NDC - National District Championships 


2021 NDC

NDC FINAL - 2 September

At the Executive meeting on 25 August it was agreed that the NDC Final and Relegation/Promotion matches can only be held once all the regions involved are in Covid LEVEL 1, therefore the match onThursday 2nd September is now POSTPONED until further notice.

Safety of our shooters and helpers is the prime concern, and while the TSNZ Guidelines say that competitions can take place in Level 2, there are more risks now known about the Delta variant.  This means that additional care is needed, and the spacing that is required in Level 2 would prevent the Finals matches being held in the time required.

A new date will be set as soon as possible and this will continue to be reviewed by the Executive as we hopefully move down the Alert Levels.



NDC Semi-Final  12th August 

A-League - While the Total Team scores may not show it, in Division One this was a hard-fought Semifinal, with only 4 - 5 points between some of the teams, and only inners separating others. The Waikato / Manawatu match came down to a point difference of only 1, the closest result in quite some time.  There were a lot of BONUS points earned in Division One this round - WELL DONE to Helen Freiman and Martin Hunt (both Manawatu) and Pratik Tailor (Wellington) for their 200s, and to Juniors Aedan Gillgren and Abby Pierce (Waikato) and Briar Summerhays (Manawatu) for their 100s.  Abby even doubled up for TWO 100s - fantastic shooting Abby.

Divison 2 scores weren't quite as close, with Taranaki Tigers and The Plainsmen taking clear leads over their opponents. No Bonuses earned in Division 2 this round either, but some good shooting nevertheless.

 So this leaves Welllington Tigers (Hosts) against Waikato Thoroughbreds in the A-League Division One Final, and the Divison Two Final is Taranaki Tigers (Hosts) against The Plainsmen.

In the Promotion / Relegation match Nelson Gunz will go up against the winners of the Division Two Final.

The B-League Semi-Final saw The Titans and Otago Blue and Gold both overpower the Hutt  Valley Wasps, to end up only one Team Point apart. With Hutt Valley also having their A-League  team to fill, it must have been a tough job being the Hutt Valley Selector this season!  No Bonus points earned in the Semi-Final, but the top scores were all very close, so well
done to those shooters.

The B-League Final will see The Titans (Hosts) against Otago Blue and Gold, and based on this week's shoot, it's still anybody's match!





NDC Round 5,  22nd July

This proved a difficult round for many teams what with the awful weather on the night, and shooters pulling out in advance meaning some teams having to re-draw several times before shooting even started. There were also two issues after teams had started meaning that Emergencies had to be pulled in - this is what Emergencies are for, however it highlighted that there is actually no mention in the Rules (NDC or Indoor) on when and how Emergencies can be called up to shoot. This will be looked at in the usual post-NDC review.

A-LEAGUE -  In Division 1 there were some great points totals from Waikato Thoroughbreds and Eastern Force in this round with them gaining 13 points each, although it took a double-header from Eastern Force to earn their total. Manawatu were close behind on 11.  Congratulatons to those with 200s in this round - Jack Cavanagh and Janet Hunt from Manawatu in their doubles, and Stephanie McNair (Eastern Force) with her two 100s in the Junior section.

DIVISION 1 Semi-Final is Waikato Thoroughbreds (HOST) vs Manawatu Marauders, and  Wellington Tigers (HOST) vs Hutt Valley Hawks. 

Division 2 saw The Plainsmen earn top points (15) in this round, which was enough to pull them ahead of Taranaki Tigers. With only 2 points between places 3 and 4, it's was a close race at that level too.  Congratulations to Katrina Quigley for her 200, and to Martyn Quigley for the only 100 in the Juniors for this round.

DIVISION 2 Semi-Final is Southland Centurions (HOST) vs The Plainsmen, and Marlborough Suns (HOST) vs Taranaki Tigers.

B-LEAGUE - Well done to Otago Blue & Gold in this round, earning the most points in total. Titans and Otago B&G filled the Top Scores placings too, which had the top 4 only separated by count-back and inners.  Both the Titans and Otago Blue & Gold continue to dominate over the Hutt Valley Wasps, although this is not surprising considering Hutt Valley are also fielding a team in the A League, while the others only have B-League teams to fill.  Congratulations to Dave Thomson (Titans) with 100.08 in the first part of his double, and Peter McCallum
(Otago Blue & Gold) also with 100.08 in his single card - these were the only 100s shot in this round.

B-League Semi-Final -  The Titans, Otago Blue & Gold and Hutt Valley Wasps all compete with points starting from zero, and the top 2 teams going into the Final. 

Many thanks to all teams who have competed in the 2021 NDC and good luck to the Semi-Final shooters.






NDC Round 4,  1st July

A - League - In Division 1 Hutt Valley Hawks did a great job with their double-header, gaining 23 points and taking a clean sweep over Waikato Thoroughbreds.  Manawatu Marauders have managed to hold on to the points lead though.  Congratulatons to Robbie McNair on his 300.20, a top score for Eastern Force.  Some other great scores shot this round in both Divisions, with 4 shooters on 299 (Tania Boerlage, Gary Cuff, Helen Freiman and Martin Hunt), and 2 Juniors on 199 (Aidan Lynch and Martin Quigley).

Division 2 sees Taranaki Tigers and The Plainsmen both gaining 13 points, keeping the Tigers in the lead and The Plainsmen moving up ahead of Marlborough Suns. 

There's only one more Round to go before the Semi-Final and Eastern Force will be having their double-header so good luck to all the shooters and selectors for that Round.

B - League -  The Titans are still dominating the B League compeititon Points Ladder but they're not getting all their own way with the team scores - well done to Otago Blue and Gold on their Open win, even if it was only by 1 point. The Titans then went on to pip Blue and Gold by one point and one inner in the Junior section.  Congratulations to Colin Dilworth (Hutt Valley Wasps) on his 200. Hutt Valley had a strong Composite team in this round, posting a win over Blue & Gold, and not being far being The Titans.

 With only three teams in this competition the Semi-Final will be a three-way shoot again, with the top two going into the Final. But with both the Semi-Final and the Final starting from Zero, it could be all down to the Selectors getting their shooters in the right places.


Sadly Doug Gibson, our usual NDC Co-ordinator, passed away on 1st July. He will be missed by many.  His funeral is to be held at the Oaonui Hall (10 minutes north of Opunake) on Tuesday 6th July at 1pm.





NDC Round 3 - 10th June

A - League - Some very close Team scores in this Round with 2 matches being decided on Inners - Manawatu took the Composite match from Nelson by one inner in Division One, and Southland Centurions won the Junior match over Taranaki Tigers by two inners in Division Two.  Congratulations to Martin Hunt on his 300.22 for Manawatu. 

Division One is looking close with the top four teams only being split by 16 points and plenty more shooting to come in the next two rounds.  Hutt Valley Hawks still have their Double-header to come, so watch out for them in Round 4.

Division Two is even closer, with only 5 points between the top 3 teams.  The Centurians and the Suns each have a BYE to come in the next two rounds, so its still anybody's competition.

B - League -  Some very close scores in the B-Leage in this round too, with the Titans winning the Junior match over Otago Blue & Gold by only 4 inners.  Otago got their revenge by taking out the total team score by 10 though, with some great shooting by their Composite Squad.

Its great to see some good scores coming out of Hutt Valley too - with so many of their shooters in the A-League, this is providing good competition experience for the B-League shooters.




Our NZ NDC Co-ordinator Doug Gibson has unfortunately had to withdraw from managing the 2021 event,
so co-ordinating for this year will now be done through the TSNZ Office.
Please make sure all results from Round 3 onwards are emailed to targetshootingnz@xtra.co.nz


NDC Round 2 - 20th May




NDC Round 1 - 29th April


A LEAGUE - A good start to the NDC Season with Jamie Bonis on 300.26 and Rachel McLaren coming in a close second on 299.18.  Even the juniors starting off with Ethan Martin shooting a 197.08.   Wanganui Warriors had a meltdown by not contacting the opposition by the time stated in the Rules of 9:50pm so lose any points they gain, which go to the opposition by default.

B LEAGUE - An interesting start to the season with all the scores reasonably close in the first round, keep at it and enjoy the setup of the competition.  It's great to see these lower grade shooters getting a chance to compete in the NDC Competition.  The total scores of the three teams is not very far apart so it seems that the system is working well.

Well done everybody for the start of the season looking forward to the rest of the season.

Doug Gibson - NDC Co-ordinator

CLICK HERE for the 2021 NDC Draw


NOTE that the dates originally published in the 2021 NDC Rules and on the TSNZ Calendar have been amended
as the late Queens Birthday weekend in 2021 has affected these dates along with the Championship Calendar.


The 2021 NDC competition will be starting with Round 1 on 29th April - Covid Alert Levels permitting of course.

Entries are due in to the TSNZ office by 31st March.

Note that the new rule put in place last year still stands: 
There is a requirement to send in to the NDC Co-ordinator a timestamped photo of team names with results - this photo needs to be taken BEFORE shooting, so that it is clear that shooters and their teams have been named in advance of shooting.



CLICK HERE for 2021 NDC Entry form

AMENDED Dates for 2021 NDC Matches:

Round 1 - 29th  April
Round 2 - 20th May
Round 3 - 10th June
Round 4 - 1st July
Round 5 - 22nd July
Semi-Finals - 12th August
Finals & Relegation/Promotion - 2nd September


Thank you to Doug Gibson who is NDC Co-ordinator once more.



2020 NDC


Due to the Covid-19 crisis, as at 23 March 2020
the NDC Competition has been CANCELLED for this year.



NDC Rule changes for 2020

Following feedback received from Associations who took part in the B-League competition in 2019 there have been some changes made, and  the B-League competition is now much more similar to the A-League but with smaller team sizes.   This should balance out the competition for those Associations who have fewer lower grade shooters.

There is also now a requirement to send in a timestamped photo of team names with results - this needs to be taken BEFORE shooting, so that it is clear that shooters and their teams have been named in advance of shooting.

All changes are highlighted in yellow in the 2020 NDC RULES and ENTRY FORM above.




Dates for 2020 NDC Matches:

Round 1 - 23rd April
Round 2 - 14th May
Round 3 - 4th June
Round 4 - 25th June
Round 5 - 16th July
Semi-Finals - 6th August
Finals & Relegation/Promotion - 27th August



2019 NDC



CONGRATULATIONS to the 2019 Winners:

A League - Division 1 - Waikato Thoroughbreds
A League - Division 2 - Nelson Gunz

Nelson Gunz advance to Division 1, Taranaki Hardcore descend to Division 2

B League - Mid Canterbury Titans


Simon Grant Trophy - Highest individual aggregate, top 4 scores in Round Robin - Jonathon Gill - 1195.86

Siggy's Salver - Highest Junior aggregate, top 4 scores in Round Robin - Shania Harrison-Lee - 785.44


In Division One of the A League Waikato Thoroughbreds finished up on top with a good win over Manawatu Marauders by 11-5.  Outstanding score from Martin Hunt with a 300.22.  Also in the running was Rory McLeod on 299.20 which included a 200.17.  Manawatu's junior Sarah Reesby also in the red with a 100.6.

The Division Two Final was very close with the Nelson Gunz sneaking a 7-6 win over the Plainsmen.  Even with the team total you couldn't get it any closer.  Nelson Gunz on 4951.227 and the Plainsmen on 4952.225.  Although the Plainsmen had 1 point for the top team total, plus 5 points for the open team win, Nelson Gunz won the Composite and Junior squads which gave them the win with 7 points.  There were no bonus points in this match.  Then they went on to beat Taranaki Hardcore in the relegation match with a points score of 8-5.  We won't say any more about that match except congratulations to Nelson Gunz who are now up with the big guns.

In the B League this year we had 3 teams again with Hutt Valley competing with a team in both divisions.  Well done.  There were a few adjustments with the rules with this division this year and I think we have got it pretty spot on with the way it ran this year.  Would be good to see more teams in this division next year.  The Final this year was won by the Titans with a score of 15-0.  There were 4 scores of 299 with varying centrals in this round, two in each team.  Shania Harrison-Lee 200.22, and TJ Stewart 200.19 from the Titans helped the bonus points.  The 299 cards from the Jaffas were Jonathon Gill and Rudi Myburgh both shot 2 100s, only on the single card and one in the double.  Still good shooting. Must be good water in the South Island that their juniors are drinking, with the steady good scores that  they have achieved throughout the season.

The winner of the Simon Grant Trophy this year is Jonathon Gill From the Jaffas with a Score of 1195.86.  Sorry Martin Hunt who came a very,very, close second with a score of 1195.85!!
The winner of Siggy's Salver this year is Shania Harrison-Lee with a score of 785.44.  Also a very close second was Jess Burgess-Smith with her score of 784.33.
Wow! I just noticed that both these winners are in the B League. Well Done.

Congratulations to the Winning Teams and also to all the competitors who shot in these finals.  I would like to thank all the co-ordinators for their part of keeping this NDC Competition going,  you all did a good job by getting the scores back to me in good time for me to process and return the results.  A big thank you to all the teams that competed this year and was good to see the B League continuing.  Hopefully we can get some more in this league next year.  I have enjoyed putting all these scores together for this NDC Competition and look forward to working with you all Next Year  (If you will still have me.)  All the best for the rest of the indoor competition.

Doug Gibson
NDC Co-ordinator



Amendments to B-League Results


It has just been brought to our attention (23 August) that in a number of the NDC rounds the Mid Canterbury Titans have fielded a Graded team whose handicap has exceeded the limit in the B-League Rules - the handicap total for this team in Rounds 3, 5 and the Semi-Final was 9, while the limit in the Rules is 8.  This was discussed at the 25-26 August Executive meeting  where the TSNZ NDC Co-ordinator’s recommendation was approved, and as a result the Titan’s Graded Team totals for Rounds 3, 5 and Semi-Final have had to be annulled and the match points re-calculated.  Please see the attached info, giving the updated points. 

Note that this change does not affect individual shooter scores, they will still be applicable for individual awards (eg Junior etc), and neither has it affected the progression of any of the teams through to the B-League Semi-Final or Final.   


NDC 2019 - Semi-Final RESULTS

In the A League Divison One, Manawatu Marauders come out on top of Hutt Valley Hawks with a good 14 - 1 Win.   A 200.15 was shot by Jack Cavanagh for a good bonus point for the Manawatu Team.   Also Mia Welsh-Duffin collected a bonus point of 100.6 in the Juniors squad for Hutt Valley Hawks.   The Waikato Thoroughbreds also had a good 13 - 0 Win over Eastern Force.

In the A League Division Two The Plainsmen also had a good 13 - 0 win over Southland Centurions.  In the Nelson Gunz vs Marlborough Suns challenge things were a lot closer with Nelson overcoming Marlborough 9 -5.  Nelson Junior Katherine Butt gained a bonus point in the Junior Squad with a 100.5. 

Well done to all the teams in the Semi Finals, but now it comes down to the Final Divison 1 Waikato Thoroughbreds V Manawatu Marauders and in Divison 2 Plainsmen V Nelson Gunz.


The B League Semi-Final was shot with all three teams competing.  The Titans and Jaffas had a really close competition with the Titans ahead by 2 points in the Open Squad and also ahead by 1 point in the Graded Squad.  This was real close shooting and as these two teams are in the Final, it should be a very interesting competition.


Good luck to all the teams shooting in the FINAL on 29th August.

Doug, NDC Co-ordinator




2019  FINALS - 29th  August

A-League  1st  Division Final  

   Waikato Thoroughbreds  vs
Manawatu Marauders  (Host)

A-League  2nd Division Final  

The Plainsmen  vs
Nelson Gunz  (Host)


A-League Promotion / Relegation 

Taranaki Hardcore
Winner of 2nd Division (Host)


B-League Final

The Titans vs
Auckland Jaffas (Host)

NDC 2019 - Round 5 RESULTS


Well that’s the 5 rounds finished.  In the A League Division 1 the Manawatu Marauders finished with a flurry by upsetting Waikato 15-0, and also breaking the 5000 mark by shooting 5002-260.   Waikato were lucky they had a double round to get some points by leaving Taranaki in the dust with a 13-0.   Wellington Tigers and Canterbury Snipers had a very close go with the Canterbury team's score 2 points in front of Wellington's, but Wellington win with an 8-7 even though both teams gained a bonus point, with Wellingtons Merideth Ackrill's 200-12 and Canterbury's Lindsay Barnes with a 100-10.  Other bonus points were achieved by Manawatu's Jack Cavanagh's terrific shoot of 300-17, Martin Hunt's 200-13, Bruce Marchant's 200-15 (we are gonna have to dope test this team).  Another bonus point was gained by Eastern Force's Junior Stephanie McNair on 100-3. Congratulations to all these competitors.  This finds the top four in the A League division one with a score range of 37 points.

In A League Divison 2 the top 3 teams all had a 13-0 win over their oposition. Some tough scoring to finish the rounds. The overall range is only 16 points for the top 4 teams in this division. It is going to be a great Semi Final, no more points, it's just either in of out from now on.

In the B League Round this week there were close scores by all three teams.  Well done to Junior Shania Harrison-Lee for her two 100.7s.  The way Hutt Valley Wasps are using the Open Squad score addition points to incorporate their lower grades and junior shooters to participate in the Open Squad is working to keep their total score up around 
the other 2 Teams.  The Semi-Final will be run the same as the rounds have been, with the top two teams to go through to the Semi-Final.

All the best for all teams for the Semi-Final Competition - the Semi-Final is on 8th August.

Doug, NDC Co-ordinator


2019 SEMI FINALS - 8th August

A-League Semi-Finals

First Division  

    Manawatu Marauders  vs
Hutt Valley Hawkes (Host)


Eastern Force vs
Waikato Thoroughbreds  (Host)

Second Division


The Plainsmen  vs
Southland Centurions (Host)


Nelson Gunz  vs
Marlborough Suns (Host)


B-League Semi-Final

The Titans
Hutt Valley Wasps


NDC 2019 - Round 4 RESULTS


Round Four Done, One Round to go, and In the A-League Division One we see Manawatu Marauders heading toward the Semis with a big lead, and Waikato Thoroughbreds and Eastern Force (who were in Division Two last year) running two points apart in Second and Third.  Some big hidings in this round except for a very close call in the Taranaki Hardcore/Wellington Tigers match.  Wellington Tigers won 8-5 but the team total was only 2.7 points in favour of Wellington.  Some very good scores were shot: Chris Harrison 300.23, and three others on the one off total of 299 - Martin Hunt, Duncan Carmichael and Brent Moratti.  Even the juniors were scoring well on 198 and 197s.

Divison Two this week were all fairly even in scoring an average score each.  Damian Daly from the Southland Centurions top scored with a 299.21.  Only 3 points cover the top 3 Teams, the Plainsmen, Nelson Gunz and The Southland Centurions.  Will be an interesting Round 5 leading up to the Semi Finals.

The B League Team of Hutt Valley Wasps had a bit of a hiccup in the competition with one competitor short in the Open squad but they still carried on regardless, which is great to see. Look out next week.  The Titans have amassed a big lead over the four rounds, but with only three teams in the league are engaging in two competitions each round, and all will be looking forward to the Semi Finals. A good 200.16 shot by Jonathon Gill from the Jaffas, and also a D grader Charlotte McKenzie from The Titans put up a 300.12 using 9 of the 12 handicap points alloted to her.

Keep up the good shooting everyone, only one round to go before we get into the Semi Finals.

Doug, NDC Co-ordinator




NDC 2019 - Round 3 RESULTS

In the A-League Division 1 Manawatu collected maximum points against Taranaki but NO bonus points this time even though the team shot 10/100's but no 200's.  This gave them a total score of 4 short of the 5000 total. 4996.238- Very well done.  Also a good cleanup by Eastern Force over Wellington.  I think the centre North Island Teams need a bit of Drug Testing…...... Hutt Valley v Taranaki were very close in the Open team , 1 point, composite team 2 points but Hutt Valley took off against Taranaki juniors, by quite a few points.

The scores in the Division 2 were two at 13 - 0 and one at 13 - . The one point was a bonus 200.13 by Southland Nicola McKay. Marlborough Suns and Otago Blue and Gold had very close scores in each section, Open 1 point, Composite 2 points, Junior 10 points with the total being 13 points. I feel sorry for Otago as all these section points went the way of Marlborough.  Keep trying everyone as we are only just over 1/2 way through the competition.

In the B-League after round 3 the Titans have galloped away with 66 points to their credit. The other 2 teams are improving with their points creeping up. Some good scores coming out of the B League 10/100's shot between the 3 teams.  One exceptional score from  junior Shania Harrison-Lee with a score of 200.11   shot in the Open squad.  The graded team scores over the 3 teams have a very close range from 761.026 - 775.032

This is showing some very consistant scores for these team members.

Doug, NDC Co-ordinator




NDC 2019 - Round 2 RESULTS

In the A League scores are certainly improving with quite a few 100's showing up.  Congratuations to Rory McLeod with a top score of 300.23 including one of the 100.10's shoot this round.  The other 100.10 was shot by Helen Freiman from Manawatu.  Owen Bennett from Waikato shot a 200.15 and with Rory's 300, this sure put some spice into the Waikato Thoroughbreds Open total.   Another 200.12 was shot by Kirstin Birrell from Eastern Force.   Also keep an eye on the Manawatu Marauders as they did a double decking on Wellington Tigers and Hutt Valley Hawkes with a 14 -0 each.  The ladder results are climbing quickly after only two rounds

Some close scores in Divison 2 with Wanganui Warriers only 2 points up in the total from Otago Blue and Gold.  Some good individual scores were also achieved with Gordon Wright from the Plainsmen topping off his  score with 100.10. VERY WELL DONE.

The B League is also picking up with the scores starting to show some closer results.  A terrific hit by Jonathon Gill in the Jaffas with  100.8, 100.8, and 99.7 equals 299.23.  Better keep an eye on the Titans as they have top points in both rounds.  Keep up the good work with this system as I think it is working out pretty well.

Doug, NDC Co-ordinator




NDC 2019 - Round 1 RESULTS

In the A League Divison One it was a good start for three teams as they are in Double figures already.  A good start for Chris Harrison with a 200.17, and Ray McCaw with a 200.11
Junior competitors are also starting well. Lachie McNair a 100.05, Jess Burgess-Smith a 100.01, and Angus Auty with a 100.05.  Some close scoring between some teams and others not so close, this is just a start so everyone should be able to improve as we carry on with the season.

The A League Divison Two also starting with close scores.  No 200's but a few 100's showing. One Junior with 100.07 was Sam Kershaw. Top two teams also starting with Double Figure Scores.

An interesting start to the season for the B-League with the setup of the teams using the points available for the lower grades in the Open Squad.  Great to see these lower grade shooters getting a chance to compete in the NDC Competition.  The total scores of the three teams is not very far apart so it seems that the system is working well

Well done everybody for the start of the season, looking forward to the rest of the season.

Doug, NDC Co-ordinator




The 2019 NDC competition will be kicking off on Thursday 2nd May,
with both A and B Leagues shooting in Round One. 
This is a later-than-usual start, as the previous week the date clashes with ANZAC Day, and then the Round Two match is only two weeks later on 16th May.

In the A-League, Division One teams are Wellington Tigers, Waikato Thoroughbreds, Hutt Valley Hawks, Manawatu Marauders, Eastern Force (a combined team from Hastings to Wairarapa) , Taranaki Hardcore and Canterbury Snipers.

Division Two is made up of Wanganui Warriors, The Plainsmen (from Ashburton), Otago Blue & Gold, Southland Centurions, Marlborough Suns and Nelson Gunz.

There are three teams in the League for 2019: The Titans (from Mid-Canterbury), Jaffas (from Auckland) and Hutt Valley Wasps.

Good luck to everyone shooting in these teams, and thanks to all the team Co-ordinators. 








NOTE that the Rules for 2019 have been amended on 7 March and Version 2 (as above) should be used.  Changes were in Clause 5.2 where B Grader points are 3 not 5, and a claused added that total score for any one shooter shall not exceed 300 once points have been added to the rifle score.


The 2019 NDC competition starts a week later than usual (on Thursday 2nd May) due to the normal start date being ANZAC day.  Both A and B Leagues will again be running, and we encourage those Associations with too few shooters to enter the A League to have a go at B.  Round Robins will be set so that all shooters in both Leagues will be eligible for top shooter awards.

NDC Dates 2019

Round 1 - 2nd May
Round 2 - 16th May
Round 3 - 6th June
Round 4 - 27th June
Round 5 - 18th July
Semi-Final - 8th August
FINAL & Promotion/Relegation - 29th August