NDC - National District Championships 



2017 NDC









NDC Finals - 31st  August

First Division

Waikato Thoroughbreds  vs
Manawatu Marauders 


Second Division

Wellington Tigers vs
Nelson Gunz

Promotion / Relegation Match

Otago Blue and Gold  vs
Winner of 2nd Division (Host)









NDC Review

At the end of the last Indoor Season it was suggested that a full review of the NDC Rules was needed, and in particular that there was considerable inequality around the ability of Associations to field Junior shooters.

Bruce Cameron has spent quite some time listing and analysing the teams and shooters from last year's NDC competition.   The outcome of this analysis is that it is now apparent that the Junior shooter situation is not nearly as uneven as had been thought when a review had been asked for.



Even so, early this month Associations were asked to reply as to whether they thought NDC needed to be updated, were happy with the current format, or had no opinion either way.  Of the 11 replies received, 5 Associations definitely wanted an update, 5 wanted to stay with the current format, and 1 was fine with the current format but would support an update if it seemed positive.

So TNSZ now wants to get more feedback from NDC shooters to start the review, and to do this we will be putting an online survey out in mid-May, after the first round of 2017 NDC shooting.  Keep an eye out for this, and please be sure to submit comments and suggestions.  The NDC competition has been running for many years in its current format, but if we can make positive changes to keep it exciting and challenging, then all the better.




2017 NDC Dates:




Round 1 - 27th April          Round 2  -  18th May          Round 3  -  8th June

Round 4  -  29th June          Round 5  -  20th July          Semi Final  -  10th August

FINAL   -   31st August





Congratulations to 2016 NDC winners:

Division 1 - 
The Plainsmen
Division 2 - Eastern Force
Simon Grant Trophy - Highest Individual Aggregate in Round Robin - Bruce Cameron - 1197.99
Siggy's Salver - Highest Junior Aggregate in Round Robin - Jack Cavanagh - 796.44

Many thanks to all shooters, selectors, and helpers, and Doug Gibson as NDC Co-ordinator, for a great competition.