NZSF - NZ Shooting Federation

NZSF Delegates

Shirley Herridge and Jon Phillips are our representatives to the New Zealand Shooting Federation



The New Zealand Shooting Federation (NZSF) is the governing body of Target Shooting Sport in New Zealand.

NZSF connects NZ target shooting sports with the world shooting bodies (eg ISSF - International Shooting Sports Federation), and with New Zealand funding and Government organisations (SPARC, NZOC).   It is the NZSF that publishes NZ Shooters Ranking Lists, and recommends and finalises selection of Oceania, Olympic and Commonwealth Games and World Cup competitors.

Representing 250 Clubs with 14,000 members, in addition to Smallbore Target Shooting (TSNZ), the NZ Shooting Federation consists of:




Shooters who have represented NZ in an NZSF Team will wear this logo.







NZSF events for TSNZ members are 50m Prone (Outdoor), 3P, and 10m Air Rifle.  In these events shooters can qualify to shoot in International matches, for example Oceania, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games or World Cups.

The NZSF General Selection Criteria outlines how selection is made.  Shooters are selected from National Squad and World Cup Ranking Lists, and in some cases shooters must also shoot an "MQS", or Minimum Qualifying Score to be eligible.

The Ranking Lists are made up of scores shot at particular matches in the TSNZ Calendar, these are called Designated Matches and are agreed in advance of the ranking period so all shooters will know which matches can add to their ranking.  These Designated Matches are listed on the TSNZ Outdoor 10 Year Plan.

Note that shooters who wish to be included on the Ranking List will need to have all their gear and clothing ISSF-compliant, as all the Designated Matches are shot under ISSF rules.



NZSF has recently negotiated an updated Sports Travel Insurance Policy.  If you are travelling overseas to shoot, this is a great policy to make sure both you and your gear is properly covered, but don't forget to SPECIFY your rifle if the value is more than the $5,000 per item limit.