigers

Simon Grant Trophy - Highest Individual Aggregate in Round Robin - Pratik Tailor, 1194.85
Siggy's Salver - Highest Junior Aggregate in Round Robin - Kacey McCabe-Shaw, 790.43


Promotion / Relegation for 2018 
Wellington Tigers move up to Division One
Otago Blue and Gold move down to Division Two


Many thanks to all the shooters, selectors, organisers and markers for their work during the season, and to our NDC Co-ordinator, Doug Gibson.
Look out for information soon on the NDC online survey results, and a new and exciting addition to the NDC competition for 2018.




2017 NDC









NDC Finals - 31st  August

First Division

Waikato Thoroughbreds  vs
Manawatu Marauders 


Second Division

Wellington Tigers vs
Nelson Gunz

Promotion / Relegation Match

Otago Blue and Gold  vs
Winner of 2nd Division (Host)