Police Notices


28 September 2022 -   COLFO ( Council of Licenced Firearms Owners Inc ) have sent out advice to their members from Barrister Nicholas Taylor (BA LLB)  on what to do during a visit from the Police. 

This has been updated as new issues and problems have been emerging, and is due to concerns that people just do not know their rights when dealing with the Police.  There is a new section in regards to the Police stopping and searching vehicles driving away from ranges, with people mistakenly believing they can do this or it is a condition on a persons licence to allow this to happen.


CLICK HERE for advice on What to do During a Visit from the Police



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During the second half of 2021 Mike McIlraith, Director Partnerships for Arms Safety and Control with the NZ Police,
​began releasing updates on the legislation and regulation changes in the firearms community, tiltled "Firearms Panui"

These updates contain many items of interest to TSNZ shooters, and include links to Police resources and information.


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