International Events - Indoor




International Indoor matches are shot on a "postal" basis, with teams shooting in their home ranges and swapping results via post (usually email). 

Some International matches, such as the NZ team matches at the North vs South Inter-Island match, are full TSNZ-team matches, while others, such as the North Island vs Scotland or the BSA Cup Matches, are entered by smaller groups of shooters. The links with overseas shooters that these matches provide are inspiring, and some of the matches have been contested regularly and keenly for many years. 

Look out for entry forms for International matches on this page, they will be posted here as they are received each year.



Home Counties Match

The Home Counties Match is shot at the Inter-Island match annually.  Initially it was only an Open match, first shot in 1998, but is now contested between Open (20 + reserves), Women,  Junior and Veterans teams (all 10 + reserves) .
The "Home Counties" are the counties of England that surround London, and are called that as they were the counties where Members of Parliament could travel home after the end of the Parliamentary Session.  The counties generally included in the list are Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. 

Home Counties vs NZ - 2019 Results


Results of the Home Counties (UK) matches shot against NZ, with our scores having been shot at the 2019 North vs South match, have just come in (11 March 2020).  

Congratulations to the winning teams from NZ - Open, Women, and Juniors - and to the Home Counties winners - Veterans and Men.  Some great scores were shot including a 400 from Home Counties shooter Ken Bowley and 300s from Ryan Taylor and Samantha Riddle.






Commonwealth Cities Match

The Commonwealth Cities Match is shot by teams of 15 shooters representing the chief city of each country in the UK and of each province or state in other Commonwealth countries.     Scores are shot between January and October, with scores being returned to the UK in November.


BSA Cup Match

The BSA Cup Match is shot  annually by teams of 12 shooters from Indoor Clubs in the UK and Commonwealth.  There are three divisions, Sections A, B, and C, and can be shot over 15, 20, or 25 yards, or 25 metres.  Non-UK teams must shoot on any one day between January 1st and September 30th, with results being in to the UK by 15th October. 

Congratulations to the NZ teams who placed in the 2017 BSA Cup match:

Division A - Auckland, 3rd

Division B - Christchurch, 1st